Amazon Refund trick – How to Get Amazon Refund and Keep the Product. 

Amazon Refund trick – How to Get Amazon Refund and Keep the Product. 

Amazon Refund trick – How to Get Amazon Refund and Keep the Product.

Amazon is a great company with lots of loopholes. I have discovered something that most web experts are yet to know or undercover, which is the Amazon refund trick.

For some time now, I have been teaching few persons about how to run the Amazon refund trick, and today, I have decided to let the cat out of the bag for my lovely followers online. This is similar to the Amazon Carding Method, but with a different process.

This article will teach you how to get a refund on any product you buy from Amazon without returning the product.

With this trick, you’ll be able to buy or order products from Amazon and return them without returning a dime.

Lots of people have tried this trick and are testifying every day. All you have to do is follow every piece of information found here.

How Does the Amazon Refund Trick Works?

Amazon Refund Trick Process
How the Amazon Refund Trick Works

Now, let me briefly explain what this is all about and how the Amazon refund trick works.

This method is simply about ordering a product from Amazon and tricking them by telling them that the product was either faulty, fake, or empty.-with this, you get to trick them into refunding the exact money used in purchasing that particular product.

For example, if you ordered a drone for $980, this trick will help make Amazon refund the money; sometimes, they may refund in the form of a gift card.

Are You Ready for this Trick

Requirements for Amazon Refund Trick

Things you need;

  • VPN
  • Old Amazon Account
  • Positive Balance
  • PC or Mobile Phone


VPN is actually not necessary, and that I why I love this amazon refund trick. However, I still recommend getting a VPN because it is not cool to have your original IP address stored on the amazon server. If you need a good VPN, click here to buy one at a cheap price.

 Old Amazon Account

Having an old Amazon account is not t about getting an account that’s upon to eight (8) years.- No!!

Being old is all about “Transaction.” How many transactions have been carried on that account?

An account created a few minutes ago can be seen as an old account to carry out transactions with such an account.- At least 2 transactions.

I recommend that you order 2 items, let’s say, $2 to $* or $10. – This depends on what you can actually afford. Make sure you aren’t using a carded card, it should be your own card.

Positive Balance

This is very crucial and essential in making this trick work. There must be a positive balance to make this trick possible. If you do not know with I mean by “positive account,” leave a comment in the comment section below to get a well-detailed explanation.

PC or Mobile Phone

Personally, I would recommend that you make use of a mobile phone as the PC or Laptop may be complex to use. – That’s my opinion, though!

If you can easily make use of a PC without complications, then there are no issues at all!!

NOTE: It’s your choice t choose between being know or anonymous. Your details, including amazon email, linked credit card, etc., shouldn’t be necessarily original or fake. – It’s all your choice.

How to Get Refund from Amazon without Returning Item- The Amazon Return Trick

Steps on how to get a refund from Amazon without returning item include;

  1. Create an Amazon Account
  2. Order with the Amazon Account
  3. Order the Item You Intentionally Need
  4. Receive Orders (Get Your Item(s) Shipped to You)
  5. Contact Amazon and Place a Complain to Them
  6. Get Back Your Money from Amazon
  7. Place Final Order (If You’d like to)

From the above list, you can clearly see and understand the Amazon refund trick and how to go about it.

Next is a section that’ll teach you everything you need to know about the Amazon refund trick and how you can be able to get a refund from Amazon even without returning any item or product gotten from them.

Let see how this can actually be made possible.

Create an Amazon Account

I’ve seen people sell Amazon accounts at super high prices. Well, that’s for them.

I also sell at a very affordable price. But if you choose to create an Amazon account by yourself, I can only wish you good luck but can’t guarantee your success.

The Amazon account to be created must contain your true details because this trick isn’t a brutal hustling trick like the stolen credit cards on Amazon.

Order with the Amazon Account

Ensure that you make two successful orders from an Amazon account that’s worth two dollars ($2) upwards. Of course, if you can afford more, that’s absolutely fine too.

All you have to do is that you ensure that every order you made was successful.

If you do not want to make and make at least two (2) orders, you can create them yourself.

You can also buy one too, but you have to be careful because someone might sell an Amazon account that has already been used to carry out this trick.

If this is so, then you’re in trouble, as the authorities of Amazon will definitely track you down.

Order the Item You Need a Refund on.

how to place an order on Amazon for Refund
Make sure the item can be returned.

After two successful orders on your Amazon account, it’s time to get into the next step, which is, “Order the Item You need.”

First thing first, open the account and add about three (3) items into your cart.

Look out for the item you need and place an order for them.

Enter a pickup location that is not very close to where you stay.- This is so that you’re not tempted to do this trick again.

Inform your seller that you want an ‘Expedited Delivery,’ that is if you need the ordered item as soon as possible.

If you are not in a hurry, you have to follow the Standard Delivery option, which is normal.

This Delivery method takes about seven (7) to fourteen (14) days. Although, sometimes, it could take less than seven (7) days.

Note: Ensure that you do not remove the already carted items.

Receive Order or Get it Shipped to You

Now, here’s something I’d like to tell you. Make sure to do as I said.

As soon you receive your ordered item(s), act like you’re in haste for a very crucial appointment.

Immediately sign and collect your item. For example, if you came with a car, immediately throw it at the back of your car and zoom off immediately.

If you came without a car, as soon as you sign, leave that place immediately!!

This will let the courier know that you are yet to confirm the item.

As soon as the courier is gone, get back or go home and unpack the item you ordered.

Contact Amazon and Place a Complain to Refund

This is the right time to carry out the main Amazon refund trick.

You have to contact the company, either through call, e-mail, or you send a complaint using your Amazon account.

If you find this challenging, then I’ll show you how to;

How to Complain Directly with the Amazon Account

  • Open your order(s).
  • Look out for the order you want a refund for and pick out a problem.
  • Select the problem that you think is cool enough for a refund.- I will give you something to work with.
  • Click on the ‘Request for Refund.’
  • Write down something harsh in the comment section- something that’s enough to seek a refund. Then you click on ‘Submit.’
amazon refund trick
Input comment on why you want a refund

Amazon Phone Number

If you’d want to speak directly with the representatives or customer care service of Amazon.

This is it;

009 1 206-922-0880

I will not recommend that you call them on their official line.

Amazon Email

You will find the ‘Send Email’ option attached to your Amazon account.

The above are the ways by which you can initiate the refund trick.

As soon as Amazon reaches out to you, your complaint must take the following format;

  • An empty box


  • Fake Item

For the ‘Empty Box’ trick, it means you are not going to return anything to Amazon.

While the ‘Fake Item’ trick, you must have gotten a similar item that you will return to Amazon ready.

If you are confused about which of the options to choose, well, both are confirmed. It all depends on how you want to handle it.

Regain Your Money from Amazon

As soon as the refund is successful, Amazon will send an apology to you, and the money will be refunded back to you either as an Amazon Gift Card or to the credit card you used in purchasing the item(s).

Note: Your money will be refunded back to you in five (5) working days without any delay; it mostly arrives as card credit.

Place Final Order (This is Optional)

This is left for you to decide. You can either place another order or simply withdraw your money and use it for something else.

Now that you have successfully gotten back your money and you still have your Amazon account intact, you can now dump the Amazon account.

If you’d like to repeat this trick, then you need to use a new account with a new address.


This video should help you with how to set up a refund process.

How to Bypass ID Verification on Amazon Refund.

To clear this stage, follow the following steps;

  • Open your Amazon account, look out for the ‘Login & Security’ and click on it.
  • Next is the Two-Step Verification settings. Get to the option and click on it.
  • Look out for the Disable option and click on it.
  • As soon as you click on that, you will receive a security code on the mobile number you used in registering the account. Enter the code and click ‘Verify.’

This automatically stops requesting whenever you try to run the Amazon refund trick.


When doing this Amazon refund trick, you must know that you are cheating Amazon and the producer/sellers of the product.

Let’s say you ordered the iPhone 12 directly from Apple; this Amazon refund trick will make both Apple and Amazon lose.

This also applies to other sellers on Amazon.

The courier of your ordered item/product may also be investigated.

You can also look at how to convince Amazon to refund your money quickly.

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