How to Ask a Rich Person for Money

How to Ask a Rich Person for Money

If you have a problem that needs money, you can contact a rich person for money. I will teach you how to ask a rich person for money and get it.

how to ask a rich person for money

How do you ask a rich person for money? To ask a rich person for money, describe why you need the money, tell the rich person the amount of money that can solve the problem, and request the money from the wealthy person politely.

Unless you intend to lie for money, be honest when you ask a rich person for money whether you are requesting through an email, text message, or contacting the rich millionaire in person.

Yes, millionaires give away money, especially if your reason for requesting the money is concrete. When you give flimsy excuses to collect money from a rich person, it might fail.

So, you have to outline your reasons for needing money clearly before you approach a rich person to ask for money.

Moreover, rich people admire when you offer value. If you have something of value, exchange it with a rich person for money; it could be your skills, an item that the rich person desires, etc.

Let’s discover how to ask a rich person for money briefly.

How to Ask a Rich Person for Money

In this section, I will expose the secrets I use to ask rich people for money.

Trust me, if you do not know the right way to ask a rich person for money, it will seem like the wealthy man or woman is being stingy.

Below are the tips regarding how to ask a rich person for money:

Outline Your Request

I assume that you already know the rich person you want to request money from.

I also assume that you are certain of the problem you need money from a wealthy person to solve.

Now, outline the problem. If you do not outline the problem, you will have difficulties when explaining your situation to a millionaire that can give you money.

The worse is if you contact a rich individual in person, he/she will study your body language and how you talk thoroughly. So, if you make too many blunders while disclosing your condition, a rich person will assume that you are lying to collect their money.

While outlining your request, make sure the story is linear.

Reach Out to the Person

After you structure your request, contact the rich man or woman to request money from them.

Some rich people will react rudely while some others will be casual with you.

Nevertheless, they may still grant your request and give you money, especially if your reason for requesting the money is tangible.

Regarding how to contact rich people for money, when you reach out to them, do not give them the impression that you are begging.

Earnestly, a person dislikes when you beg; he/she prefers when you are courageous and willing to invest the money in something profitable.

Assuming you are a rich person and someone contacts you to ask for money for the movies, would you grant the request? Of course, you will sigh and refuse to give money.

Note: You do not have to reach out to a rich person if you would be sending a money request email or a text message.

Explain the Situation Concisely

When you contact rich people in person or craft an asking for money message to be sent as a letter, you ought to be concise while explaining the situation.

I tell my readers often that an average person spends 2 minutes to read a page.

A typical rich person can afford to spare 1 minute 30 seconds to read your message.

If you are contacting rich people in person for money, I estimate that he will spare between 10 and 25 minutes with you.

Whatever story you have to tell must be brief and concise. Of course, it is the reason I advise you to outline your request first before you contact a rich person to make a money request.

Use Inciting Terms

Apart from making the description of your story brief, regarding how to ask a rich person for money, you must use inciting, inviting, and captivating terms.

If your choice of words is not excellent, you risk getting “No” for an answer from the rich person. Some of the terms I find to be crucial for money requests are “please”, “assist”, “future”, “value”, “doing”, etc.

See the paragraph below for example:

Professor Charles,

I have a thing of value that might be of interest [mention that valuable you think the rich person would love] to you.

I need some money to fund my project on [mention the project]. And I feel I might be able to trade my value for your help.

Sir, I wish I could do without having to ask for money from you. But I can’t keep deceiving myself though I need the money to work on the project.

Lines like the above give the rich person the impression that you do not need the money for fun.

If you need the money but you have no value to offer, then you must request the money politely. I prefer to include value when asking a rich person for money because it is easier to convince the wealthy person to give me money.

Personalize the Request

If you know the millionaire, I assume you know their name and title too. When addressing the rich person, you can refer to them as “Sir” or “Ma’am” or use their titles such as “Doctor”, “Professor”, “General”, etc.

However, if you are distant from the rich person or you do not know the person at all, stick to terms such as “Sir” and “Ma’am”.

Regardless of whether you are asking a stranger or a known person for money, use personalized languages.

It makes rich people feel closeness with you and that you have been hoping for their favors. To personalize the message, use words such as “I”, “you”, “me”, “us”, “your”, and “my”.

Do Not Compel

Regarding how to ask a rich person for money, it is common for rich people to refuse to grant your request for money.

Wealthy people may not give you money because they may have an ongoing project to see through. Another reason a rich person will refuse to give you money is your manner of approach. If you do not approach in the right manner as highlighted here with politeness, a rich person will ignore your request for money.

Employ a Powerful Call to Action

A mistake a typical money hunter makes when asking for money from rich people is to end the request poorly.

For instance, if after telling a rich man or woman that you need money, you do not provide payment details, the money will pass you by. Assuming you are sending a letter message to a rich man to demand money, if you do not include your account details, the rich person may never get back to you, especially if he/she does not know you in person.

An excellent call to action concludes how you request money from a rich person. You must end by informing the rich person of how much their help would mean to you.

And you will include instructions on how they should make the payment.

If you contact rich people in person to ask for money, go with a slip that contains your payment details. You can include their titles/names in the paper you issue to them containing your account details.

Tips to Get Money from a Rich Person

email millionaires for money

After you email millionaires for money, there are certain things you should not do to encourage them to give you money.

One of the mistakes people make is to disturb rich people with phone calls as reminders of their promises. Sadly, it is not a great way to steal a rich person’s attention and collect money from them.

Below are tips to get money from a rich person:

Make a Few Requests

Before you commence asking rich people for money, endeavor to outline your needs clearly. It is not smart to make too many requests to a rich person for money; they will think you are making yourself their responsibility.

Typically, if I have about 5 requests to make to collect money from the rich, I will segment the requests. Sometimes, I may join the requests as one and inform the rich person about it.

Do Not Disturb

After a rich person receives your money request letter or your phone call asking for money, you do not have to disturb in the name of reminding them.

Also, if you contact rich people in person to ask for money, do not call them the next day to remind them. Trust me; you do not want a rich man or woman to view you as a beggar.

The only time it is acceptable to remind a rich person of your money request is if you sent them asking for money messages.

Yes, it is okay to phone the wealthy person and inform them of the physical letter or text message that you sent them to ask for money.

Attach Value

Do not downplay the importance of attaching value when requesting money from rich people.

For example, if I have a rich college professor that I intend to ask for money, I will attempt to access the current project they are working on. Of course, I will offer to participate in the project and receive money in the end.

However, if you have no value to offer, you need politeness to decide whether the rich person will give you money or not.

Don’t Give Excuses

When you contact rich people in person, they will, of course, expect you to describe your problem. As you describe, they will cut you short to ask questions.

The reason is that the rich person intends to check whether you are playing with their intelligence or not. They may ask questions with key terms such as “why?”, “do you have to get it”, etc.

You do not have to answer the question directly; otherwise, you might end up giving rich people a reason not to give you money.

Sample Message to Ask Rich People for Money

Below is a sample message template to ask a rich person for money whether in person, through a phone call, or text message.

Sample Message

Dear [title/name],

I am really glad to have you open my message; thanks for considering my letter.

[Sir/Ma’am/Doctor/Professor, etc], I admire your personality so much that I long to be like you someday in life. You are a great man and I am confident that you are a man with a kind heart.

I recently had a challenge regarding [mention the challenge]. I wish I could sort out the problem alone but it is clear I am not capable. I know that people that are better than me can assist me, which is why I find it comfortable to share my situation with you.

To solve the problem, I calculated the total cost to be $120 but I am able to afford just $30. [Sir/Ma’am/Doctor/Professor], I have put several things in place to cover the cost, including taking side jobs and I hope to keep up sooner to boost my confidence.

Should you be considering to give me money, kindly pay to [payment details].

I would be grateful to hear from you.

Thank you.



[your full name]

The Rule of Thumb

how to contact rich people for money

“Never beg” is the rule of thumb when asking rich people for money. If a rich person does not give you money, do not force them; thank them for hearing you out and walk away.

You may leave your payment details behind because a rich person may change his mind and send you money.

Final Thought

In this article, I shared the tricks I use to ask for money from rich people I contact and get it.

A rich person will not give you money if they have a demanding responsibility tying them down. Also, you will not get money from a rich person that is stingy naturally. Note that how you approach a rich person could well decide whether they will give you money.

Remember the thumb rule, “Never Beg.”

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