How to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money Politely

How to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money Politely

To earn in a relationship, you should know how to ask your boyfriend for money politely. Of course, he will give you the money whether he is stingy or not.

how to ask your boyfriend for money politely

It is not bad to ask your boyfriend for money because he is your boyfriend. I understand that he is not a husband yet, but it should not deter you from asking for money from your boyfriend.

Also, it is okay to ask your boyfriend to buy you something, especially if he does not give you money willingly.

You can talk to your boyfriend about money by starting a personal conversation with him and making him understand that he is part of your life just as you are part of his life.

So, how do you ask your boyfriend for money politely? To ask your boyfriend for money politely, discover your need(s), tell your boyfriend about it, and inform him of how happy you feel after receiving money from him.

How to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money Politely

In this section, I will teach you the secrets nobody tells you about getting money from a boyfriend.

Note: Do not make money demands like he is your husband.

Below are steps to ask your boyfriend for money politely:

  1. Outline Your Needs

If you find it challenging to ask your boyfriend for money, the first thing you ought to do is to outline your needs.

Simply, figure out the thing(s) you need the money for and the amount of money that will solve the problem.

Estimate the cost of the money you need, but you are not to tell your boyfriend the estimated amount of money. Instead, after you disclose the problem, you can leave him to estimate the cost himself.

He will either estimate a cost higher than your estimate or lower. If it is lower, tell him it is, otherwise, do not tell him that the amount of money you need is lower.

  1. Approach Him

The problem with most girlfriends is approaching their boyfriends to ask for money. Regarding how to ask your boyfriend for money politely, you ought not to fear.

I understand that you either do not want to give him the impression that you request money too much or that he is difficult to approach and ask for money.

Well, the best way to approach your boyfriend is to go to him at the “right time”.

What is the right time? Of course, during his happy time!

When he is happy, he has little time to reflect on your demands; he will give in to each money demand that you make without hesitation.

One trick to approach a boyfriend for money is when he is with either his friends or your friends. Think about it; it becomes quite difficult for him to say, “No.”

  1. Explain Why You Need the Money

We both know he is not your husband. Of course, a husband is different from a boyfriend, and you do not want your boyfriend to think that the relationship is about the money, especially if he is wealthy.

When you need money for demanding situations, he will give you the money, and he understands that it is important for you to get the money.

However, if your reason(s) for needing money is irrelevant, he might make an excuse to avoid giving you money.

If you are in an intimate relationship, explaining to your boyfriend why you need money should not be tough. But, do not mention that you deserve the money because you give yourself to him.

If you give yourself to him because you need money favors, you are giving your boyfriend a clear impression that you love him for his money only.

  1. Tell Him He is Special

After you describe why you need the money, remind your boyfriend of how special he means to you.

Tell him that you feel comfortable asking the people you love for money and that he is loved.

More than 90% of the time, girlfriends tell their boyfriends that if they do not mean so much to them, they would not request money from them politely.

You can say the words below to encourage your boyfriend to give you money when you ask politely:

I feel super comfortable asking you for money because you are my boyfriend. Otherwise, I would not.

  1. Request the Money Psychologically

If you must convince your boyfriend to give you money politely, apply the psychological aspect of making a polite money request.

For instance, the kind of words you will use must be triggering and your body language, if you are together, could be romantic.

By body language, I do not mean you should seduce him just because you need some money, but your body language should be such that reminds him of what you both share; love.

For example, the sorts of words you say to get money from your boyfriend would include, “my love”, “our”, “share”, “please”, “together”, “we”, etc.

Regarding your body language (if you are together), you could be feeling remorseful on the outside, but bright on the inside. The reason is that it unveils the babyish side of you to your boyfriend that feels you are down to earth for him.

Your boyfriend will peck or hug you and offer to give you the money.

  1. Thank Him and Conclude

Immediately after you end the description of your story, thank your boyfriend although he might say, “don’t mention.”

Regarding how to ask your boyfriend for money politely, you need to end with the call-to-action. A call-to-action is crucial while making a money request regardless of whether you are requesting money from a loved one or a stranger.

Meanwhile, before you finish describing the situation, you may tell your boyfriend the amount of money you need and how you expect him to pay you the money, especially if he stays far from you.

Include your bank account information even if he already has and remind him of your limitless love for him.

Tips to Collect Money from Your Boyfriend

When you ask for money from your boyfriend, the tips below will convince your boyfriend to give you money:

Don’t Promise to Pay Back

If you promise to pay back, he will give you the money with a mindset that you will pay back. And if you fail to pay back his money, it affects the trust he has for you.

So, do not meander with his trust for you over mere lending of money.

Avoid Telling Him You Would Do Same

It is common for a girlfriend to say to a boyfriend, “I would give you money if you asked.”

This statement means you expect him to give you the money because you would give him money if he asked.

Well, a relationship should not be a trade by barter.

Don’t Say “He Uses Your Body”

Fine, you could be in an intimate relationship, but do not use intimacy as a polite excuse to get money from your boyfriend.

How to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money Back

In some cases, it could be that your boyfriend borrowed money from you without returning.

Is it bad to ask your boyfriend for money

I recommend that you forget about asking your boyfriend for the money back. However, if you feel you need the money, below is how you can ask your boyfriend for money back:

Request Money from Him

Instead of asking your boyfriend to give you your money back, request money from him for tangible reasons.

If you request the money for no tangible reason, he will figure out that you are asking for your money back, which is not cool.

I assume that your boyfriend is working kind. It means that he can afford to always gift you money even when you do not ask. And it counts for the money he borrows from you.

Do Not Ask Directly

If you cannot help asking for your money back from your boyfriend, do so indirectly.

How do you request money back indirectly from your boyfriend? If the amount of money is petty, you can ask your boyfriend to take you out, give you some cash for pocketing, or buy small valuables for yourself.

Remind Him Romantically

Typically, a boyfriend believes that a girlfriend does not allow their money to go in the hands of their boyfriends.

To ask your boyfriend for money back gives him the impression that you are one such girlfriend that finds it difficult to keep their money in the custody of boyfriends.

But if you have to remind him of your money, do so romantically. If you are in a relationship that pokes fun or that understands each other instead of taking things too seriously, you can ask for your money back.

Your boyfriend will laugh and joke that you never forget things. Of course, he will give you the money back without holding anything against you.

Tell Him You Have a Problem

If you have a problem truly, tell your boyfriend about it. However, do not tell him that you need your money back to solve the problem.

I would assume that it is a problem he will be aware of. For example, if you need the money to sign up for a low-risk investment, you do not have to explain much before your boyfriend will offer to give you money. Sometimes, it could be a direct gift and not the money you lend him.

Final Thought

Before you ask a boyfriend for money, ensure that you do give him some money willingly.

Do not ask always to make him feel you are an overly demanding girlfriend.

When he is not in his best position financially, avoid unnecessary money requests, polite or not.

Lastly, regarding how to ask your boyfriend for money back, do not ask if he is not financially okay.

I do not advise asking your boyfriend to return the money you loan him because of the unwanted impression it makes of you.

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