Best Dating Sites for Yahoo

Best Dating Sites for Yahoo

Hey, Money Hunter! This article reveals the best dating sites for yahoo where you can find clients faster.  Note that it is not all dating sites that offer clients that pay, meaning that you must be selective of the yahoo site you use for work.

Best Dating Sites for Yahoo

The yahoo dating site you use makes up 50% of your scamming success. This means that the dating site you choose also determines whether you can cashout.

Most successful yahoo boys have specific dating sites they use, and you will learn them in this article. You must also have at least five fake profiles on the dating site to increase the chance of cashing out.

Requirements for Yahoo Dating Sites

What are the requirements you need to succeed on a dating site before cashing out? To simply put, what tools do you need to open a fake profile on a yahoo dating site?

  1. VPN

A VPN is the first tool that comes to mind. With a VPN, you can change the location you are creating an account from. Most websites prefer when the US Ips open accounts with them because they believe that US citizens are honest.

Do not use a free VPN, though. A premium VPN is recommended, but if you have no money, you can settle with the free versions. The premium versions include ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, etc.

  1. Fake ID Maker

A fake ID maker allows you to create fake IDs for your fake dating profile. You can use Canva, PicsArt, etc. PicsArt and Canva work well on mobile phones, so you do not need a PC to use these tools.

With an ID maker, you can edit the fake pictures you use for yahoo work and bypass reverse image search. For example, when you visit a particular person’s profile, you download their images and edit them thoroughly with your ID maker to prevent search engines from discovering them.

ID makers are available as paid and free, but you can start with the free accounts. You can get a premium Canava for free, but that is a story for another day.

  1. Fake Profiles

I mentioned having several fake accounts earlier. When you get into yahoo dating, you need many fake profiles. The essence of having many fake profiles is so that when you are banned, you can continue with the other.

You can also use your fake profiles to comment on react to your posts in the main scamming account to make it look real.

The result is that the fake comments you generate with your other fake accounts lure clients 10x faster. You can try this method out.

  1. Fake Email Address/Phone Number

You must not open a fake profile with a personal email address and phone number. Facebook, for instance, will not allow you to open an account with a blocked phone number. You will receive a notification that the phone number is associated with another account. The same applies to email addresses.

The solution is to create multiple email addresses, preferably on Gmail. You can use a VPN, but Gmail does not reveal your IP address.

Best Dating Sites for Yahoo

Dating app for Yahoo guys

This section reveals the best sites you need to start a yahoo scamming career or improve your existing career. I have highlighted the best dating sites for yahoo below:

  1. FlirtMoms

You may not have heard about flirt moms. Well, it is easier to find clients to scam on Flirt Moms dating site. You can sign up as a woman, but make sure you do not use the pictures of a celebrity female. Do not even attempt to edit it with any tool. Otherwise, you blow your cover and your fake account will be reported and banned.

Flirt Moms is a dating site you have to be intimate. You can meet LGBT women willing to spend on you, and you must not rebuke their advances since you are after the money.

  1. OkCupid

OkCupid is a dedicated dating website that is suitable for finding clients. I have been getting emails about illegal hustlers not finding clients. Well, OkCupid is the response to the question.

It is a free platform, and you can sign up as a citizen of any country, as long as your VPN is set to that country.

Experts have shown that OkCupid is a better alternative than eHarmony, and more affordable. With beautiful selfies, the clients are already in your inbox.

  1. Facebook Dating

Note that Facebook Dating is different from the normal Facebook you use daily. The URL to Facebook dating is Here, you can find clients that are willing to pay, and that you easily scam using any scam format, including dating billing, blackmail, medical format, etc.

You can join groups to meet new potential clients. You can also connect with real clients via Events. Facebook is just a free space for dating, and you must be careful not to spend time on one client. The idea is that you must have at least 3 fake Facebook Dating profiles for different clients.

  1. eHarmony

The algorithm on eHarmony is designed to match you with the best dating partners for yahoo dating. Most of the time, illegal hustlers call it e-money because eHarmony exposes users to true lovers that will do anything to keep you happy.

The downside with eHarmony is that you will pay $35.90 monthly. But if you know what you are doing, the subscription fee is worth it. You can make over $100 monthly to recover the subscription.

All you need is lovely fake pictures. You can disguise as a woman, man or gay on eHarmony, and you’d still find the best clients.

One more thing, eHarmony has nearly 1 million active subscribers. So, you are certainly going to find clients desperate for love and scam them.

  1. Tinder

Tinder is one of the best dating sites for yahoo with about 55 billion matches today. This statistic shows that you will be easily matched on Tinder and that people are just waiting for you to scam them, especially if you know how to apply the scamming formats.

Also, Tinder is a free platform. Once you sign up, upload at least 6 edited pictures and within 24 hours, clients will be pleading your attention inbox.

For added advantage, especially if you are 30+, you can subscribe to any of the premium Tinder packages. The packages are $29.00 and below. You can pick the cheapest package to get started.

  1. WantMatures

As the name of this yahoo dating site implies, you can sign up to meet single moms and dads who are ready to flirt with you.

You must be intimate and be able to say that you want money from them. They will need your nu*e photos. Make sure to use the fake ID app to make fake photos for them. Also, you can sign up as a lesbian. Some illegal hustlers use profiles from OnlyFans to create a fake profile on

  1. Match

Match is a dedicated online dating platform. When you sign up on, you will notice that many users are just desperate. The sweetest thing is that many marriages happen on, so you can easily find a client that wants to marry you. Even gay clients are willing to marry you, and you just have to accept to make them happy.

When you accept, apply to any of the dating formats. Blackmail formats do not really work when using a dating site like to find clients. The client will report your account, and it will be blocked after a review. has subscription plans. Make sure to select the cheapest monthly plan. But before you sign up, practice the dating format on a free website like by finding clients on free groups and getting them to like you.

How to find Clients on Yahoo Dating Websites

In this section of the article, you will learn the steps to get a client on any of the dating sites I have mentioned above. Note that you must be patient, especially as a beginner to get the best out of the yahoo dating format.

Below are the steps regarding how to find clients on yahoo dating sites:

  • Open a Fake Profile

The first step you want to take is to open a fake account and design a fake profile. The fake profile must contain fake images from profiles that clients can’t discover with reverse image search.

Most of the time, the best option is to pick the pictures of dead people, or people that do not post all the time. Recently, Facebook structured its site in a way that search engines like Google and Bing do not display account pictures.

Nonetheless, make sure not to use pictures that are easily traceable. Use either Canva or PicsArt to edit any picture you see online. You might also need the videos of the person to keep for a fake video call.

  • Engage the Account

When you sign up successfully, engage the account. You can create two more fake accounts on the platform you selected and use those accounts to react to your main scamming account.

Make sure you do not scam with the two accounts. Just use them to write nice things to your main account. Also, the secondary accounts/profiles must be created with IP pointing to other countries. For instance, if your main account is created with the UK IP address, the secondary accounts can use US Ip or South African IP address.

  • Find Clients

Finding a client would depend on the format you prefer and the gender you select. If you want to target men, your profile must be a female profile. But if you want gay men, then your profile must be a male profile.

You can use the picture of another gay whose current account is not active. Make sure that any picture you use for your profile passes the reverse image test. That is, the picture must not be found during image search after you edit it.

To find clients, do not message them. Once you set up your fake profile correctly, clients will arrive in your inbox. Note that some of them are scammers too. But you can tell real clients because they won’t ask you for money.

  • Do Not Ask for Money

When you find clients, do not ask for money immediately. You must have a good relationship, which typically takes two weeks. The reason many yahoo hustlers fail is that they are fast to ask clients for money without the client having time to develop strong feelings.

  • Move Client to Third-Party Platform

After you find a client on the yahoo dating website, move them to another platform. It can Google Hangout or select any platform that does not support video calls. There are many chat apps on Google or Apple app stores that do not support video calls. Since the app supports only text messaging, the client can’t request video calls.


When signing up on a yahoo dating site, enable your VPN. Note that the dating sites are constantly checking your activities, and may suspend your account permanently.

You just have to keep the account natural and clean. Engage the account and do not leave it dormant, even for a week. Before you select a dating site, understand its policies. You can start with the free plan or any free platform to practice your yahoo dating format.

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