How to cash a money order already filled out [Tips & Tricks]

How to cash a money order already filled out [Tips & Tricks]

How to cash a money order already filled out [Tips & Tricks]

How to cash a money order already filled out? A money order is a near-anonymous way to receive money, and if you already filled out a money order wrongly and still have the receipt, you can have your money order issuer replace it so that it can be cashed. If you have no receipt or ID, the post office or bank may not be able to return your money order for you to cash it. You would also be charged a fee, though.

In most cases, you can cross out the incorrect information in the presence of the person you are giving it to for payment. They can be able to cash it like that.

The bank can also be of help. If the person has a bank account, get them to deposit the money order and give you the cash to buy another one (if necessary). The payee can also cancel your wrong information and send you the edited information made before depositing it into their account.

cash a money order already filled out

Can you cash a money order if it’s filled out?

Yes, you can cash a money order if it is filled out already and you made an error or no longer want to cash it. If your money order is in good condition, you can cash it at the bank or any check cashing store. You should contact your bank or check casher before visiting their location to learn about your position in the situation because most money order issuers have different but somehow similar policies.

How to Cash a Money Order Already Filled Out

To cash a money order already filled out, do the following:

  • Cross Out the Error

You can cross out the wrongly entered information, but you are giving the money order for payment in the person’s presence. Nonetheless, it all depends on how mistakenly you filled out the money order. Let’s assume you entered the payee incorrectly; you can correct it efficiently so that it can be cashed. However, you might have a problem if you put the wrong payee or wrong and any other unnecessary money order information.

  • Deposit It in Your Savings or Checking Account

You can deposit the money order in your savings or checking account. However, you need the receipt before you can take it back. You might also need a valid photo ID. The bank should clear it within a few days, and you can then get a new money order. If you do not have one, you can also use your friend’s bank account, but inform them about it and explain the situation to them.

  • Return it to The Post Office

You can also try to take the money order back to the post office. Provide a reasonable and detailed explanation. Otherwise, the post office will say there is nothing that they can do about it. It is easier for them to say “No” than say “Yes,” and you want to give them a valid reason to say yes.

You will have to show the clerk your money order alongside your ID. Explain the errors you made, and they will give you options to cash the money order filled out already for a fee. It is no big deal; so far, you can cash your money back.

Do not try to use bleaching ink, though. You might lose the money order, and the Postal Inspectors can pay you a visit with their lack of sense of humor.

  • Inform the Bank

Suppose you used the bank for the transaction. There are two possible information fields that you would likely have filled incorrectly—the payee and name. The amount is primarily correct because the bank would have taken the money you made out of the money order from you.

If you filled out the money order wrongly, you could provide the bank with proof of the transaction to void the money order and obtain a new one. If you intend to cash a fake money order or belongs to another person, it is advisable not to do it.


Can you erase a money order you filled out already?

Yes, you can erase a money order you filled out already by simply crossing out the information you entered wrongly or erasing the ink. It is advisable to cross out the data instead of trying to erase the ink. If you want to erase the ink, you can pour a brake fluid on the money order, making sure it is submerged.

The ink will steadily escape the paper, after which you dry it using a paper towel by simply tapping the money order gently. Finally, get a clean plate, place the money, order it, and cover it with 100% acetone (nail shop). Air-dry it, and you have a clean money order (do not try this, though).

What happens if you fill out a money order wrong?

If you fill out a money order wrong, you might have difficulties cashing it. Most policies ensure that you cancel the money order or refund it if there is a mistake.

Final Thoughts

In some cases, the issuer will have you write “not used as intended” on the money order. Do not write this yet until you are asked to do so due to policy differences. Your name may also be written on the money order as the buyer on a different line.

In essence, you will most likely get your money back or just cash it. However, it is not a walkover because the issuer has to verify the transaction.

Ensure to check in during business hours during weekdays if the person has to talk to someone at another location, perhaps in the main office, to correct the errors.

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