How to Collect SSN from Client Yahoo

How to Collect SSN from Client Yahoo

Do you require SSN for carding, creating bank drop, or other scam methods? Then let’s solve your problem with this article exposing how to collect SSN from client yahoo.

SSN means social security number, a 9-digit security number that allows a hustler to enjoy many benefits in the US. It can be decoded if you know a client’s full name, birth date, and hometown.

Meanwhile, apart from carding, creating a bank drop, becoming a credit card scammer, etc., you can sell your client’s SSN for $40-$100 via dark web or any carding forum. You’d require an escrow to avoid getting scammed, though.

It may be difficult to know a client’s birthday if you prefer to decode your client’s social security number. Thanks to many websites/databases that give people’s birth data for free or cheaply.

This article covers the formats to collect SSN from client. You may choose to collect full SSN or some details to use for decoding the SSN.

How to Collect SSN from Client Yahoo

How to Collect ssn from client yahoo

Before we touch on the steps to obtain SSN from a client, note that voter registration lists and other public databases may have your client’s data. The first three SSN digits are the area number and the fifth and fourth digits are the group number. However, the remaining four digits are difficult to know because they represent the duration it took the client to complete their SSN application.

So, instead of collecting client information to decode SSN, you can instead convince them to share their complete SSN. There are many ways to this scam, and the most common practice is to apply any yahoo format, including military dating format, etc.

Below is the format to collect SSN from client:

1. Blackmail Format

the blackmail format is the most daring yahoo format for collecting SSN from clients for yahoo work. To use this format involves threatening a client, either by applying emotional blackmail, sextortion, or defamation.

Let’s glance at the various yahoo blackmail formats for collecting SSN from client:

Emotional Blackmail:

As the name implies, emotional blackmail threatens your client’s emotions. When you find a client online, typically via dating or social apps, you get them to love you and then hurt them. Your target must be clients from the age of 65, male or female; they are more vulnerable to love.

After building a solid relationship that takes at least 3 weeks, you change your attitude. You’ll stop sending the naked pics you use to scam them. When they notice that change in attitude, they’ll question, “What’s wrong?”

Send your client the emotional blackmail format below:

Dear, [client name]

I’ve known you for a short time, but my mistake is falling so deeply in love. I don’t think you love me! I feel all the n**s I send you are a waste, and I’m rethinking my anticipation to meet you soon.

It’s getting to a month already, and no gift from you. Not even a word on how I’m faring. Well, that’s no problem. I believe you merely expected me to inform you first.

Honestly, you do not treat a loved one in this manner. If I played hard-to-get, you’d feel I’m wasting your time, but I gave in to loving you so easily!

Anyways, you can sort this by sharing some data with me. I don’t need your money, so your mind should not go there. All I need is your SSN to at least feel I have my lover’s information to protect.

I hope you reconsider breaking my heart further…

Your lover

[your name]


Sextortion blackmail works quite differently. Here, you use intimacy to threaten your client to give you his/her SSN. It works like emotional blackmail, and at the same time defamation.

However, you must have some of your client’s n*ked pictures. You can collect these pictures by sharing fake na*ed pics to entice them to send their original. Depending on how smart you play, you can get a client to include their face in the nu*e.

Below is the sextortion format for yahoo to collect SSN from client:

Lover [client’s name]

You’ve done your worst! All the while, I thought you loved me. Instead, you went on various dating platforms sharing n*de with other [males or females].

Well, all’s OK. I have decided I’ll leak your naked pictures online because I’m so heartbroken. But then, for the love I have for you, I couldn’t do it without informing you.

Here’s a solution: send me OUR SSN to prove how much you care about me. I mean, I’ve never asked anything from you, except only sharing n*des and n*des all day.

Make this one time count, and make sure to cut off other [males or females] after sending me your SSN as a form of apology. Except you want me to leave, don’t do it.

Your angry lover

[Your name]


The most common blackmail format to collect SSN is defamation format. Unfortunately, the success rate is below 50%. You also want to connect with a person that gets scared easily, which may be a difficult task.

But then, defamation blackmail is the most threatening format in yahoo scamming. You must be well-versed to convince your client almost immediately to share their SSN. This method works on children between the age of 12-16 and adults from the age of 70+.

You will simply send the client a threatening and incriminating message that makes them afraid. First, you must collect their email address or phone number by getting closer to them.

Sample defamation yahoo format to collect SSN (social security number) from client:

(Locked!!! – Request Comprehensive Format Using Our Contact Form)

2. Phishing Format

You can collect a client’s SSN using phishing format. How do you do it? Simply get the client to provide their information using unknowingly. Phishing hooks personal information and the client may never know even after your success.

This article covers 3 phishing methods, including website phishing, SMS/email phishing, and call phishing.

Website Phishing:

The website phishing allows you to get SSN using a fake website. If you’re not a developer, you can hire a developer to create a phishing/pharming website for you. Note that some developers will turn down this offer, especially when you tell them about collecting visitor’s information like SSN.


• Domain name

• Hosting account

First, purchase a domain name and hosting where your website files are stored. You can start with a free 000webhost website if you have no money.

Now, get a developer to build an e-commerce website similar to Amazon or eBay. You will upload fake and cheaper items on the site and then share the URL with your targets. Lie to them that you ordered an item from the site and that it’s a new website trying to make a name.

Do not make the prices of the items ridiculous. For instance, if an item is worth $30, do not list the fake item as $3 on your phishing site. You can list it as $24. Make sure to include “Discount Sales for New E-commerce” under each item.

You will also create an about, contact, privacy policy, and ToS (terms and conditions) pages.

Get in touch with your target(s) inbox. Must be US citizens. Inform them about the upcoming big site and send them a fake order receipt. You can tell them to share the website across various platforms to collect more SSNs.

SMS/email phishing:

You need the following requirements:

• Fake phone number or Customized email address

There are many ways to collect SSN through SMS and Email phishing. You can still create a fae website that guarantees winning a fake iPhone, fake lottery, etc. When a greedy target inputs their details, including SSN, they are stored on the hosting account of the fake site.

Alternatively, you can disguise it as customer service for a subscription that your target made. However, you must find out what subscription the client made.

Let’s assume that your client has an active AT&T subscription; you can get them to send you their SSN by lying that new government policy requires SSN. You will need a fake customized phone number.

Now, use the phone number to send a simple message as seen below:

Dear, [name of client]

Following the federal government directives, we at AT&T are not mandated to collect customers’ SSNs to enhance transaction security.

This policy follows a stakeholder meeting with the federal government of the United States. Whether we had requested your SSN in the past or not, you have to resubmit it to continue enjoying our services. Kindly reply to this automated account manager with your SSN only.



Phone Call Phishing:

Phone call phishing involves collecting client’s SSN over the phone. The target age brackets are 12-17 and 65+.

Meanwhile, you require three things – call phishing script, fake phone number, and client’s phone number. The fake phone number must be a US phone number and customized. If you call with an ordinary US phone number, your success rate is just 45%. However, a customized phone number increases the success rate to 90%.

How does the phone call format work? Get in touch with a target online, and engage them in a conversation. Work your way to collect their phone number or search their social accounts. Many people do not share their phone numbers online anymore, so you have to bring up a discussion that convinces clients to share their phone numbers.

The fastest way is to join a trading group. People want to contact each other. If nobody drops their contact in the group, they’re definitely doing it via inboxes. So, pick a random client, discuss buying their product and request their phone number to call them for more inquiries. Of course, they’d give it out fast.

Now, call the client. Let’s use a sample phishing script below:

Scammer: Hello, [client name]. On the line is the customer representative, [name of a fake service in the US].

Possible Client Response: Oh, nice to meet you.

Scammer: Following recent changes to our service policies in conjunction with the state’s directives, we would be demanding SSN from our customers. If you had shared your SSN recently with us, please, you would have to do this again.

Possible Client Response: Why exactly?

Scammer: The directives are considered to…

(Locked!!! – Contact website for a complete phishing script)

3. Create SSN from Client’s Social Account

Many people use social networking websites, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to disclose personal information. If you visit forums, you’d also find free personal information to collect, especially if your target hinted about their usernames on social platforms.

Another place to collect free data is trading platforms. On Craigslist, for example, people publish personal information. You can collect the information to create SSN. You may also join a site like Craigslist and phish sellers for their information. You’d have to pretend to be a genuine buyer, meaning you do not send sellers unsolicited emails or spam their inboxes.

Collecting Address

Most sellers would want a voice or video call, so make sure to have a fake US number they can call. When they call, negotiate like you will buy the item. Decide a price that keeps the deal and request to meet the seller at their residence. Yes, Craigslist sellers prefer when potential buyers visit them. The seller will disclose their address, thinking it’s for business purposes.

Collecting Date of Birth

Now, when you collect the client’s full name and address during the phone conversation, you use it to search their social accounts online, especially Facebook. Facebook shows users’ date of birth, but you have to scroll to the bottom of the person’s timeline, hoping they’ve not hidden theirs.

Now, you have the address and date of birth. You can also find a user’s school and school address, which confirms their city of residence.

The only problem now is getting the final four digits of the SSN since you have the name, date of birth, and address of the client to generate the first 5 digits. To get the last four digits, you may have to initiate a conversation with the client that leads them to disclose the date they registered their SSN.

It’s hard, but you can begin by saying yours (something fake, of course). Tell them it was hell and that you do not know about theirs. They will unconsciously reveal their dates, which you must note down to help in decoding their SSN.

The easiest to decode SSNs are the clients born starting from 1988. So, you need clients within the age of 35. Why? SSN the Social Security Administration started arranging SSNs for newborns and older children without SSN from this period.

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