How to Create a Fake Facebook Account without getting Blocked

How to Create a Fake Facebook Account without getting Blocked

In case you have the intention of making money online illegally and using Facebook as a medium, then one of the problems you will have to face is stopping Facebook from blocking any fake account you create.

Indeed, Facebook happens to be the most popular social network in the world today. Their signup procedures are very secure for some reasons. Meaning you need to have one email or mobile number to get an account on the network.

What I mean is that creating multiple Facebook accounts was easy some time ago. The question is, how do you set up a fake Facebook account that will bypass all verification processes? Today’s article will explain everything you need to know on how to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked.

Steps To Create A Fake Facebook Account

One of the goals of every online hustler who intends to get clients via Facebook is to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked. However, the problem is that once a fake account is opened, Facebook blocks it immediately. 

In case you want to know how to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked, then here are the things you should do.

Clear your Cache and Refresh your System

Note that clearing your cache is one other way to make your laptop or phone new on the internet. After you have cleared your cache, it will look like you’ve never visited a site before. 

  • Visit your browser settings
  • Click on settings
  • Click on clear browser cache and cookies.
create a fake facebook account by clearing cache
How to Clear your Browser Cache.

In case you don’t know how to clear your computer cache, here is a detailed tutorial that shows you how to clear the cache on your computer. After you must have followed the steps listed in the tutorial, you can then create another fake Facebook account. 

Find a Good Name

Indeed, Facebook will block any fake account due to its name, meaning they will know it’s a fake account. As you know, when someone sends you friend requests, you will immediately know that the account is fake because of its name. 

However, there are lots of reasonable names out there that you can use to open a fake Facebook account that will look real.

The Solution

Search for an existing Facebook user from the country you intend to use and get their names. Once you find a name that exists, it will be easy to copy such a name as your name.

Create the fake account with another laptop or phone

how to create a fake Facebook account
A Fake Facebook Account

In case you are getting blocked, then it is very clear that Facebook has blacklisted your IP. This is the reason your profile account is being blocked anytime you create another fake Facebook profile. 

However, one of the smartest things you should do is to change your laptop or phone or using another person’s laptop or phone to create another fake Facebook profile account. While you use another laptop or phone, ensure you exactly do all the tricks I have listed above.

Complete your Profile

One of the ways not to be blocked by them is by avoiding the temptation of not completing the fake Facebook profile during registration.

Note that ensuring you have a complete profile will make your clients believe you. Your clients will see you as genuine and will want to do business with you.

The Solution

Ensure every part of the fake profile is well completed and duly filled. By doing this, Facebook might consider your account to be active.

Make Sure You Put A Real Fake Picture

Remember that picture speaks well of every account, meaning that your picture should look real. Get as many pictures of the same person and update the profile with new photos to make other people believe that you are real. If you are looking for where to get real fake pictures from, click here to know more.

The Solution

You should visit Instagram and search for good pictures from younger people, then get the right pictures for your fake Facebook account creation. 

You should make sure to have about 15 to 20 of the same pictures. After that, you can occasionally get more from the person you collected the pictures once they upload new pictures.

Don’t Add Friends Immediately 

Note that one of the reasons Facebook blocks fake accounts after it is been opened is due to adding friends immediately after creating the account. So whenever you intend to open a fake Facebook account without being blocked, then you should take this step seriously.

You should always remember that one of the questions Facebook normally asks people you send friend requests is, “Do you know this person?”

What this means is that, once the person clicks the button “NO” after rejecting your friend request, then your fake account will be blocked.

Remember that Facebook knows that it is only with a fake account that anyone can spam people’s privacy. With this, once you create a profile account and have completed everything on the profile, you should avoid sending friend requests to people immediately.

The Solution

I understand that after creating your fake Facebook account, you would want to add up friends to help achieve your aims. Note that there is always a solution. Below is what you can do…

Join Facebook groups

Joining Facebook groups are one of the best ways you can get friends that will eventually become your clients. You can do this as long as you know the type of clients you need; you can easily see them via Facebook groups.

In case you are looking for widows or widowers on Facebook, you can search for a widow’s group on Facebook and contribute to any discussion on the group.

But in case you are looking for divorced people, then there is also a group for divorced on Facebook.

Whenever you join them, you should try to contribute, ask questions, and be an active member of the group. Note that doing this will enable you to ask people if you can add them up as friends. So once this happens, you will surely get a favorable response.

After this, you can add them up, and then you can use whatever strategy you intend to use. But whatever that comes out of it, ensure you inform any Facebook user before you add them up.

How To Bypass Facebook Facial Recognition

Whenever you create any fake Facebook account, Facebook will ask you for facial recognition, then below are the things to do.

Doing this will help you in case you used your real picture while creating the Facebook account in the first place. In case you used your real face when creating the account, then you can easily verify your face during the verification process.

However, in case you have used someone’s else image, maybe a white man’s picture when Facebook asked you to verify the account, then you can look for a way to change the picture to your own, but make sure the name on the account remains the same. Doing this will be very easy to verify without getting your fake account blocked.

Reasons Facebook blocks your account

there are things you should be aware of to prevent Facebook from blocking your account. Remember that knowing some of these reasons will help in your unethical pursuit via the platform.

So below are some of the reasons why Facebook blocks your fake account immediately after it is created.

  • You opened a Facebook profile account and starts using it immediately 
  • One of your clients reported you to Facebook that you are a scammer
  • Other persons like you (Your competitors) will keep sending you a friend request
  • You keep sending friend requests to lots of people within a short time
  • Many people you sent friend requests marked you as a spam
  • Facebook saw a suspicious attempt on your profile account
  • You have been blocked before

What to Do if your Facebook Account is Always Blocked

A lot of persons have been complaining that after following all these listed tricks in this article, they still get their fake accounts blocked by Facebook. What you should know is that Facebook has a way of tracking user’s IPs that use to create fake accounts via their platform. Meaning that if your account has been blocked previously as a fake profile account, then creating another account would still get blocked by them.

Here are steps you should take once if your IP address is being blacklisted on the Facebook server. So remember that before using the tricks above on how to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked, make sure that you do the following.

Alternative Ways to get a Fake Facebook account

You Can Hack Someone’s Verified Facebook Account

Another option of getting a fake account is by hacking someone’s Facebook account. Although it isn’t advisable, whenever you have things to do, and you need an account urgently, you can hack someone’s Facebook and get the job done.

You can purchase a verified Facebook Account

Note that a lot of persons are willing to sell their old Facebook accounts. This is because some people are no longer using their Facebook accounts and would like to sell. 

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