How to Create a Fake Bitcoin Website [Step by Step Guide]

How to Create a Fake Bitcoin Website [Step by Step Guide]

How to Create a Fake Bitcoin Investment Website

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular these days, and this is due to celebrities like Elon Musk endorsing it. Also, people from all walks of life see its potential for wealth creation. Unfortunately, this also creates the opportunity for false enrichment. Is that a bad thing? It depends on who you ask! Are you one of those who think life isn’t fair? Then maybe this article is for you? Because, in truth, life isn’t fair at all.  And this write-up is offering you an opportunity to even the odds. We are talking about creating a fake Bitcoin investment platform. This is one way to make money illegally online by getting people to invest in your fake website. This article will show you how to create a fake bitcoin website, as well as the strategies you might use to attract people to invest in your platform.

The cryptocurrency landscape is decentralized, which means it is mostly unregulated, unlike traditional banks. Also, it is free for all structures, so any false investment company can be created to do what they like with your money and get away with it. The truth is, nobody will prosecute you for running a fake bitcoin website. In fact, no single entity has the legal or financial backing as yet to regulate the cryptocurrency markets. And so, it is like the vast wild west in the crypto industry.

To create a fake bitcoin website, you need the following: a PHP Script, a unique domain name, a hosting provider, and a decent-looking website design. Afterward, you can receive, send, and invest bitcoins that just so happens to land in your personal pockets. Note that there are specific formats for acquiring Bitcoin on your fake sites, like the yahoo format or fake investment format. These are simply the outline or blueprint of how to go about the scam.

Steps to Create a Fake Bitcoin Investment Website

1.) Buy a PHP Script from Envato.

2.) Buy a Domain Name.

3.) Design your Fake Bitcoin Website as a Local Host.

4.) Buy Hosting rights for your website.

5.) Run Marketing Campaigns

6.) Grow Your Fake Bitcoin Investment Website on social media.

The website should be designed like a legitimate financial investment website showing live ROI (Return on investments) and testimonials from other satisfied clients.

So how do you create such a website?

1.) Buy a PHP Script from Envato

create a fake bitcoin website
Envato Platform to buy Investment Scripts

Envato is a freeware marketplace where programmers sell all sorts of software, ranging from codes to website scripts and plugins. Anyone can conveniently buy anything coding-related on Envato for their projects.

You can even get bespoke software according to whatever specific thing you want to do. Use the search bar on the Envato marketplace homepage to search for “Bitcoin Script.” You are supposed to choose an option that suits your project. If you are not so tech-savvy, you can always ask for some assistance.

2.) Buy a Domain Name

buy fake bitcoin investment website domain name

A domain name is simply the name you wish to call your website. It is the unique website address the public will see and use to identify your platform. It is also essential to make your website look and sound professional. A good domain name will do just that for you and your potential investors.

You can make up your own domain name as far as it is not corny, or you can also buy a domain name by going to a website like Namecheap. Remember, first impressions matter. The buying option is there because it may seem like all the possible domain names in the world have already been taken, so you might need help with that. You can pay for the service using PayPal or a debit card.

3.) Design your Fake Bitcoin Website on a Local Host.

You first host your fake website locally, that is on your own computer before it can ever be hosted on the world wide web.  This is so you can make changes remotely before finalizing the design. If you need inspiration for your website design, you can equally study other investment websites, including the features they added to their own bitcoin investment platform.

For an honest look, you should have features like;

All of this is so investors will be convinced to try out your platform.

4.) Buy a Hosting subscription.

This is where your locally hosted website files are uploaded to the internet. You can only do this with the help of offshore hosting companies. Sadly, the internet’s infrastructure is owned and managed by western countries, but not to worry, this will help you avoid the authorities and provide you with DMCA protection.

So, in essence, you purchase a hosting subscription from a website like Shinjiru and pay with bitcoin, and your website is hosted for as long as you pay your subscription promptly. Hosting usually costs from $20 – $30 for a basic package. After your purchase, you can simply move the website design files to the world wide web, and your website is now ready.

5.) Run Marketing Campaigns.

The next step is to create online visibility for your fake investment website. Now your website is up and running. You must also display some attractive-looking proofs of payment on the website’s home page. This is in addition to running marketing campaigns to attract potential investors to your fake Bitcoin platform.

Your marketing strategy can include bulk emails, promoting your website on social media, as well as with influencer marketing. You will need to combine all the marketing strategies you can develop to see positive results.

How to Attract Investors to Your Fake Bitcoin Investment Website

In other to pull traffic to your fake bitcoin investment website, you need to market it. Here are a few proven ways you can achieve just that:

Advertising with Google Ads.

Google ads are a brilliant way of advertising all types of digital products online, including crypto exchanges and investment websites. So for a bit of pay per click fee, anyone can advertise with Google Ads and legitimately get people to sign-up on their Bitcoin investment platform.

Use Social Media Influencers.

More people flock to social media influencer sites than to any other site. So that is where the internet traffic is. Social media influencers can quickly help you get investors to your website with a bit of promotion on your part on their respective social media pages and handles. This will, in turn, drive traffic to your website.

Create a Referral System

A referral system is the easiest way to convince people to buy any digital product. The argument is usually that if other people are buying into this, then I can too. It would also encourage investors to invite friends and then get rewarded. In other words, the more, the merrier for you.


From personal experience, there are all sorts of other ways to get unsuspecting people to part with their hard-earned bitcoins. One of such is the scam of the free Bitcoin generator. It works by encouraging you to key in your wallet address and your desired amount of free bitcoin. Then you press a generate button as it appears on your phone screen.

Afterward, you can actually see what looks like a background code running. And it is compelling because you end up believing the generator is working. After a few minutes of running the fake software, it then announces that you have received all the Bitcoin you requested (usually a limit of 2 Bitcoin at a time). It then asks the user to pay a seemingly insignificant amount for administrative purposes to get their reward.

Another popular way is through social media. You create a social account like a telegram account. You also get on Facebook to advertise that you can double or triple anyone’s Bitcoin investment in one day. People who don’t know how Bitcoins work might fall for it. Everybody assumes Bitcoin money is straightforward money to come across.

These are the ways to create a fake bitcoin website or platform. You can now own your personal fake bitcoin investment website and start making money (illegally). Disclaimer: do not try this if you do not have the courage for it.

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