Dating Billing Format [Omega Guide]

Dating Billing Format [Omega Guide]

Perhaps, you searched “dating billing format” or a related term via a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, etc. It could also be that your search engine suggested the keyword or whatever. What matters now is that you are on the right website to learn the A-Z of cashing out in dating billing for yahoo.

dating billing format

Did you know? There are more than 7.674 billion people in the world. Unfortunately, more than 95% of this number only date to love. It shows how people are growing blind when you can date to make money as a yahoo boy. The yahoo dating billing is bigger than you think. Many people think “dating billing” means to date and cashout only, but dating billing can also get you the freaking green card. Do you even know what a green card means? Uhm… I choose to leave this story for another time.

The reason you should do yahoo dating for billing is that both pros and beginners can run it and cashout fast. If you do not already know the basics of yahoo, then after reading this article, check out my godfather guide on becoming the most successful yahoo boy.

Hey, I know you are already loving this guide. Guess what? You don’t even have to download the dating billing format PDF after reading this.

If you are into cannabis or whatever, pop your smoke and light it like the hustler in the picture below:

Yahoo Format for dating

And… you can add your beer. As for me, I wrote this article on Vodka highness.

Fam, all jokes are out now. Let’s get to work and f**king cashout!

What Will You Learn in this Dating Billing Guide?

People say there is no limit to learning, and that’s correct. But this dating billing tutorial will try to teach you to the limit of yahoo. Below are the things you will learn from this client dating format:

  • What is dating billing for yahoo?
  • Invoking the spirit of cashout for dating billing
  • Tools for cashing out with format for dating billing
  • Dating billing formats gender (format for woman to man and format for man to woman.
  • Dating billing format for iTunes card
  • Finding a client in dating billing (setting up your profile)
  • How to scam your client
  • Dating billing samples
  • Cashing out
  • How to date and bill clients without getting caught

Before we begin, reading my guide is not the problem. The problem is, “Are you ready?” Well, you have to be always ready as a yahoo boy.

Unfortunately, the dating billing format is illegal. Therefore, you are responsible for whatever you do with this dating scam tutorial

Let’s get started, fam. And… make sure you don’t run out of smoke and beer.

What is Dating Billing for Yahoo?

Dating billing format is a yahoo billing format that lets you cashout from a foreigner or local person who thinks you love them. Fortunately, dating billing can also afford you the green card or flight ticket outside your country.

In the cooperate world, dating billing is known as ‘Romance Scam’, and you (the scammer) are known as Romance Scammer. Dating billing includes all other major yahoo formats such as military dating, emotional blackmail, etc. It is the broadest format and the most used by all yahoo boys.

You are wondering why many yahoo boys do not jet out instead of scamming victims the format. The reason is that 99% of the clients you are most likely to scam or become your client are way older than you. Secondly, if you decide to go with that green card, you can’t continue in yahoo dating billing for man or woman. There are cases where foreigners discovered that their sugar babies are scammers if you don’t stop it on time. The relationship ends and you become a stranded refugee.

It seems we’re matching a faster pace already, and you’re already learning something. You already know a client is your maga or the fool/greedy person you want to scam. A victim is the person you’ve scammed already while a target is the person you are about to make your client.

Invoking the Spirit of Cashout for Dating Billing

What if I told you that there is no yahoo+ or yahoo plus? You know what yahoo plus means? It is when you use diabolical means on your clients to cashout. Suppose there is yahoo plus, then you don’t really need it if you have the intelligence and luck.

Unfortunately, 90% of yahoo boys lack intelligence in one way or the other, including the following:

  • Not knowing how to convince a client
  • Not knowing how to cashout
  • Not knowing how not to get caught

We would be launching an intelligence known as Yahoo Script. The purpose of this script is to reveal what successful yahoo boys do to cashout from clients. Ask a successful yahoo boy if they are into yahoo plus, and they will say, “NO”. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t believe them because you underestimate the power of hard work in cashing out successfully from the yahoo dating billing format.

  • Get ready. First, get ready because you will step on many toes in your journey as a dating billing scammer. Whose toes would you be steeping on? (1) your client or victim, (2) crime agencies, and (3) the general public.
  • Harden your mind. A yahoo boy must be a modern-day Hitler. You know Hitler, or perhaps, heard the name. He was gruesome. You want to be even more than Hitler. You would say that Hitler killed many, but do you know how many clients yahoo boys have led to their death? If you doubt, check out this report about a Gwynedd man who killed himself after a romance scammer cashed out from him.
  • Understanding. You can’t be a successful romance scammer with no understanding, which is why this article is here to expose the basics of the dating billing format.
  • Determination. It’s simple: no determination, no cashout.
  • Create a network. You need a network of yahoo boys to become a successful dating billing scammer or biller. Your connections do not have to be the people you know. You can get in touch with random yahoo scammers at clubs, bars, etc.

See? The spirit of succeeding as a dating billing scammer is simple. Unless you believe yahoo plus is what you need, simple knowledge, determination and ruthlessness can get you the money.

Tools for Cashing Out with Format for Dating Billing

Before we properly get into the dating scam, you need the right tools/requirements to scam successfully. The only difficulty you might face is getting some of the tools, but it is easier than you think.

Below are the requirements you need to do dating billing for yahoo:

  1. Fake Dating Accounts

The dating billing format is all about dating, so you need as many dating accounts as possible. For a start, 10 fake dating accounts. Why do you need so many dating accounts? The reason is that it is more effective to use one account per client. When a client finds out that you are a scammer, you have to suspend your account or block them from reporting your account. Otherwise, it might affect the other clients you are catfishing with the same account.

Unfortunately, depending on your luck, only 2-5 out of 10 clients can become your scam victim for cashout.

It is also your account that will determine whether you want to do the billing format for woman to man or billing format for man to woman. Below are some of the hooking or dating websites you can sign up to create fake dating accounts:

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Badoo
  • eHarmoney
  • Blendr
  • Bumble
  • Grindr
  • Hookups
  • PlentyofFish
  • Hinge
  • Facebook Dating

Note that some of these websites require membership fees, and they are the best places you can find clients to run the dating format for billing and cashout. Paid dating websites have many desperate clients that want to mingle. However, most clients prefer paid or free dating sites. You can also find a client on Snapchat. Read about bypassing Snapchat verification.

The next thing you want to set up is your profile to suit the billing you want to do. I will explain how you can set up your profile to attract clients in one of the sections.

  1. Email Addresses and Phone Number

  • Email address. The problem is not with the email address because you can create an email address with any email service such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail. Email providers will not display your IP address to clients (if you decide to send them an email). However, make sure that the email address matches the fake account you are using for the romance or dating billing. For example, if your scam name in a particular dating account is Rose Jacobs, your email address can be
  • Phone number. You have to buy a foreign phone number. Make sure to read my article explaining how you can purchase a fake/burner or foreign phone number. If you are pretending to be a US or UK citizen, then you need to buy a US or UK phone number.
  1. OpSec

OpSec is any tool you use to hide your identity online. It can be a VPN, RDP, Socks, etc. A free OpSec is not what you need for dating billing. However, some free tools serve the purpose, but when you spend, it forces you to want to do more to regain your money back. I want you to see a paid or premium ID or IP security tool as an investment. It will force you to take the scam seriously on any greedy client you contact.

  1. Scamming Device

Do not make the mistake of using your primary device for scamming. It is possible that you can forget to enable your IP-changing app like a VPN, which discloses your IP address to the client and may also reveal your location to crime agencies. Therefore, get a separate device (PC or mobile phone). If you use a mobile phone, you can jailbreak (iPhone) or root (Android) it so that you have full control over the phone.

  1. Email Bombing

Does email bombing sound strange? It is the app that you need to send multiple emails to your dating client to stop them from knowing when you run any transaction or cashout that will reflect in their email address. The email bombing service will send many messages to the email address, which slows down the email servers and prevent your client from seeing the email that notifies them that you cashedout or purchased something using their SSN or credit card details. I will not recommend any email bombing tool because I am not their affiliate marketer. You can run a simple search online for a list of effective email bombers.

  1. Voice Changer

You need a voice changing app that turns your voice into a man or a woman. Some voice changing apps can also change your accent so that you speak English like an American, British, etc.

  1. Grammarly

If your grammar is not good, then you need the Grammarly app to check your spelling and grammar. Also, if your client resides in the US, for instance, ensure to set Grammarly grammar to American English for effectiveness. You can buy Grammarly Premium for $12.50 per month. Go for the package for 3-9 employees. If you have no money, use the free version, but you will not get the best from it.

  1. Bank Drop

A bank drop is very important, especially if you do not know how to channel funds to make it become clean cash. Without a bank drop, you will face the problems of chargeback. A chargeback is when the bank reverses the money you scam a client with the dating billing format for cashout. Your bank will then flag your account for fraud, meaning that apart from the crime agency coming after you, the bank/government will seize all your funds. The truth is that receiving funds (known as dirt money) to bank accounts is one of the reasons yahoo boys get caught. BTC wallet or a betting site can also serve as your bank drop in yahoo. In yahoo dating billing, you will give your payment method to your client. The name of the payment method should be the same as your scamming name unless it is BTC.

  1. Cloning App

Many illegal hustlers are looking to download the cloning app. So, what is this cloning app? A cloning app is an application or software that a yahoo boy uses to change his voice and face during a video call with a client. One thing you must know about the dating billing format is that your client will request a video call. Clients from the age of 60 can ask for your nak*d videos and pics, but younger ones need live video call.

  1. Picker or Reshipper

A picker is a person that collects the item that you scam your client from the drop. The drop is where the item will land for shipping or after shipping. Nowadays, yahoo boys use reshippers because they are legal companies that are trusted worldwide. When you convince your client to send you items like iPhones, laptops, gaming consoles, etc., the reshipper can collect the items from any location in the country of your client and ship them to your country.

A picker will charge 10-15% of the item you want to ship, while most reshippers charge according to the weight of the item.

  1. Fake Pictures and Videos

To cashout from the dating billing format, you need fake pictures and videos. The fake pictures and videos you need must be according to the dating billing you want to do. For example, if you want to do a dating billing format for gay males, you need fake pictures and videos of a gay male. The hardest part is that the pictures and videos you want to use for the dating scam must not be available online. As you read on, I will explain more and give you tips to collect fake pictures and videos for work and not get caught by your client.

  1. Intelligence

I mentioned our Yahoo Script that guides people to collect money, gift card, credit card details, etc., from their clients. Keep checking in or contact this website to learn even more about what I have discovered.

Dating Billing Formats Gender

We’re beginning with explaining the various genders in dating billing format – format for man to woman and format for woman to man. You don’t also have to download format for man to woman or download format for woman to man after reading this section.

  • What is format for man to woman? Format for man to woman in romance or dating scam is when you pretend to be a man to scam a woman. You can also pretend to be a man to scam a man, and that becomes a dating format for gay men. It also works on transgender clients. For example, if a client was born a woman but decided to change to a man and needs love, you can run this dating billing on the person. Your profile must be a man’s profile, including your dating account name, pictures, videos, etc. If the client is gay, then you pretend to be gay man and cashout.
  • What is the format for woman to man? This romance scam format is when you pretend to be a woman to scam a man and cashout. You can also pretend to be a woman and scam a woman, which becomes dating billing for lesbians. This format also works on transgender clients. For example, if your client changed from a man to woman and needs love, you can scam them.

We’ve now concluded with explaining the gender you can be in a dating scam to succeed. If you want to run a dating billing format for iTunes card or any gift card, you can use any gender that is the same with your client.

Note: Choose your dating billing gender according to the pictures or videos you have to scam a client. For example, if you have only two pictures for man to woman format and 29 pictures for woman to man format, then woman to man billing format is the best gender format for you. Just start collecting.

Dating billing format for iTunes card

What is dating billing for iTunes cards? This romance scam is when you scam a client for iTunes card to buy Apple digital services, including music, apps, videos, etc. If you buy a US card, for example,

You can also scam your lover client for any gift card when you get them to become emotionally attached to you. In this format, the way you write your letter will be different from when you are asking for money to cashout. This format is also easier and secure. Depending on your client, you can collect between $50 and $500, and iTunes gift card cannot be traced.

Note that if you collect iTunes card from a lover client in the US, you must also redeem it in the US. iTunes gift cards are only valid in the country that your client purchased them, for example, the US. But you can still sell the iTunes card or redeem it by creating a US account using a VPN. As you read further, I have indicated the sample dating billing format for collecting iTunes gift cards from your client.

Finding a Client in Dating Billing

The starting point of yahoo dating billing is to find a client you can run the format on. Many yahoo boys have problems with getting a client, but it is a tad simple.

The number one thing that determines whether you can have a client or not is your dating profile. If your profile is not natural, then getting a client will be difficult. Let’s see the things successful yahoo boys do to get a client in dating billing:

  • Choose a site for dating. Your first step is to choose a dating site. There are many dating or romance scam websites, as I mentioned under the dating site requirements of this guide. I am not affiliating with any of these sites, so I can’t recommend a site you can visit. As a yahoo boy, it is your responsibility to find a dating site that works for you. It can be Facebook Dating (which is different from the normal, Tinder, etc., or any upcoming dating site. One thing to note is that dating websites that ask for payment are the best. 89% of yahoo boys flood into the free sites because they do not have to pay money, which means some more than 50% of the clients you will find on a free dating site are dating/romance scammers like you. You can join up to 10 different dating sites to see which is the best for you.
  • Creating a fake dating account. The hard aspects of finding a client to scam in romance scam are creating an account that clients can trust and not getting your account blocked. Many illegal hustlers often complain about their accounts being blocked, which is caused by a client reporting them too many times or the algorithm detecting suspicious activity in the account. Let’s say you want to find clients on Instagram. You need a fake Instagram account that can’t be blocked. You can read my guide to sign up on Instagram with fake details and get away with it. To create an account for yahoo dating, you need what can convince your client. You need an account that your client will not suspect. Let’s say you are targeting clients in the US. Your account must be created with the US IP address using a VPN or any OpSec tool. If you do not want to create an account from scratch, you can hack an existing account that is already trusted. For example, here is a guide showing you how to hack a Facebook Dating account. Also, your profile name, address, bio, etc., must be like what the US citizen would do.
  • Fake account pictures and videos. The hardest part is to create fake pictures and videos that your client won’t detect. It’s actually simpler than you think. The first thing you do is to collect pictures and videos, and the second is to edit them to bypass reverse image search, which your client can use to know that you are a romance scammer. How do you collect pictures for yahoo work? First, find an unpopular social platform. Pick out the picture of one of the users with multiple pictures. You may be lucky to find the pics and videos of someone that is dead. You should see people commenting or writing R.I.P on the person’s timeline. You can find these pictures on Facebook too, but make sure that picture is not searchable on Facebook. Finally, it’s time to edit the pictures using any photo editing tool such as Photoshop, Canvas etc. Mobile users can use PicsArt, but you will pay to unlock some features. What are the things you have to do to make sure the picture can’t be traced online? (1) Delete the EXIF data of the picture, (2) crop out the picture and paste in another background, (3) add a filter and (4) save the picture in a different format and rename it. If the original format is .jpg, change it to .png using any online picture format converter. Try to search the picture using Google Image search @ using Google Lens. Since you edited it thoroughly, Google can’t detect it. Repeat the same picture editing for all pictures.
  • Engage your profile. The algorithms of the site will reward your account with more visibility so that more clients can see your profile. First of all, find out the things you can do on the dating site, such as leaving a comment, reacting to posts, and many more. The best way to engage your account is to upload the pictures you’ve edited using cool photo filters. Engaging your account does not mean you should message people indiscriminately to avoid getting your fake account reported.
  • Getting in touch with your target. You can get in touch with clients or they get in touch with you on the dating website. But if your profile is attractive, many clients will message you. If you doing dating billing for man to woman, you have to message the female client. But if you are doing woman to man, then male clients will be quick message you. When opening a conversation with a client, use “hey [name of client]” or “hi [name of client]”.

Always make sure to log into your account with a VPN. Also, the men and women you target should be from age 60+.

How to Scam Your Client

We are now in a new section of the yahoo dating billing format, which teaches you how you can scam any client.

  1. Look for a dating format to use to convince your client

Looking for an excuse to use could have come in even before you find a client to scam. There are many dating billing formats or excuses you can use to convince your client. After all, we already know that you’re in an e-relationship with them. They also know they’re dating you, but the question now is, “What do you tell your client to convince them to give you credit card details, gift cards, bank account details, etc.?”

  • Dating formats. The common dating billing format yahoo boys use is to pretend to serve in the US army. We also have the dating format about being a frontline nurse for your country (UK, US, etc.) during COVID-19. You can claim to be a doctor or a voluntary teacher teaching in any country. You can claim that you’re an oil rig worker dispatched by the US or UK, or South African army to study the terrains for war against terrorism.

When you decide what dating format to use, you may need our Yahoo Script. The Yahoo Script exposes how successful yahoo boys chat or speak with clients to convince them to send money.

  1. Start chatting with your client

If you are a female, male lover clients will message you, especially if you use the pics of a beautiful girl in your profile. If you’re running the format for man to woman, you may have to reach out to female clients. Like I mentioned earlier, start conversations with “Hey [name of client]” or “[Hi [name of client]”.

If you message your client first, they’ll reply, and you have to send them another message if you’re doing man to woman. If your client sends you the first message, reply and wait for them to send you another message asking how you’re doing (if you’re doing woman to man).

Do not rush to reply to a message. You can reply to a message after 5-10 minutes at least. Secondly, you’ll be chatting with more than one client, depending on the popularity of the dating website you use.

Now, you’re wondering, “What do I chat with my client about?” How old are you? Have you ever been in a relationship? If you’re male, play the role of a male in the chat with your client. If you’re a female, play the role of a female, and allow your male client to control the conversation.

  1. Charm your client to love you more

How can you charm your client to love you even more? You don’t need juju or anything to charm your client on dating billing. What you need is to make their feelings towards you become stronger. You can achieve it by doing the following:

  • Exchange pictures and videos. Don’t send or ask for nak*d pictures immediately until your client hints you about it. Start by sharing one or two of the fine photos you downloaded online, and make sure the pictures match your profession. For example, if you claim to be a doctor, some yahoo pictures for work must contain doctor clothes.
  • Be lovely. You can send your client love quotes, promise to be with them soon, talk about their family and your family. You can also download and edit fake pictures online and claim they are your family members. Or you can just say that you lost your parents and could not trace your family didn’t grow up in your community.
  1. Give It Time

The mistake most yahoo boys make is to rush the dating format for yahoo billing. You can’t get a client to love you within 7 days. If a client can love you that fast, then that client is another yahoo boy and not real. In the first week, your client is trying to understand you. Your client thinks everyone they meet online for dating is a scammer, and you are one of them, so you have to outsmart the client by delaying the dating billing.

  1. Avoid Video Calls if You Can

Clients love it when you have a video call with them so that they see whether you are real. Unfortunately, when you keep denying the video call, the client will be suspicious and won’t send money to you.

How do you have a video call or voice call with your client? You need a cloning app and voice changing app. The cloning app will allow you to use your fake picture or video while the voice app changes your voice so that the client doesn’t know that you’re a scammer. You can also use your real face but fake name to scam. The problem is that it’ll be easier for you to be tracked. You only use your real face when you need a green card.

  1. Apply Dating Billing Format

After one+ month of chatting, sharing pictures, voice notes, etc., with the client, you can apply the dating billing format. This is also the time you make excuses and lie about money. You can do the dating format to collect either iTunes gift card, bank account, funds, etc.

To collect whatever you want from a client can be tricky though. But if you use our Yahoo Script, things will be just easier. You have to be smart and know the lines you drop to convince your client that you are real.

For example, let’s say you told your client that you work in the frontline with the army as a nurse. You can lie that the last person you were dating online scammed you of your money and that you reported the transaction. You requested leave, but the agency says it’s not the right time. So, you still want to leave them because of the unprofessional response and need money to realize your dream and follow up your complaint with the bank.

In this case, you will send the client your fake bank statement and bank balance screenshots containing your yahoo dating name as evidence. Your client will try to investigate the problem, but if you’ve done everything right, they will send you money. It can be $500 upward.

Dating Billing Samples

To cashout from your client, you need the dating billing sample to know how you can convince your client. Note that these dating billing samples are different from Yahoo Script. While the Yahoo Script shows you how successful yahoo boys collect money from clients, a billing sample is just a template you can use to design your billing letter or message to convince a client.

There are many billing samples, depending on the dating billing format you use on a client, including doctor, military, nurse, teacher, business man, evangelist, and many more. I will show you just 2 samples, but you can request more samples using the comment section.

Note that you are to apply the format after more than one month of chatting and sharing pics with the client.

When billing your client, you must provide a secure payment method known as bank drop. But if your client will be sending an item to you, you need a pick-up location known as the drop. If you are collecting gift card, SSN or bank account details, you don’t need a drop because the client will simply send the numbers to you in the chat.

Let’s look at some billing samples/templates you can use to collect money from your yahoo client.

Sample 1 (Doctor format)

Hi [name of client]

I really enjoyed our conversation last evening, and it makes me want you the more. I’m grateful for your time because it’s giving me the thoughts of hope already, and I really want to get back on my feet and settle down.

I will be abandoning my position as a doctor here because the atmosphere is not for me. I’ve given my best, but I don’t it here again. You’re the only person I can depend on right now to resign from duty, receive my benefits, and exit formally.

We’ve talked for a while now, and you already know more about me, so I don’t want to bore you. I need $1,000 to process my paperwork to access my benefits as a staff. Please, consider this request to fulfill that desire we both share to meet each other.

I can’t thank you enough for your time all this while, and it’s becoming real that we would be meeting sooner.

Thank you

 My newly created bank account is:

BTC: [enter your BTC address] or bank drop details.


Sample 2 (Army Sergeant Format)

Dear [name of client]

Are you doing alright? I’m not doing alright. I need to leave this place. I need to start something new and bigger. I gathered enough until scammers took everything from me except my benefits. It’s enough to start something worthwhile.

I need you even more now and to be part of you. But I can’t become a burden to you. I need to establish myself at least so that I can contribute to this relationship.

Please, give me $750 to complete my withdrawal of interest. I had applied for a transfer but it failed. The commission said it’s not the right time, except I want out, which I said I want out.

I also opened a new account I can operate from in the mean time until I leave this country.

Please, send payment to any of the following:

[Enter your bank drop or BTC wallet]

Like I mentioned earlier, you can use the comment section to request some other samples.

Cashing Out

There are many ways to cashout after billing your client in the dating format. Let’s see some of the ways successful yahoo boys cashout:

  • Cryptocurrency. Using cryptocurrency is one of the ways you can cashout without getting caught. BTC, for instance, is an anonymous payment gateway, so you won’t experience a chargeback or have the crime agencies in your country come after you. First, set up or crypto wallet, learn how to use and link it to a bank account. Some clients may not know much about crypto, so you have to teach them how to set up a crypto account and make payments.
  • Bank drop. A bank drop is like a normal bank account but is managed differently by a money mule. The purpose of using a bank drop is to hide your identity and prevent a chargeback. I will write how you can make your bank drop, do just check this website.
  • Betting website. You can move funds to a betting website, use it for betting and cashout. You have to bet on smaller odds like 1.01 to guarantee your money back, then you cashout without any scamming record. You can even create a betting account, convince your client to sign in and add their credit card. Now, use the card to bet on the site, up to $1,000 or more. Finally, change the password and even the email address of the account so that your client can’t log in again. After all, you created the account.
  • Gift card. A gift card cannot be traced, so you can collect iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, etc., or any brand. You can convert the gift card into cash in your country using any trusted website that buys gift cards in your country.
  • Carding. If you know how to card, you can collect your client’s credit card information and use it for carding or sell it to a carder. Make sure to read my carding tutorial for beginners and pros.

There are many other forms of collecting payments from clients, which I won’t include here. You can use the comment section to find out more.

How to Date and Bill Clients Without Getting Caught

Yahoo boys get caught because they choose to get caught. It’s simple not to get caught as a yahoo boy, but there’s no 100% guarantee that you won’t be caught. Below are the things successful scammers do to protect their Identities online:

  • Don’t flaunt your money. Whether your source of income is legal or illegal, people will always investigate why you have so much money. The best thing you can do is to keep your wealth to yourself.
  • Don’t bill forever. Once you cashout, use the money to invest in something legal, and don’t do dating billing again.
  • Always run your VPN. When a VPN changes your IP address, it’s difficult for the government to track you.
  • Have a network of yahoo boys. It’s okay to have a network with other yahoo boys into dating billing. However, do not go around with them in person. If they are caught, you’ll also be caught, even if you were not scamming at the time.
  • Always withdraw funds quickly. Whenever you receive funds, don’t wait for anything before you cashout. The bank may take time to freeze the account, so you have the chance to cashout.
  • Always cover your face. When you visit the bank or whatever financial agency to take out your funds, mask your face. You can use your face mask to prevent the bank from identifying when they eventually find out that the funds in your account are illegal.
  • Don’t waste time blocking clients. If a client finds out that you’re a scammer, block them immediately on the dating website. You can also block your victim if you feel that you can’t bill them again.

Final Thoughts

Before you exit this page, are you reading this article to scam or to learn? Kindly note that whatever you do with this tutorial has nothing to do with me or this website. My role is to expose how successful yahoo boys are cashing out with the dating billing format for yahoo. Therefore, it’s your choice what you do with this guide for doing dating billing on a client.

To bill or not to bill? That’s your business.

(Drops my vodka)

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