How to Earn Bitcoin without Investment 2020

How to Earn Bitcoin without Investment 2020

It is crucial to learn how to earn bitcoin without investment. The reason is that you need a variety of income streams to make money for yourself.

how to earn bitcoin without investment

You can get free Bitcoin without investment by participating in paid-to-click programs, working for someone that pays in BTC, selling valuable items in BTC, participating in referrals that pay in BTC, Bitcoin faucets, mining, watching videos, and playing games with your mobile phone or computer online.

Earning Bitcoin without investment is not challenging; you just need a reputable Bitcoin site that pays for each paid task that you complete.

After you earn Bitcoin without investment online, you may exchange for cash and save the money or invest in low-risk ventures (recommended) other than BTC.

In this article, I will reveal the top ways entrepreneurs earn BTC without investment.

Let’s discover the tricks to earn BTC with no investment.

Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins Without Investment

In this section, I will reveal the things I do to earn free Bitcoin and get paid.

Of course, I do not invest to earn Bitcoin online.

Below are the ways regarding how to earn Bitcoin without investment:

Bitcoin Faucets

Faucet is the most common way to earn Bitcoin with no investment. Several entrepreneurs rely on Bitcoin faucets to gather BTC often.

However, you must be careful not to deal with faucets sites that will not reward BTC.

Bitcoin faucets involve earning BTC from completing designated tasks on a particular website. Typically, these sites are PTC (paid-to-click) that are paid by other companies to promote their services.

The sites will then pay users commission to interact with the paid tasks and get paid in Bitcoin.

Note: Bitcoin faucets do not support every country. So, check the website for supported countries before you signup.

Earn from Ads

You can BTC by reacting or interacting with paid-to-click ads on sites that give Bitcoin.

Merchant sites pay these sites to feature their company for publicity on their site. And when you sign up and complete ads review and clicks, you will get paid by the site.

Note: Some activities attract more BTC than some others. It happens if a site offers a premium ads survey service, they will preserve it for premium members that stand a chance to review premium ads from companies and get paid in BTC without investment.

Two of the paid-to-click sites that pay in Bitcoin are:

  • AdBTC
  • BTC Clicks

Before you sign up, confirm whether your country is supported. You will earn between 50 Satoshi to 500 Satoshi.

Some of the Bitcoin faucets pay instantly while some pay after you accumulate a certain amount of BTC. For example, AdBTC pays when you accumulate 0.00005 BTC.

Watch to Earn

Another prestigious way to earn Bitcoin without investment is to watch videos and receive Bitcoin rewards.

Just like PTC programs that reward BTC, you can earn free Bitcoin from streaming videos.

Most of the time, you may have to survey the videos or perform additional task(s) with the video to get paid.

The reward for watching videos online for BTC is higher than the paid-to-click reward.

The reason is that the videos may take longer than banner ads to complete surveying.

Some of the sites that allow you to earn Bitcoin with no investment after watching videos include the following:

Note: Do not share personal details while interacting with the videos.

How can I get free Bitcoin without any investment

Referrals and Affiliate Programs

Most of the sites pay for referrals and affiliates. So, to earn Bitcoin without investment, you may sign up for sites that pay BTC after every referral and for affiliating.

Note that PTC sites have stringent policies to fight fraud on the site. One such is that you may not use multiple accounts to refer yourself and get paid in Bitcoin.

Again, before you sign up, endeavor to confirm whether the site offers support for your country. Of course, not all countries are supported, especially if the advertisers do not target your country.

Regarding how to earn Bitcoin with no investment, you can be rewarded up to 80% for every referral.

You may as well partner or affiliate with the site to earn more BTC.

Some of the sites that pay you Bitcoin for referrals and affiliates are:

Please you sign up as an affiliate, make sure to read the policies of the site that you prefer to join to earn Bitcoin for free.

Game for Bitcoin

It is either a company the creates a game and feature paid ads that reward you free Bitcoin or they contact developers to feature their company in the games for awareness and pay them.

When you download the game, you also agree to interact with the ads and get paid in BTC.

The company places the ads in strategic places within the game so that it does not deter you from enjoying the game at the same time.

Some money-minded companies, however, scatter the ads within the game, and you can’t play the game without signing at annoying ads.

Note: Some of the in-game ads can track your activities. So, do not provide personal information while interacting with the ads for free BTC.

In this article, I have collected some of the reputable companies that allow you to earn free Bitcoin without investment.

Below are sites that you can earn BTC without investment:

These sites are trusted and their apps are available in the Google play store and Apple app store.

Note: You earn Bitcoin after you install the game from the website and begin to interact with the ads – images, videos, audio, etc.

Sell Stuff Online

Another way to earn Bitcoin is to sell stuff online. Do you have valuable stuff for sale? Well, you can create an e-commerce store and feature your product for sale.

Of course, you will set up the payment method as BTC and everyone will pay with BTC to order the products.

You may sell digital items such as eBooks, songs, videos, etc.

If you can set up a site to sell items, do so or you hire the services of a web developer.

I would advise that integrate several other payment methods on your e-commerce site because it is not every potential buyer that would buy with Bitcoin.

But since you intend to earn Bitcoin, set up the first payment method as BTC to encourage BTC users to transact on the site.

Complete Surveys for Bitcoin

Another method to earn Bitcoin fast without investment is to participate in online surveys.

Typically, completing surveys online is a great income stream to make side money. Now that most sites support BTC payments, you may take advantage of it to earn BTC for free.

A typical GPT (get-paid-to) site that rewards you to complete surveys relies on your reviews to earn.

When companies contact that to feature their sites, they expect human reviews to make their sites better. So, you must be natural while reviewing or completing the surveys to earn Bitcoin.

When you feel a particular thing is wrong with the site, click “no” and try to be sincere with every survey.

Note: Some survey sites are fraudulent.

I have collected sites with good user reviews for you.

Below are sites to earn BTC without investment by completing surveys:

Never provide personal information while completing surveys.

Work for BTC

Yes, you can earn BTC by working for an agency or an individual that agrees to pay in BTC. You may have to negotiate a deal if the agency or individual does not pay in Bitcoin typically.

Practically, you are not investing because you work to earn BTC.

If you reside in advanced countries, you stand a better chance of working for BTC, but if you reside in a third-world country, you will not get the opportunity easily.

Nevertheless, you may log online to find clients willing to pay in Bitcoin for every job you complete.

You may sign up as a freelance writer, video editor, voiceover artist, online teacher, etc.

Two of the freelance site that can pay BTC without investment are Crytogrind and XBTFreelancer.

Simply, sign up, design your profile, get hired by a client, and receive payment in Bitcoin with no investment capital.

Shop for BTC

Ordinarily, you pay to shop online for the products you desire. Fortunately, you may now get your money back in the form of BTC after shopping for desirable products online.

How it works is that the Bitcoin-paying sites each have an e-commerce store they partner with. So, when you shop there, you will be rewarded with Bitcoin. If you plan to buy a product for yourself soon, it should be on the BTC partner sites so that you can get some of your money back if not all your money.

First, sign up for the sites that run BTC reward programs for shopping, navigate the site and you will be notified once you are one a partner e-commerce site. When you check out the item(s), you will earn free Bitcoin.

Note: Some of the sites are fraudulent. Regardless, below are two of the reputable platforms to earn Bitcoin without investing money:

After you sign up on the website, be mindful of when you share personal information.

Learn Blockchain

With the evolution of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, you may now earn from learning in the comfort of your room.

The idea is to learn how cryptocurrency works and the tricks to multiply your Bitcoin earning.

After you learn the courses, you may teach others and earn the credit for being the teacher.

It makes sense how you could be earning and learning at the same time; it is rare to find such opportunities. So, look out for the reputable companies that pay Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency to learn their courses. In a few years from now, you may never find such freebies.

A reputable site to find courses that pay you for learning Blockchain is CoinBase.

Some of the courses you can learn from CoinBase are Orchid, Stellar Lumens, Compound, Kybe, Tezos, Ox, EOS, Dai, and Ox.

Sign up for the courses, learn, and earn Bitcoin without an investment of course.


Bitcoin mining is quite a sophisticated way to earn Bitcoin without investment.

If you must earn from BTC mining, it will cost some time for you to master the art because it requires solving computational puzzles.

When you know how to mine Bitcoin, it will take approximately 8 minutes to mine a Bitcoin for yourself.

You will, however, need some equipment to mine and earn Bitcoin.

Well, this method, regarding how to earn Bitcoin without investment is coming as the last in the list because it is a bit tasking.

But when you know how to mine Bitcoin, you will be glad you have the skills.

Final Thought

In this article, I highlighted the top ways you can earn free Bitcoin without investment. You do not have to make deposits to earn from the methods above; simply sign up, provide the needed information and begin to earn.

Bitcoin mining as I mentioned is demanding because it requires certain equipment and providing mathematical solutions.

If you keep working for Bitcoin, you can be earning 1 Bitcoin a day.

Also, before you sign up on a particular BTC site, consider reading user reviews. I do not recommend signing up for the premium plans on BTC sites for premium surveys unless you trust the site.

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