How to Find Crypto Pumps for Quick Profits [Works 100%]

How to Find Crypto Pumps for Quick Profits [Works 100%]

If you want to make money faster than every other investor in the crypto space and trading shitcoins, then you should be a master at entering the market right before the pump. He who enters before the pump controls the market. I will share some of my secrets that I use and how to find crypto pumps for quick profits.

The best place to find crypto pumps is on telegram groups, moonshots subreddits, and exclusive WhatsApp groups created to manipulate the crypto market. As a member of these exclusive online groups, you have access to insider price actions.

The major challenge you are going to face is being connected to the right group. With this article on finding crypto pumps, I will show you my little tactics, which have helped me gain over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in pure profit.

Let’s find out some strategies on how to find pumps before it happens in the crypto space. Alternatively, you can follow a simpler route by learning how to earn bitcoin without paying nor investing your own money. I have created a complete guide on how to earn bitcoin without investment.

how to find crypto pumps fast

What is a Crypto Pump

A crypto pump is the first phase of the popular “pump and dump” scam; an illegal way investors manipulate the cryptocurrency market. They continuously shill a specific asset that they hold a large quantity through different communication mediums, thereby making it popular and many many noobs to invest in that asset.

As a result of the above action, the asset experiences a positive price action, thereby moving up in value. The investors sell it once the market price has risen to a target value – due to the interest surge.

A crypto “PUMP” is the act of promotion and investing, which see a rapid price increase, while a “DUMP” is the selling aspect.

Once a crypto coin has been dumped – which means when huge investors sell off their assets, causing a huge decline in price and value of that asset.

If you want to be a part of the Pump group, you need to understand how crypto pumps work.

How do crypto pump and dump scams work?

To manipulate the market with a pump and dump scheme, crypto traders make a huge profit by targeting crypto coins with a very low market capitalization and price, then purchase them in bulk.

These traders then use social media to promote the coin heavily, attracting the interest of noobs and new investors due to the frenzy of huge gains.

how to find crypto pumps with reddit
A Crypto Pump Subreddit

Ignorant traders who are aren’t part of the pump scheme and oblivious of the plan will jump on the bandwagon, causing a further boost of the coin price. Once a good number of people have jumped on the bandwagon, and the coin has gotten to a specific price, initial investors will dump the coin on new investors, causing the crash.

How to Find Crypto Pumps

There are many places to find potential coins to be pumped, and they are mainly on social media. Just to let you know, there’s no mafia or group renowned for pumping crypto coins.

Anyone can literally pump a coin if you have the financial capability and belong to a trading group. So how do you find crypto pumps?

Telegram Trading Groups

If you don’t know any telegram group to belong to, here’s how to get started.

  • Visit Reddit
  • Search for “cryptomoonshots” subreddit
  • Click on any moonshot post.
  • Search for their telegram link
  • Visit the Telegram link.

Once you get on the telegram platform of a coin, you can communicate with the Admins and refer you to other pump groups.

One of the best ways to convince them is to inform them that you are a whale and have the financial capacity to push and promote a coin.

Alternatively, you can message other members and beg them to give you some good pump groups they belong to. Be sure to do your own research before making payments to join any group.

This telegram link is also profitable if you want to find crypto pumps.


If you are looking for how to find crypto pumps, you must get one foot inside the system first. From telegram and with the right connection, they can add you to a pump discord group. There are also underground discord groups you can join.

  • Pump and Dump investing team of agents
  • WP – Crypto Investment Group
  • Wallstreetbets – Pumps
  • Crypto Pump And Dump Investment
  • Kucoin Pump Signal


discord crypto pump group
Discord Crypto Pump Group

These are some of the popular discord servers you can join, where they discuss crypto coins to pump.


One of the best places to find crypto pumps is at Reddit. There are several subreddits solely dedicated to crypto coins that are about to be pumped.

My favorite subreddit is the CryptoMoonShots, which I already mentioned above.

Over there, you’d get to find new coins with a very low market cap that are ready to go to the moon.

A small initial investment of $5 could give you about $1,500 in profit. So if you are looking for how to find crypto pumps, make Reddit your next Treasure Island.

WhatsApp Groups

This might sound a little bit unserious, but many traders you meet in Crypto WhatsApp groups are present in many paid groups, thereby leaking out information to people in their group.

The best part of being a part of Crypto Pump WhatsApp groups is that most of them are FREE, with good calls being made daily.

If you need a list of Pump WhatsApp groups to belong to, you can drop a comment below and text you with more information.

Is pumping Cryptocurrency illegal?

In the stock market, which is a regulated market, pumping stocks is illegal and a punishable offense under federal law. But for cryptocurrency, pumping cryptocurrency isn’t illegal for now since there’s no regulatory body to decide on whether it’s illegal or not.

How do you find pump and dump groups?

The best way to find pump and dump groups is by joining crypto communities on Twitter, WhatsApp, and telegram. That way, you can be invited to join an exclusive pump and dump group if you have the financial capabilities.


Remember that if something is too good to be true, then it is probably not a good idea. If a pump group is promising insane returns and asking you to make payments, you should avoid the group.

Remember to research an investment scheme before going ahead.

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