Format to Collect Bank Details from Client [Updated]

Format to Collect Bank Details from Client [Updated]

To collect bank account details from clients is not entirely easy. But then, this article discloses the format to collect bank details from clients successfully. Most of the time, once you mention that you need the bank account of your client, they block or report your account.

How can you collect your client’s bank account details – AT&T and Verizon without them refusing? This article has covered a few working formats, and you must be smarter than to get the details. With your client’s bank details, you can shop online without OTP, buy gift cards, etc.

However, you need a VPN to keep you anonymous on the internet. Any VPN can do the job, but a paid version is preferable.

Format to Collect Bank Details from Client – AT&T and Verizon

There are many formats that let you collect bank account information from clients. Normally, you will select from any of the yahoo formats. Unfortunately, not all yahoo formats, for instance, can collect your client’s AT&T or Verizon bank details. An example of a bad format to do to collect bank account details is sickness format or any related format.

Meanwhile, below are the yahoo formats that require collecting bank account – AT&T and Verizon:

  • Blackmail Format to Collect Bank Account
  • Dating Format to Collect Bank Account
  • Phishing Format to Collect Bank Account

Blackmail Format to Collect Bank Account

Blackmail format can collect any bank details from clients. This format works by making the client afraid of what they did not do. You can lie about them being involved in a crime. However, the client has to be someone that is weak for the scam to work.

There are 3 blackmail formats that work well when collecting bank account details.

  • Sexual blackmail
  • Emotional blackmail
  • Defamation blackmail
  • Sexual Blackmail to Collect Bank Details

The sexual blackmail involves making someone love you and then you threaten to release the person’s nak*d pics. First, get the person to love you by applying a bit of dating billing. You can use the military dating billing format to get the person to love you.

After some time, the client will love you. Make sure to disguise yourself as a young person and target older people.

When two weeks pass, tell the person that you feel betrayed and that you are releasing their pics for everyone to see. The person will plead but do not reply.

Below is the sexual blackmail format sample:

Hi [Client Name]

I know you are happy, but you hurt me after everything. You keep chatting with other [male or female] and abandon me here.

Some days ago, your account was active but you refused chatting with me. I asked many persons online about it and they said you displayed the attributes of a cheat. I do not care anymore because I could give all I have for you.

Right now, I am about to make the silliest move ever. Yes, ‘silliest move’ but do not blame me. I love how you sent me nak*d pics, and now I will show it to the world because you hurt me.

But if you feel you did not hurt me, or that I should forgive you for cheating how you did, then do the little task below to prove your love. Share your AT&T and Verizon details with me. I will do the same. I just need something to bond my love for you.

[Your name]

  • Defamation Blackmail

Defamation is quite different, and it involves lying about someone’s behavior. So, you would be framing an innocent person to make them give you their bank details out of fear.

First, get to know the person. It does not have to be on a dating site; it can be anybody – male or female. Make sure to avoid intelligent people. Decide what lies to use on the person. You can accuse them of child rape, murder, etc.

In this tutorial, I am using child rape. Now, send the blackmail format below:

Mr. [Client Name]

I have evidence that you committed child rape. As you know, child rape is a punishable offence in our state, and the government will haunt you until you are caught. So, what now? Get punished for the crime you committed on an innocent child or what?

Right now, I have filed all evidence against you. When you delay to follow my instruction, you will have yourself to blame.

What’s the solution? Simply provide your AT&T and Verizon details when replying this message. You can block me after reading this message, but I have collected all the info I want already. Before I can view your main account from my primary account.

[Your name]

Note that this format for collecting AT&T details and format for collecting Verizon details do not work on everybody.

  • Emotional Blackmail

Emotional blackmail is one of the painful blackmails. It can hurt someone for at least 2 months, and if you do this blackmail format on an older person, you will get the bank details easily.

How does this format work? First, you must get someone to love you. When the person starts disturbing you to stay online and sweet-talk them, you hurt them.

It’s simple; after they love you, threaten to leave them. The best people to target are the obese people or those who will find it difficult to get a girlfriend from your home.

Sample emotional blackmail format:

[Client name]

You would have been the vest [man or woman] in my life. However, I think I have to move on. Just know that I will still love you.

One of the reasons why I would be leaving you is that you barely give me money. When you are online, you only ask how I am and all of this makes me happy to an extent only.

I know you can do something amazing and I am challenging you to show you love me. Let’s start sharing our information. I will give some to you and you keep some to yourself. Let’s begin with sharing our Verizon and AT&T logins. I have mine ready and I would be hoping to hear from you. I generated this idea after going a whole day thinking I am not loving you as I did earlier. Now I see It’s because we’re yet to meet in person.

Dating Format to Collect Bank Details

The dating billing format can be done by getting someone to love you and treat you well. However, you are not going to love the person, but you will tell the person things to do. You can use the military billing format.


  • Fake social media or dating account
  • VPN
  • Grammarly
  • Fake pictures

Steps to Do Dating Format to Collect Bank Details

First, you sign up on a dating platform like eHarmony, Tinder, or Now, know how the platform you use works. Some of the dating sites allow using subscriptions while some like the Facebook Dating is free usage.

After a while, typically a few weeks, of discussing with the partner, you apply the dating format. Make sure to use an image that matches your profile picture.

Finally, use the dating format below to collect account details – AT&T and Verizon.

[Client Name],

I trust you are doing great. I am doing great too. However, I feel we are not closer as we should.

It is my first time meeting you and so I have been developing fears that you could be fake. I know it is possible for people to be sick and I just want us to share our information to help lower my thought.

All I want is that you send me your AT&T and Verizon account information. I will send mine as, but I want to believe this will cure my emotions since I am such an emotional person.

I can’t wait to be with you, and hope that we would do anything to ensure the continuity or this relationship. Thank you

[Your name]

With the information above, your client is down for the dating format. Do not send them the format more than once because they will reply to the first one.

Phishing Format to Collect Bank Account

You can use the phishing format to collect bank account details. First, you must decide what method of phishing you can complete. Below are the methods of phishing to consider:

  • SMS phishing
  • Website phishing
  • Email phishing

SMS phishing

When you do the SMS phishing method for collecting bank details from clients, you just need a fake phone number and a fake SMS app. Make sure the fae phone number you buy is the number of another country of your client. For instance, if your client lives in the US, you want to make sure that the SMS phone number is customized or US format.

You can modify your SMS name. Now, find out the phone number of the client you are targeting. You will send the SMS format for collecting bank details below:

[Client name],

This is to inform you that your AT&T account encountered problems [or you can use Verizon account too]. To resolve the problem, kindly reply this email SMS with your [Verizon or AT&T] credentials, including username […], email address […], and password […]. Please, follow the format mentioned here.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

[Verizon or AT&T]

Website Phishing

If you can’t do SMS phishing, you can do website phishing. To phish your client for their password, you will have to create a phishing website. The phishing website must be simple to navigate and user-friendly. You can replicate the login page of Verizon or AT&T for the client to think it’s the login page.

Now, send the URL to your client and persuade them to log in to AT&T or Verizon using the link. Note that some clients will be curious, but those that are not so techie will click the link without thinking twice.

You can lie that the link is a temporary promo link for AT&T or Verizon users, depending on which of the account details you want to collect.

Email phishing

Email phishing is similar to website phishing, except that you will send the phishing link to your target using their email address. If you do not want your client to suspect that you sent the link, then your best bet is to obtain their email address.

How to Order Phones on Verizon After Collecting Details

Once you obtain your Verizon account details, you can order phones on Verizon and get away with it. You will need a postpaid Verizon account to shop online and get away with it. Note that the Verizon details to collect your client are:

  • Username
  • Password
  • ZIP code
  • Question and Answer

Next, locate a nearby picker that you will forward the phone to. So, when the picker gets the phone or whatever you buy on Verizon, they will forward it to your country.

Steps to Buy on Verizon

  • Enable your VPN.
  • Navigate to the Verizon Wireless website and choose the item you want to shop for.
  • Select Shop.
  • Select Phones and Devices from the dropdown menu option.
  • Click Smartphones. Now, find the phone that you prefer and cart it.
  • Enter the ZIP code of the Verizon account that you collected from your client to verify the account.
  • Click New Customer or Existing Customer (just pick at random first).
  • Select other options and Checkout.
  • Enter your shipping address and place your order.

How to Order Phones on AT&T After Collecting Details

You can place a wireless order on AT&T to buy any phone you want. Follow the steps below to buy a phone on AT&T after collecting AT&T account details:

To place a wireless order on AT&T, do the following:

  • Go to
  • Select the phone you prefer and enter the ZIP code to verify the store to receive the phone.
  • Enter the location and proceed with the checkout.

AT&T will send an email to the client that gave you the AT&T details. But you can prevent the client from seeing the email address by bombing their inbox. So, once AT&T dispatches an email to your client, you bomb their inbox to stop them from knowing that you have ordered with their AT&T account details. You can pick the phone from any AT&T store using the services of a picker.

Other Things to Do with Bank Details – Verizon, AT&T

  • Sell it on the dark web
  • Shop online
  • Sell on carding forums
  • Use it for carding

Final Thought

To collect bank account details from a client is as easy as it appears. You must be composed and try not to persuade the client with force to release their bank details.

Also, make sure the bank details you collect are correct. You can try accessing the account. Nut when you collect the details from the client, do not let them know that you will log in. Just change the discussion to something else. You can even send them additional fake photos to take their mind off the bank details they sent you.

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