Best Format to Collect Credit Card from Client

Best Format to Collect Credit Card from Client

Whichever way you make money does not matter when you succeed. Thus, this article exposes the best format to collect credit card from client. It’s an illegal way to make money, but you can learn these steps to protect your credit card.

To get a credit card from a client is simple if you know how to manipulate them. You do not merely approach a client, ask them for their credit card and get it. Trust me; it is not as easy as it seems.

You must practice and master a few things to get clients to trust you with their credit card details.

I’ll try to be descriptive in this guide to learn all about the scamming formats to collect credit card from clients.

Best Format to Collect Credit Card from Client

This section reveals the ways to use credit card format for yahoo on clients. The steps are simple if you are determined, and it takes about 2 weeks to see results.

Below is the best yahoo format to collect credit card from client:

Call Phishing

You can phish clients in many ways, and the best is through phone call. First, make sure to prepare the following:

  • Phishing script (the things you’ll say)
  • Client information
  • Voice recorder
  • A fake organization
  • Fake email account
  • Good accent
  • Custom phone number

If you can afford the items above, then you’re 50% successful. Meanwhile, the phishing script is what will guide you when speaking with a client. When they require information you can’t give, say that you’re working on the company’s script and may be unable to answer the question.

Now, to the steps proper…

First, determine the script you want to you. In this tutorial, we’ll use the bank agent script. Now, using any format for yahoo, including military dating, get to know your client. The purpose of getting to know the client is to collect their details. Personal details to collect your client include full name, phone number, address, bank name, relative name and likes/hobbies. You also need any other personal information you can get from the client. You can do a background check by digging every social platform for more details on the client using available information.

Now, you have to initiate the phishing phone call. Make sure to practice the script and work on your accent before calling the client.

Below is a sample script:

Hi, [Client name]

You: Mr/Mrs [client name]?

Client: Yes.

You: It’s nice having you. I am [a fake bank name], the customer service director, [name of bank]. This phone call is made regarding technical issues to this bank account, and you’re needed to verify the information. Our organization recently released system updates that affect a few customer accounts.

Client: Okay. How do I come in?

You: It’s simple. The bank requires just your credit card number, exp. date and CVV. We do not require your credit card PIN, and you’re advised never to share your PIN with people.

Client: Okay, (reads out credit card number). Here you go…

You: Thank you for your cooperation. And we’re glad to inform you that your details have been verified as [original name of the client you collected earlier].

*End the Call*

This yahoo format for collecting credit card details from clients is simple, right? Let’s see another format below!

Collect with a Pharming/Phishing Website

You can get credit card information from clients using a fake website known as a pharming site or phishing site. You will, however, invest at least $10 to acquire a new website and about $50 to create a phishing website. If you’re a website developer, then you’d be spending just $10.

How this method works is that you build a website that people trust and use it to collect their credit card information. You will have to publish fake items on the website or design it as a redirection site to a website like Amazon.

Follow this guide to create a phishing website. Note that this guide is helpful for both beginners and experts.

The bigger problem now is how to get your client to visit the website and enter their card information. In this post-modern age, many are becoming smarter, and you may be caught easily. So, what you do is to craft a yahoo format that can convince your client to visit the website and supply their card details.

First, engage the client in a conversation about technology. After some days of chatting with them regularly, bring up the idea of finding an upcoming website that sells better than Craigslist or eBay.

You can create a fake image showing a fake order you made on the website. Now, encourage the client to buy from the fake website.

Make sure the fake prices you set up are believable. Also, the website design must be professional and modern. Do not pressurize the client to buy from the website. Otherwise, they will suspect you own the site.

Forget about the client being suspicious when the website requests their credit card. They already know that all e-commerce or online stores require credit card details. When the client buys from the fake phishing website, you will collect the credit card details from the hosting account. The site should use HTTP.

After the client purchases the item, they will message you that they just bought it. You may then block them because they will get back to you when the item never arrives.


Apart from the yahoo formats for collecting credit card details from clients above, you can use the blackmail format.

The yahoo blackmail format is a broad format that includes sextortion, emotional blackmail and defamation. All of these methods work, but you must be skilful to pull through.

Assuming that you use sextortion, you must get a client to love you but refuse to send them n*d*s. Do not also be intimate with the client until they agree to share their credit card information.

Blackmail is not a widely used format anymore, but it works. The success rate is 50% because people are getting used to it, except you’re fortunate to have an illiterate client.

Also, using the defamation format may not work on your client because they may not be using their emails often. Most people do not open their emails in many weeks, so you must be patient when using this format.

Keylog for Credit Card Details

You can log keystrokes to record credit card information. The disadvantage of this method is that you must get in physical contact with the person.

How does keylogging work? When your target performs any operation that requires credit card details, the keylogger software records the keystrokes of the credit card details, including the credit card PIN.

There are a few keyloggers out there, including Refog, Actual Keylogger, and Spyrix. You can also download keyloggers for mobile phones, including Typing Saver, Smart Keylogger, Shadow. Etc. Make sure to know what device your target uses to perform credit card transaction.

This method may take longer depending on how often your target uses his/her credit card online. Nonetheless, you can hasten this process by asking your target to buy something for you with their credit card. Before then, you have to install and enable the keylogger in their smartphone or computer.

If the person is a techie, this method may fail because they will discover the software and remove it.

When the target visits any website, like Amazon, to buy the item, their credit card details, including CVV, card number and exp. date, are required. As the target enters the details, the keylogger records them alongside other keystrokes or clicks on the phone.

Finally, you must retrieve the keystroke from the keylogger app. Some keyloggers can send the keystrokes to your email address directly without accessing the target’s device, but you may have to pay to use the premium plan.

Things You Can Do with Credit Card Details

When you collect credit card information from clients, you can earn from it in many ways.

Below are the things to do with the credit card information:

The three things above are the basic things anybody can do with credit card details.

Carding is a broad concept, and you must learn to become a carder before you consider carding with the credit card info you collected from clients.

Final Thoughts

Collecting credit card details is not an operation you complete within a few minutes. Your plan of action must be convincing, and you need fake accounts, including a VPN, to protect your true internet identity.

We’ve been able to cover 4 methods that get clients to give you their credit card info. Note that this form of hustling is illegal, and you should not practice it, except you love doing illegals.

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