How to Get Away with Using Fake Pay Stubs

How to Get Away with Using Fake Pay Stubs

The fake pay stubs? Of course, you can cheat your way out of it. So, let us discuss how to get away with using fake pay stubs for an apartment or loan.

how to get away with using fake pay stubs

To get away with using fake pay stubs, download or generate fake pay stubs online. Use the name of a large organization or a made-up company that is verifiable. There must be someone pretending to be the manager or employer to confirm you as an employee.

If you are financing for, say a car, or a new apartment, your pay stub may be required as proof of income. If the lender or landowner cannot verify your income, they may disapprove of your loan request.

There are other documents you could present but pay stubs are mostly informative and preferred.

Unfortunately, your employer may or may not provide pay stubs. In this case, you have to forge your way around it to prove that your income and employment are stable.

The solution is to make a fake pay stub just like counterfeit money to get a loan or new apartment. It is illegal but may be worth it depending on your condition.

Can You Use Fake Pay Stubs Without Getting Caught?

You can create fake pay stubs that work. You only need the template online. So, first, you download faux templates online.

Some websites provide free plans while others offer only premium deals for your fake pay stub. The fee is typically affordable and looks real.

A lot of people use fake pay stubs to get loans and rent an apartment. You only need to make sure your pay stub looks real. You should consider a premium deal to generate your doctored pay stub.

Some pay stubs arrive as a Word document, so you only have to edit with your WordPad or any word editor.

You can use a large company that will serve as your employer. When the prospective landlord or lender calls to find out about you as an employee, they may be unable to provide your details. You can also use a made-up company but someone needs to be there to answer the phone pretending to be your employer.

How to Get Away with Using Fake Pay Stubs

First, understand that creating fake pay stubs and using a made-up business or an existing company is illegal. It is considered a forgery, you risk being in jail and paying a fine.

Nonetheless, you can get away with creating fake pay stubs but only have to get rid of any loopholes.

Below are the steps to get away with using fake pay stubs:

  1. Create fake pay stubs online

First, you want to create fake pay stubs online using any online pay stub generator. Using these websites is faster as all the pay stubs are already structured, you only have to enter your correct details.

As mentioned earlier, some websites are premium, so you have to pay. The pay stub generating fee is usually cheaper.

You do not also have to trust any pay stub generating website to be perfect. Also, you want to ask questions before you start generating fake pay stubs. Ensure to get samples similar to existing pay stubs commonly used online.

Some paid doctored pa stubs are not safe. This means that in the process of paying for your faux document, they can steal your credit card. The solution is to be able to detect a phishing website or any website using an unknown payment method.

First, review the website on platforms such as and If the reviews are fishy or critical, the website is fake.

Other things you have to consider include the customer. You can use the contact form to get in touch with the website. If they respond intelligibly, then you can at least trust them.

Also, make sure the website use SSL, i.e., it uses HTTPS instead of HTTP. Look at the columns and headers of the data fields. If you can comfortably enter your data, it is worth it.

If the website has a social media presence, then you can get in touch with them. Read user comments too.

Most pay stub generators only require filling in your correct information for processing. It should be a matter of minutes before your fake pay stubs are ready.

  1. Do not leave out important data

Online pay stubs generators may not contain all the required information, so they are made editable.

Unless you are a payroll expert, it is easy to forget to add certain important information in your editable pay stub. Of course, you want to be careful here. You can download a pay stub sample online or get one from a friend to know what it looks like.

Below are items you should include in your fake pay stub for loan or financing:

  • Gross pay. Gross pay amount of money you earn before deductions. If you earn hourly, multiply your hourly rate by your working hours. If you earn a salary, divide your full annual salary by the pay periods of the year.
  • Net pay. Net pay is the remaining amount of money after deductions. It is your spendable amount of money.
  • Taxes/deductions. Items to subtract from the final amount can include taxes health and medical benefits and 401k contribution.

Note that the items that determine your final amount depend on your location and what the company has in its benefits package. If you are using an existing large company, find out about their benefits. If using a made-up company, do the same.

  1. Crosscheck the amount and other information

You want to crosscheck the information you fill in before submitting or printing your fake pay stubs.

Legitimate pay stubs do not use estimations and roundups. If the website you are using is professional enough, you can have them generate the proper figures for your fake pay stubs. Just make sure the pay stub information looks real. Do not use questionable figures you cannot defend or explain.

After verifying your correct information, you can submit it for printing on the website. You may have to pay to download it as Word or PDF documents.

  1. Dispose of the fake pay stubs properly

The time comes when you have to dispose of your fake pay stubs after getting away with using them.

Store them in safe places with the other tax documents you can lie on. You can dispose of the information once your tax documents become invalid. The IRS can perform audits dating back to 3 years, so you can keep your fake pay stubs this long.

Do not trash your fake pay stubs just, you can shred them to prevent criminals from having sensitive information about you.

Criminals can use your forged pay stub information for fraud pointing to you. If you have no shredder, contact a shredding service.

Fake Pay Stubs May Be Detectable

Can you go to jail for using fake check stubs

Landlords and lenders are able to detect fake pay stubs since they handle them often. You want yours to look real and verifiable. If the information, appearance, or print is poor, it is a red flag your landlord or lender can use to verify if it is legitimate.

The solution is for you to provide correct information and get your maths right. Do not use estimated figures that do not match. Review your fake [ay stub thoroughly. If possible, have a professional inspect it for errors. In this case, do not delete the editable copies until your fake pay stub is looking real and verifiable.

Can pay stubs be verified?

Pay stubs can be verified. A landlord or a lender might want to know if it is real or fake. In some cases, they may seek to check and compare details from your financial statement. Of course, your permission is needed for this verification. Just make sure you use a nice print and professional font. If you have never handled pay stubs, find a friend who knows what real pay stubs look real.

Can you go to jail for fake pay stubs?

You can go to jail for using fake pay stubs depending on your state. Federal and state laws prohibit writing, making, and using fake documents for fraudulent intentions. This is a check fraud and can be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony with up to 3 years of jail term and a fine.

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Final Thoughts

Some landlords or lenders will inspect your pay stub to know if it is fake. They can call the company you list as your employer to verify your employment status.

In some states such as Massachusetts, a landlord can request your financial statement to verify if it is legitimate. If the income you report is not similar to your bank account, they can tell it is fake.

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