How to Get a Man to Pay Your Bills

How to Get a Man to Pay Your Bills

If you are a woman who wants a man to pay your bills, then you need to understand some secrets. But in case the secret you know isn’t enough, today you’d learn how to get a man to pay your bills.

how to get a man to pay your bills

One of the secrets of making money as a woman is to collect money from a man. Indeed, women like when money is spent on them by men. Spending your money feels like a wastage, and you do not want it to continue.

Below are the steps regarding how to get a man to pay your bills:

  • Manipulate The Man’s Ego

Don’t expect a man to show you love when you are not treating well enough. Besides, most men become stingy following the attitudes of their women. Nonetheless, you can always make money from a stingy man.

When he feels like a king around you, he will get that sensation to foot your bills.

Some may be egoistic, but be careful not to flatter. The truth is that once a man sees through your flattery, it’s a game over for the relationship. You can genuinely boost his ego and make him feel like a king like he is right on top of the world.

Make sure to place him above his mates and friends, and it’ll encourage him to pay your bills.

  • Demand Less And Reject Less

How would you feel when your partner always demands something from you? Your partner would seem like a liability, right?

How would you feel when your partner always rejects gifts and goodies? Note that both actions are supposed to come off good, but surprisingly, it has adverse effects!

My recommendation is that you demand more petite, and whenever a man voluntarily gives you, please don’t always be in haste to say NO.

When you accept a gift, he would understand that you are a receptive woman.

  • Giving Is Good Necessary

Once you notice that your man is financially capable, offer to fuel his car. Doing this is a manipulative move that will make him marveled for an extended period.

Be careful; no matter how much this man pressurizes you not to pay for the fuel, hesitate and have it done. Once you do, he will never forget it.

  • Do to Him What You Would Love

In every relationship, you just got to offer something to the man to get him to pay your bills. Remember that there’s no way you’d always be at the receiving end.

To get a man to pay your bills, know when to offer and when to withdraw. You can sometimes provide him peace of mind, motivation and give him business ideas to make him feel good.

  • Try To Be At Your Best

Most men are natural hustlers, and while they are out there hustling and trying to earn money, they come home looking ugly and worn. One of the things you can do is look good and appealing to him with a lovely scented body.

Doing this gives him the impression that you are taken good care of, but he will feel to do much more for you. And the result is that he offers to pay your bills.

  • Carefully Ask For His Help

Your request shouldn’t come out just like that, but be careful with it. If you want your man to grant your bid, you must know when to request things tactically. But never ask for a considerable large sum during the middle of any month.

  • He Spends on Others

Another thing is to find out if he spends on others too.

After you observe what he spends on friends, you know he is the real deal. The reason is that, since he already spends on friends, getting him to pay your bills wouldn’t be a big deal.


These are some of the tactics you should use to get a man to pay your bills.

Indeed, a lot of ladies keep worrying about their expenses and financial welfare. But these ladies need sugar daddies to foot their bills and give money.

What are you waiting for? Go get your man to foot your bills ASAP!

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