How to Get a Man to Spoil You

How to Get a Man to Spoil You

If you want to know how to get a man to spoil you, you need to understand his secrets. As you know, one of the mysteries of making fast money is by collecting and using other people’s money. We all know that we enjoy money whenever we spend other’s money. Whenever you are spending your own money, you will always feel you are wasting it.

how to get a man to spoil you

Note that such is over because you will have the opportunity to learn how to get a man to spoil you. Even if he is your boyfriend, man friend, or your husband, using these tricks which are shared here will work as long as you practice them.

Remember that not all men will spoil you with money. So you need to know the kind of men to go for to achieve these. As you already know, you can never force a pig to sing.

How To Identify The Right Man To Spoil You And Pay Your Bills

Riches are one of the first qualities to look out for in a man. However, for him to be rich doesn’t mean he will spend such fortunes on you. But we will show you some of the signs you should know that will tell if such man is the spending type, and he will spoil you.

  • Check How He Spends

Once you observe a man who doesn’t spend on himself, how would you get such a man spoiled you? It won’t be that simple since he doesn’t even value you like himself. But to get a man to spoil you, then it’s good you know if he can spend much on himself and others.

We all know that a man who spends so much on himself can also pay for a lady. Meaning once you are fortunate to have a man who spends big, he is likely to be an asset, so go for the kill.

  • Check How He Spends On Others

If you notice that people praise him so much for spending on them, you know this man is the real deal. And because he already knows how to spend on others, then getting him to spoil you wouldn’t be a big deal for you.

  • Check His Finances

Here is one of the vital factors you should consider if you want to get a man to spoil you. There is no doubt that most men go overboard to impress ladies, but that won’t last. But if you need Something sustainable, then this man must be financially capable.

He wants to spoil me

We advise that you shouldn’t use his initial spending to judge if he can spoil you with goodies. Please try to observe where this man works and his salary range. Once you do this, it will explain how much cash inflow he always has.

Once this man is financially reliable, it won’t be a challenge to get him to spoil you.

Let me share with you some persuasive and manipulative ways to get a man to spoil you.

How to Get a Man to Spoil You

  • Be Strong

Remember that it takes great strength to follow your bliss into unchartered waters. As you already know, the power of an empowered woman is her unwavering belief to go after what she wants boldly. Many men find strong women very intoxicating, especially when their strength is with your feminine grace. Whenever you’re strong in body, mind, and heart, many men see this as a woman that has the potential to be a formidable power couple.

  • Be His Kind Of Woman

While you are dating him, your man must have complained about you; this means that he wishes you to change for your good. Is there Something wrong with being his dream girl for a while so that this man can see the beauty in you? It doesn’t matter whether it’s about changing your looks or your personality; it’s okay as long as it’s good for both of you.

Remember that looks are the first thing that attracts a man to a woman. Indeed, a man will notice how you look, the way you present yourself, the way you dress, your hair and makeup too.

Many men love women who spend time on themselves by constantly trying to look their best. Men find that whenever a woman is happy with the way she looks and feels, she is generally a happy person.

One other vital quality that stands out to a man is her confidence. Once you are a confident lady and stand behind your self-beliefs and standards, you tell a man that you have things figured out and understand what you want in life. Having self-confidence shows a man that you can handle anything that comes your way.

  • You Need To Work On His Ego

Please don’t expect him to show you all forms of love when you’re treating him like a dog. Whenever you treat your man as royalty, he will respond in kind.

When a guy says he wants to spoil you

Indeed, men are ego beings, but you should be careful not to flatter. When a man sees through your flattery, then it will become game over for your plans. You can genuinely boost his ego, making him feel like he is right on top of the world.

You need to place him far above his mates, peers, and friends, and when you do this, he will respond in kind. Some successful female manipulators understood this trick, and this works perfectly well for them. Try also to emulate it; this is a vast secret.

  • Be Sexually Active

Every lady should know that men are sexual creatures. Make sure you understand this; the sooner this is accepted, the fewer fights and anxiety you will have about it. Note that men yearn to have a connection and to be sexual with you.

Any woman who has the power to captivate a man sexually, such a woman is someone who confidently sits in the driver’s seat of her sexual paradise. Once you understand what arouses you, it allows you to confidently tell this to your man, a major turn-on for men. Whenever you can stir a man’s inner core, then he will crave you like a drug.

  • Show Your Man That You Can Take Care Of Yourself

Note that this idea would work great if you already have a job. You can show him that you can take care of yourself by buying yourself some things. Many men love hardworking ladies; no man wants a lazy woman who sits her ass home and does nothing. Also, no woman wants a man who is lazy and does nothing.

Once you’re able to work and make your own money, men will respect you more. The fact that you are loyal to him will make him even spend more on you since he might feel intimidated in thinking that you’re making enough and so what he’s even giving you is not enough.

Once you’re financially stable as a woman and do not demand too much money from your man and handle your bills, you will get maximum respect from him.

  • Offer Something

While dating, you have to offer Something to him if you want that man to spoil you. Remember that there is no way you’d always be at the receiving end of all the goodies.

You need to understand that everything your body has is potent tools for effective manipulation to get what you want.

So to get a man to spoil you, try paying your bills; after that, you should know when to offer and when to withdraw your offer. In case you don’t know what to show a man, why don’t you try to motivate him to succeed or always give him business ideas and make him feel good.

  • Leave Argument Alone

Note that fighting and arguing with your man will only make him say no to whatever you request him to do. Remember that men hate problems and fighting. So when you calmly ask for whatever you want, it will eventually make your man do it for you.

  • Try To Communicate Effectively

how to get a man to do anything for you

Many women seem to think that since they have been in a relationship with their man for a long time, the man should be able to read their minds and know what t you’re thinking. Note that if you do not communicate with your man effectively, how will he know when he has done Something wrong?

You need to talk to him and explain as calmly as possible or discuss it whenever you want Something done. However, it would help if you didn’t nag because nagging never works, but compliments and praises do.

  • Show That You Are Proud Of Him

Always remember that men love it whenever their women tell them how much they appreciate them, how much they’re proud to have them, and how much they’re important in their life. Once you spend time showering your man with love and affection, trust me, he’ll never say no to anything you ask of him.

  • Allow Him Take The Lead Once In A While

Whenever you go out on a date, remember nothing wrong when you pay for the bill. However, if he insists on paying, he acts as the perfect gentleman, so let him pay.

By doing this, you’re letting the man know that you are willing and able to pay for the bill while with him. Also, you are eager to let him take the lead and spoil you whenever he wishes. Once you do this, it will make him feel good that he has done Something nice to you.

When you allow a man to do small things for you, for example, helping you fix Something in your own home or on your car. It will always make him feel needed and wanted by you.

Once a man feels that he has responsibility in the relationship, he will continue the relationship with you. I’m saying that when he offers, let him take the lead and do a couple of minor things for you.

  • Appreciation is Key

Every man loves it when they are appreciated. Men love to feel valued and appreciated by their women for the small things that they do for them. So next time when your man does Something nice to you, make sure you show some appreciation. When you do this, he will want to give you anything and everything your heart desires.


Knowing how to get a man to spoil you is essential in a relationship. But you need to understand what makes your man happy and excited. Then you can be able to manipulate him and hit those buttons naturally.

Remember, don’t ever get caught while manipulating him; else, you will stand the chance of losing all you’ve ever accumulated while with him. But the more natural the manipulation process is, the better for you.

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