How to Get Money from a Stingy Boyfriend

How to Get Money from a Stingy Boyfriend

You are here to learn how to get money from a stingy boyfriend. Fortunately, I am a great teacher that exposes the secrets behind getting money from your boyfriend.

how to get money from a stingy boyfriend

To ask for money from your boyfriend, understand your needs, see whether you can cover some of the costs, and inform your boyfriend that you need money to sort the need. If your boyfriend is okay financially, he will give you money without having to explain yourself.

You can deal with a stingy boyfriend by giving him the impression that he is not doing enough; you can ask him for money in the presence of either his friends or your friends. Also, a stingy boyfriend will give you money when he finds you asking people for money over the phone or in your chats.

A guy is stingy if he feels you have nothing tangible to offer in the relationship. I advise you to give, no matter how little.

In this article, I will show how to get money from a stingy boyfriend and expose the message to a stingy boyfriend.

How to Get Money from a Stingy Boyfriend

In this section, I disclose all you must know to ask your boyfriend for money, especially if he is stingy.

Note: Your boyfriend may not be stingy; it could be that he has no money to spend on you.

Below are the ways regarding how to get money from a stingy boyfriend:

Buy Him Gifts

Some girls believe that only the male is responsible for buying gifts in a relationship. Unfortunately, we are in the 21st century where every partner is responsible for a relationship.

Regarding how to ask your boyfriend for money if he is stingy, be sure that you are not also stingy.

It is possible for your boyfriend to choose to be stingy deliberately because you do not get him gifts. But if you buy him gifts, then you are not to blame.

Meanwhile, if your boyfriend is stingy, in terms of not always getting you surprises, understand that not every guy freak about surprises. So, he might not fancy the aspect of buying you gifts or surprising you with money gifts unless you request.

Get him the gifts if you have never. And if you do, increase the frequency of buying him gifts to spur him out of being stingy to you.

Request Money in the Presence of Friends

An old-time trick, regarding how to get money from a stingy boyfriend, is to make the money request in the presence of friends.

It works most of the time because it will be difficult for your boyfriend to be stingy considering that either your friends or his friends are present. However, do not request the money if you are aware that he is not rich at that moment.

When you request money from a stingy boyfriend before friends, he can give you the least in his bank account.

Of course, he wants to prove to friends that he is caring and that he gives you everything you need. But do not make the mistake of informing your friends that your boyfriend is stingy.

Check Whether He Spends on Others and Ask

If your boyfriend gives money to other girls or guys, it is a sign that he does not love you.

And if he continues with the attitude, you may confront him for reasons why he chooses to spend on others and not you.

It is relatively common for some guys to give to their girlfriends only when they ask. Regarding how to get money from a stingy boyfriend, you should ask him for money.

Admittedly, he does not give money to others merely because he wishes to, but because they asked him.

Ask him; when he gives you the money, tell him that as his girlfriend, he should give you money sometimes without your asking.

Ask for Money During Phone Calls to His Hearing

Another trick to get money from your stingy boyfriend is to make real or fake phone calls asking people for money.

The phone calls must take place when he is nearby so that he can hear your request for money from strangers, relatives, or friends.

As I mentioned, you can fake the call and pretend to ask for money from someone. Your boyfriend will feel bad and even if he is being stingy deliberately, he will give up and give you money.

I recommend this method only when you are with him alone. And if he has his reasons for being stingy, he will explain to you.

Meanwhile, your boyfriend could be stingy due to a project he is keeping from you. So, ensure that there is no ongoing project that demands much money from him.

Tag Him on Posts About Giving

It is likely that you have your boyfriend as a friend on any of the social platforms. It could be Facebook, Twitter, etc. Whatever the social platform, tag him on posts about giving or not giving.

Note: Do not tag him to posts that contain the term “stingy” because you are clearly calling him out for being a stingy boyfriend.

If he does not feel bad, he may become furious and it can result in a conflict between you two.

When you come across contents or posts about giving, tag your boyfriend, and do not add any comment. When he sees the tag, he might not react but you have passed the message.

If he is unaware that he is being stingy to you, he will begin to question his attitude regarding gifting.

Murmur Aloud About Not Having Money

If it is part of the attitude of your boyfriend to be stingy, then you can murmur about not having money loudly.

Sometimes, he might switch positions or pretend not to hear from you. Regardless of his reaction, he got the message and would work towards amending it.

It also happens that if he has something that takes lots of his money, he will disclose to you. but I believe he would have informed you that he has an ongoing project that is demanding.

If after murmuring, your boyfriend remains stingy despite having a stable source of income, it is a sign that he does not value you. It could also be that he does not know how to give unless you pressurize him for money.

Encourage Him to Get a Job

A boyfriend without a job is a stingy boyfriend naturally. So, it should not be surprising that your boyfriend is stingy if he has no job.

Where do you expect him to get the money? Of course, he can afford to be stingy so as to save for himself.

You may assist him by linking him with a job opportunity and encouraging him to get himself busy.

If joblessness is a problem with your boyfriend, it is the right time to show him love by being supportive. And if you have no job either, it is time to get a job and sort your financial difficulties.

Do Not Be Too Demanding

There is nothing wrong about asking your boyfriend for money, but when you are too demanding, everything is wrong.

Regarding how to get money from a stingy boyfriend, work on yourself in terms of how often you demand money from him.

If you are too demanding, your boyfriend will continue to be stingy to you. He believes that he has better things to handle instead of giving in to each of your demands.

Before you make a demand, let it be that the demand is tangible and worthwhile. Never make the mistake of charging your boyfriend for cheap expenses so that he will not reconsider spending on you in the future.

Talk to Him

The final option is to talk to your boyfriend about his stingy attitude. If he has his reasons, you will find out and he will, of course, expect you to make amends if you are at fault.

During your best moment with him, bring up the issue and tell him how much it pleases you to get money from him.

Explain to your boyfriend that it hurts you deeply whenever you know he has the money but finds it difficult to give to you.

Try not to sound helpless; otherwise, you are giving him the impression that the relationship thrives on his money.

Message to a Stingy Boyfriend

message to a stingy boyfriend

If your boyfriend is helplessly stingy, I will give you a sample message template to send to your boyfriend to encourage him not to be stingy.

Note: You can send the message to him whether he is nearby or far away.

Below is the template message to a stingy boyfriend:

My Love,

I hope my baby is doing great. Well, I am doing just fine although something makes me worried.

Whenever something bothers us, we share with each other, and we always have a solution. I am sharing my heart with because we are meant to understand each other.

I know you love me and I love you even more but it worries me that you do not gift me things except I pressurize which I no longer hope to because it makes me feel bad. I do not want to be a burden in any way and you should, as someone that loves me, make things easier for me.

Babe, all I want is for you to understand when to and when not give to me as your lover. You do not have to give me the whole world, even a piece of paper with lovely words is enough.

You remain the man of my life.

I love you


Your love

[Your pet name]

Throughout the message, I have not used the word “stingy”. So, do not use the word unless you want your boyfriend to act up.

Also, before you send this message to your boyfriend, be sure that you are not stingy to him.

Final Thought

To get money from a stingy boyfriend, make sure you are not a stingy girlfriend. Otherwise, your boyfriend will waive any attempt from you to pass the message that he is stingy.

Also, understand when your boyfriend is not okay financially and try to accommodate his attitude. He may not tell you that he has no money, which is typical among guys.

Play your role as a girlfriend; get him gifts; replace his faulty items, and remain loved.

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