How to Get Money From a Stingy Man

How to Get Money From a Stingy Man

Most ladies who understand how to get money from a stingy man don’t even ask. So you need to understand the ideologies of men to get along smoothly with them.

how to get money from a stingy man

Trust me, millions of ladies have been pondering over these. But the answer is not easy to get, but there is a solution to the problem.  The truth is that it’s not about asking for money; it is about how you go about it.

It lies in a woman knowing how to develop the best way to get whatever she wants from her man without being added to other ladies lines considered gold diggers.

Remember that the only time a man will call you a gold digger is whenever you prove to him that you love his money more than himself. Note that a man will never see you as a gold digger even if such a man spends all his life savings on you. So your success rate depends on how you go about it.

How to Get Money from a Stingy Man

  • Let Your Man Know You Have Needs

Sometimes you might be surprised your man may feel that you don’t have financial needs, especially if he knows you are a working-class lady. So you ought to let him know that you still have some requirements to take care of despite earning some money. But while you request, do not make it sound like a threat but say it in a joking manner.

  • Be the Woman He Dream of

While you are dating him, your man must have complained about you; this means that he wishes you to change for your good. Is something wrong with being his dream girl for a while so that this man can see the beauty in you? It doesn’t matter whether it’s about changing your looks or your personality; it’s okay as long as it’s good for both of you.

Remember that looks are the first thing that attracts a man to a woman. Indeed, a man will notice how you look, the way you present yourself, the way you dress, your hair and makeup too.

Many men love women who spend time on themselves by constantly trying to look their best. Men find that whenever a woman is happy with the way she looks and feels, she is generally a happy person.

One other vital quality that stands out to a man is her confidence. Once you are a confident lady and stand behind your self-beliefs and standards, you tell a man that you have things figured out and understand what you want in life. Having self-confidence shows a man that you can handle anything that comes your way.

  • Make Your Own Money Too

Note that you need to be financially stable in knowing how to get money from a stingy man. Men love ladies who work very hard; no man wants any woman who sits in the house doing nothing. Also, no woman wants a man who is lazy and does nothing.

Get money from stingy man

Once you’re able to work and make your money, men will respect you more. The fact that you are loyal to him will make him even spend more on you since he might feel intimidated thinking that he is not giving you enough since you are working and getting money.

Once you’re financially stable as a woman and do not demand too much money from your man and handle your bills, you will get maximum respect from him.

  • You Should Make Him Want You More

One of the ways to get money from a stingy man is by making this man want you over and over again. However, you can relate this with things like sex, love, attention, and many others. All you have to do is make him happy, and he will gladly give you money when you ask.

  • Get Him Expensive Gifts Too

When I say get him gifts, I’m not saying you should buy him the everyday things such as buying cards, men’s underwear, and glasses, NO!

Sometimes I wonder what stops women from buying their men’s phones, Shoes, Classy Wristwatches, or even an expensive perfume. By getting him, some expensive gifts will help in putting your bid even higher. Once you do this, when it is his time to contact you, he will be forced to buy you even more.

I mean her that if you keep buying him handkerchiefs as gifts, he will keep buying you cheap bras.

  • Give Your Man A Wonderful Morning

A lot of men would love to wake up to an energizing and wonderful morning. Remember that the odds would be in your favor when you do this if you live together with him. So you can heat the morning up in bed, and please don’t see this as you’re selling yourself for your man. Trust me; it’s a big no!

  • Demand Less

Please stop being an annoying woman who bothers her man all day with your thousand texts and calls. Doing this would make him lose his desire to ask you out for lunch since you are very demanding.

  • Try Calling Your Brother Or Admirers In His Presence To Send You Money

Many men out there know that no matter how much their women love them, there are still other admirers around the street.

How do you get a man to give you money

However, one way to put a stingy man in the proper perspective is to make a financial request from one of your staunch admirers while he is with you.

Doing this will make him jealous and probably ignite his anger. Though you can calmly apologize and explain that you only did it because you were low on cash.

  • Be Loyal To Him

Note that men expect their women to be loyal. Remember that we all will love someone who supports and is ready to do anything to be with us. Meaning that denying your man in front of your friends or family will make him doubt your loyalty, and I don’t think he will be eager to spend on you. Give your man that confidence that you are always loyal and he wouldn’t bother spending more on you.

  • Try To Be Generous

Try as much as you can to treat him with some good things often. You can take him to lunch and pays all the bills. You can still invite him to your place for a movie date or buy him a movie ticket to watch together. By doing these little acts, you will end up leaving a significant impact on your man.

  • Be Independent

Make sure you show your man that you can manage yourself on your own. It would help if you didn’t marvel at his cars, house, and other things. Try to be calm, and he will know that you are an independent woman. Doing this alone will make a man wants to give you money whenever you ask.

  • Faithfulness Is Important

No man is currently happy that the woman he spends money on also cheats or spends the money she gets from him on another man. Meaning faithfulness is the key that gives a man the confidence to spend more on a lady because he has the assurance you love him and not his money.

If you want to get money from a stingy man, then faithfulness is essential. Once he knows you are faithful, it won’t affect him to spend on you since he can rely on you. He knows that giving to you will come back to him, and that’s love.

Once he finds out that you cheat and don’t break up with you, know that he will have doubts whenever you request money from him. Remember that you can’t be a cheating woman, playing many men and at the same time expecting a man to still spend on you when he finds out.

  • Be Proud Of Him And Show It

Note that men love it whenever their women tell them how much they appreciate them, how much they’re proud of them, and how much they’re important in their life. Once you spend time showering your man with love and affection, trust me, he’ll never say no to anything you ask of him.

  • Communicate Effectively

Many women think that because they have been in a relationship with the same man for a long time, they can read their man’s minds or know what he is thinking. However, if there is no effective communication with him, how will your man know if he has done something wrong?

Try to talk to him and explain as much as you can in a calm manner. You can discuss with him when you want something to be done, but please don’t nag because nagging never works but compliments and praises do.

  • Spend Less of His Money

If your man is a very generous person who doesn’t mind if you spend his money, try not to spend too much of his money. He will understand that you are not after his money but for his success whenever you do this.

  • Help Him Pay Some of his Bills

Indeed, paying some bills is one of the greatest secrets regarding how to get money from a stingy man. Understanding that family members rely on him for almost everything should tell you that he is responsible for any expenses.

Whenever you do this, any time you ask for money, he may double the amount. But in case you don’t know some of the minor bills you can cover for him, then here are some you can do:

Trust me, making these little investments will work to your advantage later; though it may seem that you are not gaining at the moment, you will later.

  • Appreciation Him

Almost all men love it when given respect and recognition. Men love to feel valued and appreciated by their women for the little things they do for you. So next time, when your man does something nice to you, no matter how big or small, try to show some appreciation. When you do this, he will want to give you anything and everything your heart desires.

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