How to Hack a Facebook Account for Yahoo with your Laptop

How to Hack a Facebook Account for Yahoo with your Laptop

How to Hack a Facebook Account for Yahoo with your Laptop

Facebook has been used over the years, and several people trust the Social media platform. However, in recent times, many security issues have been on the rise. Thus the platform has made it hard for just an average Joe to hack a Facebook account for your yahoo jobs with your laptop or even mobile phone.

Facebook users are increasing daily as there are about 1.97 billion active members presently on the site. Most of them will like to share their photos with their friends, daily activities, special occasions such as anniversaries, vacations, photos, and birthdays and businesses on the social media platform.

Instead of creating a new Facebook account that might get blocked, [Click here to see how to create a Fake Facebook Account that can’t be blocked], you can easily hack someone’s account for your yahoo job fast and easily. Let me show you some ways you can use to hack a Facebook account with a laptop.

Alternatively, you can also create a phishing website and steal their details and log into their account easily. Click here to learn how to Create a Phishing Website and Get your Client’s details.

  • Hack Facebook Account Same WiFi Android

This is one method used to hack Facebook accounts. Through this process, hackers gain about a 90% success rate if you happen to be on the same network as the victim.

They can do this when you’re on a similar network, and it is employed for illegal purposes. When using a WiFi network, always try to be protected as others might want to steal your password or gain unauthorized access, which can be dangerous.

Steps to hack FB Account same wiFi Android:

Firstly, you have to download an app known as Faceniff [be careful while using this], which is an Android software used by a lot of people to intercept Web browsing profiles developed across several WiFi networks and receiving personal information of the victim including Facebook username and password, the same thing on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Before doing this, ensure yourself and the victim are on one WiFi network; otherwise, it will end up a wasted effort.

Steps to follow while using this method include:

  1. Firstly, is to install software known as Faceniff.
  2. Then establish a connection with the internet and also access the Faceniff application.
  3. After that, what you have to do is click the red button. The red button, when clicked, will become green as soon as the sniffer turns on. It appears the same way as Firesheep for Android phones.
  4. Firesheep is considered an extension of Firefox that allows fraudulent users to carry out a similar task. Faceniff also works with WPA encrypted wireless networks.
  5. At the last step, click the enter button. A list of accounts will be displayed connected to that exact WiFi network from which you can select any of your choices.
  6. What you have to do at this stage is click the account you choose to hack, and you will be signed in immediately, whereby you can then do whatever you want with such an account.
  • How to Hack a Facebook Account with Keylogger

A keylogger is software that you can download on the victim’s personal computer. Once it is installed, it starts recording every punch on the keyboard he/she makes. The Keylogger software is expected to be downloaded on the victim’s PC without his/her knowledge. Thus, it would operate undetected in the background. As soon as it records every keystroke of the victim, it will transfer the details of the recorded data to your mail.

To use Keylogger to hack a Facebook Account step by step:

keylogger software to hack facebook account

  1. Firstly, download a reliable keylogger app. You can as well download the emissary keylogger or download any other keylogger software through Google search.
  2. Immediately the emissary keylogger has been downloaded, source out the files on the desktop. Most times, the antivirus may delete the keylogger. Then, deactivate the antivirus before downloading the emissary keylogger app. The app doesn’t have any viruses, so you need not be scared.
  3. Next, at this stage, launch the emissary.exe file, and a Window tab will appear instantly.
  4. Then, at the fourth stage, type in your Gmail details into the app and click on “Test” to see through the connection. Here, you have to test every record of keystrokes is sent to your email account or not.
  5. At the 5th step, put in the time wherein you want to obtain keystroke reports via mail. You can set it at 20 minutes as well. Make sure to switch your server file name and click every box required.
  6. Then select the ‘Build’ button and develop your server file (ensure your server file is on a similar directory).
  7. Because the app is free, you can’t transfer the server.exe file from email services. That is, every email service does not allow the transfer and retrieval of .exe files. This is why you have to the crypt and bind your file to any file you want, such as videos, images, documents, etc.

If you haven’t grasped the concept of crypting and binding files, then take to the steps listed below:

How to Crypt and Bind Files

  1. At this step, you have to download whichever file binder. For example, shockwaves file binder may be a good option, and use futurericks as the password.
  2. Three files will appear at this step. First is the keylogger.exe file, second is the PDF or image file where you can bind the keylogger, and last is the shockwave file binder.
  3. Then, you will be expected to open up the shockwave file binder to see two browsing options. At the first browsing option, click the image file or PDF file where you would want to bind the keylogger. At the 2nd browsing option, you have to click the keylogger.exe file.
  4. after that, select the “Run Second Hidden File” as well as click the Blind button
  5. Then, pick the name and destination of the new file, and it will be successfully connected to your keylogger.
  6. The next thing to do is transfer this file to the victim, and once he/she access the PDF, image, or whichever file that has been bound to the keylogger, it will install on the victim’s PC.
  7. Immediately the binding process is over; you can also upload the file to free file storage sites like Rapidshare, 4share, media share, and more. You can choose to send the victim the exact download link from these storage websites.

Immediately he/she launches the file received; will install the keylogger file on their PC. Then, it begins to search every keystroke, including the username and password of Facebook, and mail you the details containing every screenshot and keylog at regular intervals based on the timeframe you had set earlier.

  • Hack Facebook Account for Yahoo with Three Friend Attack

When it comes to hacking a Facebook account using the three Friend attack, this technique is employed by only a few. It is simple so far; you are lucky during the process.

Choose your Victim

The first thing to do is find your target and study such a person for a few days. Then, open 3 separate fake FB accounts. Then, send friend requests to the fake Facebook accounts created. If the gender set for the victim is female, do not send a friend request using a male account.

Ladies often delay friend requests from male accounts whom they don’t know earlier. Set the account as a female to facilitate the process of hacking the Facebook account. If you’re targeting a male, also send friend requests with female profiles. He is likely to accept.

Select Forgot email

Access your Facebook account and type in the victim’s username and password if you know it. If the username is entered, the social media platform will display a list of accounts having such a username. Next, click the victim’s account and select This is My Account.

When you can’t enter a password, click Forgot Password. Facebook will send you to a new page where you have to enter your email address. Click No Longer Have Access to this.

On the new page, put in your email address. Then, if asked any security questions, enter false security questions thrice, and it will take you to another page.

Click the 3 Fake Accounts

On the new page, select the 3 fake FB accounts that you opened as trusted friends. As soon as you do this, Facebook will send codes to these accounts. Log in to each of the fake accounts to obtain the codes. Go back to the page and enter each code to move to the next level. Search the email set as recovery email, and you will see the password recovery link. Click on the URL to create a new password and access the Facebook account.

  • Hack Facebook Account with Websites Online

Suppose you don’t want to experience the manual process of hacking. In that case, you can go through sites and forums provided on the Internet. Sites that you can employ during such process includes:, hack4me. Is,,,, etc.

A few of these sites provide paid services requiring users to pay before hacking a FB account. For example, MSpy offers a paid application for people that choose to hack a Facebook account.

Each of these options offers a unique way to hack Facebook accounts of victims; they are cost-effective, fast, and reliable.


Now you’ve seen the several ways to hack a Facebook account with a laptop or mobile phone for yahoo; you can then choose the one that’s easier for you and get ahead with it.

If you have a hacking job and need an expert, please send me an email at, and I will respond immediately.

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