How to Make Money Illegally as a Hacker

How to Make Money Illegally as a Hacker

How Hackers Make Money Illegally

Hacking is an essential skill for the internet black market or the darknet marketplace. And even though there are some ethical parts of the internet black market, here are a few common hacking skills and methods for making money illegally. This post is meant for hackers, and to show them how hackers make money illegally. 

If you have little experience as a hacker and would love to rake in some cash without doing really bad for yourself, then this post will expose you to some cool ideas you should look at.

12 Ways Hackers Make Money Illegally 

how hackers make money illegally

Initially, in the past, hackers were motivated by the ideology to right the wrongs of a digital dictatorship. As such, they were known as netizens which is a cross between citizens and the internet. Sadly, those days are ancient. Presently, the motivations of cybercriminals have shifted to being financial.

According to a recent study by software developer McAfee (deceased) and in conjunction with the CSIS, hacking costs the world economy over $400 billion a year. Hackers sometimes have the nerve to broadcast their hacks live and in real-time, like the Sony corp hack. It has become some dare in more recent times, which proves to the authorities that the darknet users are outlaws who can’t catch. In the same vein, contraband goods can be exchanged anonymously there by the skill of hacking that is exclusive only to the darknet. 

So here are some ways hackers make money illegally;

Credit Card Data Theft

The demand for illegally obtained bank card data has skyrocketed in the past few years. This information usually comprises PIN codes, credit balance limits, which you can use to card Amazon or other sites. 

You can trade all bank card details depending on the need. A working credit card number can cost you anywhere from $10 to $50. Also, the more detailed information you have, the more money you make. Some hackers will even replace invalidated card numbers for free or give you your money back.

But why do these pirates prefer to sell card information instead of using it themselves? It is for the same reason illicit drug labs don’t get high on their supply. It is easier to get caught cashing out than to execute the theft process from the back office of the dark web.

Cache Bulk Email Addresses List

Cybercrime’s most prominent victim is email addresses that you can extract with low-tech software that is readily available online. But this doesn’t guarantee the list’s quality, so this is where darknet hackers come in. Almost every online business needs email Lists whether or not they are acquired legally. From regular marketing companies to individual affiliate retailers, email lists are essential. Also, these lists can fall into the hands of impostors who play the yahoo format to dupe their unsuspecting prey. If an individual has a strong email list, he has a sound bargaining chip for his online numbers/traffic game, mostly what the internet is about these days. One hundred thousand addresses will cost anywhere from $20 to $70, depending on its quality. It’s a cheap enough price to pay for profitable scams, mainly what is known as phishing.

However, people who buy this service are primarily young people Looking for evidence of a cheating partner or a crush on the lighter side of things. They are not model customers because they usually lack the financial resources to pay for the job. As a rule, the hackers take their money and blocks them.

Encrypted Ransomware.

This is known as ransomware in darknet language, which you can also call crypto locker, which is a virus that encrypts or locks up data from a private computer or network. So without a coded key, a network or computer administration cannot access their files. In essence, it is an extortion or blackmail device that can cost the victim thousands of dollars to undo.

Also, the ransoms to be paid are often expensive. A city department recently paid a Ransom of close to $800,000 to regain access to its government databases. In another case, a county’s crime database was hacked. The sheriff, a man of the law himself, had no option but to pay up the ransom.

Remote Administration

RATs are also short for remote administrator tools. A few examples are, Cybergate, Dark doser, and Darkcomet, all of which are currently on the market. Hackers utilize these programs to take over control of another computer remotely. The cost of these Trojan Horses’ variety of virus has dropped sharply from $50 to $250 in 2013 to a few tens of dollars presently. This is because the RAT source code is now publicly available. But trust that the market has adapted accordingly in producing RATs that are more invincible to detect.

Contagious Viruses

The malware war is never-ending. This ensures hackers will always have some work if they stay updated. On the other hand, antivirus software companies will always release updates and patches that counteract the virus. And so it goes, back and forth. At first, the hackers will infect a block or network of computers with a virus, which creates what is known as computer “zombies.” People then use these computers anonymously. As the virus spreads, it overloads the servers with a multitude of access requests.

The hackers can then demand payment to recall the zombie computers and stop the attack. This can cost the victim as little as $90. The price also depends on the location of the zombie machines. It’s cheaper in Asia than in the US. Hackers might also share malware or patches amongst themselves on the dark web or even use it themselves.

Outsourced Hacker Works

By definition, a mercenary is a soldier for hire who will fight for money and not necessarily for the country. In the cybercrime world, the exact meaning can also apply. There are mercenary hackers one can employ for reasons best known to them. And they charge a minimum $150 fee. Such a hacker can be utilized to sabotage certain online services of competitors. Separately, there is also such a thing as the “zero-day attack”: a program that can quickly invalidate all previous antivirus updates and patches. You will agree that is dangerous stuff.

Training Tutorials

New hackers are converted to the ideology every day, even if at first they are amateur hackers. It is not difficult to become one because there is an entire industry of tutorials devoted to helping people carry out hacks. These tutorials usually include specific instructions and are mostly posted on discussion forums. Sometimes they are sold for $1 apiece, and prices can go as high as $30 for more difficult hacks. These new-age hackers also seem to represent a threat by their growing numbers.

Classified or private Information.

Information is also currency, and the more valuable it is, the more expensive it sells for. We are talking about stealing and auctioning sensitive, classified or private information from your social media platforms like hacking your Facebook account. These can be used by organizations, intelligence agencies, or the wealthy for publicity. And most times, the only way to achieve this is by hacking.

The victims can include governments, e.g., Wikileaks or even celebrities, business people, or organizations. Some of this information ends up in information exchanges. Some are used in intelligence, while they use some for extortion. The price of reliable information can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.

Most times they come in form of creating phishing pages, and they get your information.

 Why Hackers Try to Make Money Illegally? 

But honestly, what is the inspiration behind the hacking. It probably has to do with money these days. In any case, the hackers don’t usually feel guilty about their actions. These are some examples:

1) Most blackhat forums accuse large corporate entities of being corrupt institutions based on dirty money. They argue that these banks cause global debt and do not mind enslaving the human race to make a profit. Therefore, hackers see themselves as digital Robin hoods taking back from the corrupted system. Note that they insure hacked funds from anywhere between 50% to 100%.

2) Hacking can also represent a community. For instance, Russian, Chinese, or Indian darknet communities may hack EU or US banks or their customers but not their native banks. They essentially operate with the rule not to harm entities from your own country. And this rule is in place for basic safety and not necessarily patriotism.  It is more brutal to get deported or caught if you were hacking a foreign or western organization. For example, the FBI has little power in countries such as Russia or China.

3) Finally, people just don’t care about others and commit cybercrimes if it is beneficial to them. Nevertheless, most blackhat forums have their code of conduct; as such, Blackhat forums are like any other online forum except that they are outlawed.

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