How to Become a Yahoo Boy

How to Become a Yahoo Boy

I have read lots of tips, ways, formats, and how to become a yahoo boy. Unfortunately, most of the tips you read online are misleading. Some just copy from other websites and paste without knowing how yahoo actually works. Well, that’s a story for another day.

how to become a yahoo boy

Before we proceed, I want you to know that becoming a yahoo boy is illegal. This article does not encourage you to join yahoo, but if you feel you have the intelligence and willing to become a cold-blooded scammer, your choice.

“Yahoo is a get-rich-quick scheme.” First, you must understand how it works, the tools you need, how you can connect with clients, billing your clients, and cashing out without getting caught. In short, the most important thing is to “avoid getting caught” because while you spend time in jail, the government becomes the owner of your money and never returns it. Fortunately, there are tools that hide your identity and tricks that let you cashout from yahoo and get away with it.

One more thing, this beginner tutorial for yahoo is going to be a wild ride. I’ll teach you what successful yahoo boys are keeping from you and the reason why you have not seen a client or cashed out yet. Get a chill beer or juice (depending on what calms your nerve) and read on as I take you on a deep journey into the world of yahoo scamming.

History of Yahoo Scam

I love to tell stories so that my readers have a fuller understanding of my lessons. You can see my epistle that teaches everything you have to know about carding as a beginner, where I also write about its history. Now, learn the history of yahoo from me before you venture into it.

Yahoo yahoo is not a 21st-century scam. It has been there since the 18th century and all fingers point to African countries, especially Nigeria, whenever there is a mention of yahoo scamming. Current records have it that yahoo scam is coined from ‘Yahoo Email’. Despite that this is the truth, yahoo started in the form of letter writing on a piece of paper sent the target known as ‘Maga’, a Yoruba term for ‘a fool’. Most yahoo boys at the time used one method, which is claiming to be a Nigerian Prince. They often sent letters known as Nigerian Prince Letters to people, especially white foreigners, lying about being a prince and getting the foreigner to send money for a business, oil well, gold, silver, etc., that does not exist.

In 1994, Yahoo! Email was founded, allowing fraudsters to send emails. Perhaps, 2-10% of the email addresses were correct and targeted users immediately reply with hopes that they can make money from an African prince.

With the spread of e-mail and email harvesting, the cost of sending scam letters reduced drastically since yahoo boys could access the internet. Initially, the internet was not widely accessible, so, yahoo boys used cyber cafes to send scam emails to random clients or magas online.

The Netherlands and Spain are other countries known for cybercrime-related to yahoo scams and advance-fee fraud. However, Nigeria tops the chart as the email scam center of the world. Some Nigerian celebrities tend to be in support of yahoo boys. For example, in 2019, Innocent Ujah Idibia, popularly called 2Face or 2baba, replied to a comment asking him to advise yahoo boys against fraud. He responded:

Nwannem gbagbue that tin. We are trying 2 recover our forefather money.

It means, “Friend, forget that thing (the comment against yahoo boys). We are trying to recover our forefathers’ money (from clients being scammed.”

Nigeria, the center of yahoo scam popularly uses the number ‘419’, which references the Nigerian Criminal Code that addresses “obtaining property by false pretenses; Cheating”, which deals with fraud.

The Nigerian and international governments have responded at their best to the rising cyber fraud in Nigeria. In 2020, a top dog in a yahoo scam, Raymond Abbas, popularly known as “Hushpuppi,” was arrested in a raid comprising the FBI, Interpol and Dubai police. The Nigerian government on the other hand, using the EFCC, a crime agency, continues to arrest and parade several ‘suspected yahoo boys’ and yahoo boys weekly.

Today, Nigerian artistes feature yahoo activities in their songs. Naira Marley is one known yahoo crooner promoting yahoo scam in his songs. In 2020, Bella Shmurda, Zlatan, and Lincoln released a hit song titled “Cash App”. All of these events and many others contribute to encourage yahoo scamming across the world.

Yahoo yahoo has gone beyond sending Nigerian Prince emails, which the world, especially the US and UK, the most targeted countries, are not aware of. Sugar daddy/sugar mommy, Cash App, dating, carding, hacking, and many more are now the yahoo practices for cashout.

What is Yahoo Yahoo Scam?

Yahoo scam is when you collect funds from a client under false pretense and does not only involve sending emails. A yahoo boy is someone that does yahoo scamming and is sometimes called a “G Boy”. As I explained earlier, it is illegal to be a yahoo boy, meaning you have to be on the lookout always to avoid getting caught. Your financial transactions must also be done anonymously. Most yahoo boys choose to flaunt their wealth, which is the primary reason the crime commission in your country and internationally will come after you.

Another term you should know is ‘yahoo format’. Yahoo format refers to the kind of yahoo scam you use to bill or collect information from a client. A yahoo format also determines the tools and Yahoo Script that you need to cashout successfully.

Meanwhile, what is yahoo script? Yahoo script is a guide that you follow to know what to send or reply to a target or client so that you can cashout.

How to Become a Yahoo Boy

How to cash out as a yahoo boy

This yahoo boy tutorial is divided into four sections. The first section is about the tools that you need as a yahoo boy. The next sections will teach you how to do yahoo as a beginner, finding a client, moving funds, and the final section shows you how you can avoid getting caught as a yahoo boy.

  • Requirements for becoming a successful yahoo boy
  • How to do yahoo
  • Finding a client to scam
  • Cashing out
  • How not to get caught as a yahoo boy


Requirements for Becoming a Successful Yahoo Boy

What now? I have introduced you to yahoo scamming and the brief history, and you now know what yahoo scamming means. I believe you know who a yahoo boy is, so no need to discuss it again.

In this section, I will show you the requirements or tools you need to be a yahoo boy. You may have to pay for some of the tools or use the free versions., but anyways, let’s see what you need as a yahoo boy:

  1. Intelligence

Are you intelligent? Well, you do not have to be very intelligent, but you must be smart to succeed as a yahoo boy. At the time of writing this article, I had 3 bottles of Smirnoff Vodka but did not stop me from writing this beginner yahoo boy guide properly.

Why I mention that you do not have to be intelligent is because, as a yahoo boy, you can buy intelligence. How do you buy intelligence? We are launching an intelligence known as ‘Yahoo Script’. This script is accessible to the general public upon paid demand, and the user is responsible for how they use or apply it.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to be Einstein to become a successful yahoo boy. But can you convince your client to send their details such as SSN, credit card details (credit card number, name, expiry date, and CVV), bank logs, etc.?

Perhaps, this could be the one reason you should be anticipating our Yahoo Script available to the general. This script will expose what successful yahoo boys say to clients.

  1. Foreign Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

Getting a foreign phone number is one of the ways you hide your identity. No matter whatever reason, a yahoo boy must not use their registered phone number, but you can create just any email address for scamming.

  • Phone Number. It is easier to get caught when you use a personal phone number because the government has access to the database. A typical network provider does not even guarantee privacy, such that they can reveal the activities on your phone number to the government without your permission. You have to buy a foreign phone number. Most of the time, you subscribe monthly to keep your access to it. Before you pay for any US phone number, make sure it was not blocked on services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., or the platform where you intend to use it.
  • Email Address. It is not necessary to use a VPN when creating your fake email address(es). Email services such as Gmail do not reveal your IP to recipients, so you’re basically running your email address on a proxy. However, you may be faced with the problem of creating multiple email addresses with multiple phone numbers. I solved the problem in an article that exposes how yahoo boys create multiple Gmail accounts with or without a phone number.
  1. Special Yahoo Phone/PC

Do you know that a yahoo boy could be tracked by the government without knowing? Yes, most yahoo boys are being tracked, typically when their IP address leaks. You can draw an instance from how Hushpuppi was tracked using Instagram and Snapchat.

In essence, your smartphone, internet activities or computer can compromise your security. A typical successful yahoo boy has a dedicated phone or computer, which you might consider getting to evade getting caught.

  1. Grammarly 

Perhaps, it’s your first time coming across the term ‘Grammarly’. What is it? Grammarly is an app that lets you proofread your scamming messages for spelling and grammar errors before sending them to a target. A target is a client or maga that is not yet your client or victim.

Grammarly lets you choose between your standard of English – American or British. If the target is American, then you want to set it to American English or British English when your target resides in the UK.

  1. OpSec

The term ‘OpSec’ (Operations Security) may be strange to you. OpSec is a term in ‘carding’ that refers to the apps/software that hides your identity, including a VPN, Socks, IDP, Cookie or any browser cache cleaner.

Most yahoo boys are familiar with using a VPN, but it does not end with a VPN.

Your OpSec is the primary tool for hiding. The problem is that free tools, such as free VPNs, do not function 100%. Yes, a free VPN hides your internet identity by changing your IP address but does not gives you access to commendable access. Your internet speed will be slower, your IP address is used by thousands of people, you could be compromising the security of your scamming device, and some service providers and websites could have blocked your IP address. Nevertheless, a free IP hiding tool is good but a paid IP hiding tool is the best.

  1. Fake Social Accounts

You need fake social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • Dating Accounts. There are many websites out there. However, I will not recommend which website you should use to find clients. The reason is that you are not the only person reading this guide on how you can become a yahoo boy. If I mention a dating site, thousands of people reading this article will flood into the website to create accounts, meaning that for as long as that site exists, many yahoo boys will think it is the best. So what? Go search for a dating site by searching “dating site” using any search engine (Google, Bing, Digi DuckDuckGo, etc.). Dating accounts let you scam clients using yahoo formats like dating billing, sickness billing, and blackmail billing.
  • Influencer Accounts. If you want, you can create an influencer account instead of a dating account. Using an influencer’s account will limit you to yahoo billing formats such as inheritance format, grant format, pastor format, etc.
  1. Email Bombing

The next vital tool you must have around is an email bombing app. Yes, an email bombing app works like the bomb, you know, except that it does not injure someone.

What’s the purpose? An email bomber is mostly used when running a yahoo format that requires buying something with your client’s account. So, you bomb their email address to prevent them from seeing email notifications on your activities in their account. It can be the client’s bank account, mobile wallet (Cash App, PayPal, etc.). Meanwhile, you may interested in how you can open Cash App in any country.

  1. Picker

A picker is someone that picks or collects an item that you scammed someone using any format. Somehow, the days of a picker are fast going away since the emergence of legal companies known as reshippers.

Suppose you scam a client to buy an iPhone with their card information and confirmation PIN. It may not be possible for you to go to their country to collect the item. In this case, you use a picker or a reshipper to move the carded item to your country of residence.

A picker charges 10-15 percent of the value of the item you scammed a client. A reshipper, on the other hand, charges based on the weight of the item to ship it to your country.

  1. Cloning App

When you find clients, they will always want to have a video conversation with you. You know your face is different from your profile picture. How do you deal with it? The answer is a cloning app. You need a cloning app for video calls to keep a client from knowing your real face.

  1. Bank Drop or Anonymous Wallet

Most yahoo scams require a bank account for cashout. Unfortunately, once the money arrives in the bank account, the account is frozen and the account holder is tracked and arrested. There will either be a chargeback on the funds, such that the client is repaid, or the bank forfeits it to the government.

Fortunately, using a bank drop, an anonymous bank account usually operated by a money mule, lets you cashout without a trace. Anybody can be a money mule, in any case.

Alternatively, you can use a mobile wallet and cashout to your bank drop to avoid frozen funds, which sometimes cause your account to be suspended permanently. Another option is to move the dirty money to a betting website or BTC wallet. There are hundreds of ways, though, which I choose not to mention.

The whole point is to make sure the money you scam your client, who is now a victim, becomes clean cash.

  1. SSN

A yahoo boy needs SSN, except your client does not stay in the US. Requiring SSN also depends on your yahoo format, but most yahoo or billing formats do not require SSN. You can always collect SSN from a client to use for verifying certain activities, typically linked to the client’s bank account, so that you can move their funds.

How to Do Yahoo as a Beginner

Below are the steps to do yahoo and become successful:

  1. Choosing a Yahoo Format

I have shown you the tools you need above. Note that some yahoo formats may require one or two additional tools. But when you search the format you need online, the tutorial should contain the additional tools you need. Some tutorials may not be broad, and a teacher with limited knowledge of working tools can’t give you a useful guide for yahoo scamming.

There are many things to consider when choosing a yahoo format. Before we go further, let have a list of a few of the latest yahoo formats you can use to cashout:

  • Dating billing. This billing format is when you date a client online, get them to love you and cashout. It is also called the romance scam. There are many types of dating billing for yahoo, including military dating and oil rig dating. In this format, you get the client to become your lover, and then you take advantage of their weakness (their love for you) to bill them. It mostly works on older adults (male, female, transgender, etc.) from the age of 59.
  • Wire-Wire. In wire wire format, you tell a client to wire money to your account. It works when there’s a transaction the client needs you to make payment for their services. For example, if you sign up on Craigslist, you contact a seller and send them a fake check (cheque) in the amount more than the cost of their product. Let’s say the person is selling an iPhone for $700. You send the client a fake check of $1,500. Then you ask for $700 refund and inform the client to keep $700 (for the item) and $100 (as a tip for your mistake). The seller will wire you $700 not knowing that the $1,500 check you sent to them initially is fake—finally, you cashout.
  • Blackmail format. There are 3 types of blackmail yahoo billing. We have se*xual blackmail (sextortion), emotional blackmail and defamation. Sex*ual blackmail is when you collect a client’s nu*de and threaten to leak it online. They agree to send the money you want. Emotional blackmail is when you make a client love you dearly and you threaten to end the relationship. Trust me; many people are vulnerable in love, and would do anything desperately. You then ask for money and promise to visit them (you must fake your country, though); they pay. Defamation blackmail is when you make up lies about a target or client. For example, you can tell your client that you will report them for a crime they did not commit unless they pay. When they pay, you cashout.
  • Credit card format. This yahoo format is when you collect credit card details, also known as CC from a client. After you get in touch with the client, you can use either dating format, blackmail, etc., to collect credit cards from the client. You can use the CC to shop online without OTP, sell it on dark web, card with it, etc.
  • Inheritance Format. This format is one of the oldest yahoo formats, initially known as the Prince format. In this format, you have to convince the client to believe that you are a rich person. To collect money from the client, you will promise them part of your wealthy family’s inheritance, and the greedy client sends you money to secure his share.
  • Cash App. Another yahoo format you can run as a beginner is the cash app format. In this format, you make a client send funds to your Cash App account for a service or product you lie about about offering, and you block them – cashout.
  • Grant billing. This format is when you make a client think the government is giving grants to people. You can use this yahoo format to collect SSN, gift card and bank account details.
  • Spiritual Master. The spiritual master format is when you pretend to be a spiritual master for someone. Get them to trust you for having spiritual powers and start collecting money from them. You can also run this format as the pastor format to cashout.
  • Hospital format. There are several hospital formats for yahoo, including sickness billing, accident billing, etc. In this format, get to make friends with your client. Eventually, you tell them that you are sick or had an accident. You can also say that you are having surgery. This format requires you to send pictures to the client because they want to be sure you are not lying.
  • Sugar Mommy/Daddy Catfish. In this format, you will pretend to be a sugar baby to cashout. This format is similar to the dating format, except that the client thinks they are your sugar mummy or sugar daddy. You need several nak*ed pictures for your sugar lover. If sugar lover is a man interested in women, you know what to do – fill their gallery with fake or Photoshopped nak*ed pics.
  • Instagram scam. You can also run Instagram format for yahoo. You need a fake Instagram account. To disguise yourself as an influencer, gather more likes or hack an existing Instagram account with existing many likes. If you are doing dating scams, grants or inheritance billing on Instagram, you don’t need many likes.
  • Facebook scam. You can become a yahoo scammer on Facebook. You also need a Facebook account with multiple likes if you want to do an influencer scam. You can also hack a Facebook account for any other format you can run perfectly.
  1. Can You Run the Format?

When you pick a yahoo format, ask yourself whether you can handle the format. There are many (let’s say a thousand) billing formats out there. You just have to know the formats that exist, you can do, and search for them. The author of the content, like myself, will explain it alongside the tools you need. After reading it, if you can run it, then go on with it.

  1. Do You Have the Right Tools?

When you read about a particular yahoo format, check whether you can find the tools mentioned in the tutorial. If you can’t get the tools easily, then the format is not for you. For example, if a yahoo format requires SSN, and you can’t collect SSN from a client, withdraw from the scam and try another one. Suppose you need a picker in the UK, and you have nobody residing in the UK to get you in touch. Then such format is not for you. You can’t trade with UK residents you’ve never met. Most, like you, are scammers, and would defraud you.

  1. Can You Cashout with this Format?

What is the chance that you can cashout from the scam format? If you attempt to run the format, and it looks difficult, it is not for you. That does not mean the format does not work. Every yahoo format works. It is all a game of gamble and chance, such that what works for another yahoo boy may not work for you. Most of the time, the problem is in how you run the format. You may be missing someone, or perhaps, you are not just lucky with the kind of client(s) you find.

Finding and Scamming a Client

In this section, I will show you how to find a client as a beginner yahoo boy. A client is the source of your money, so without one, then no source for cashout.

  1. Selecting a Yahoo Platform

After you decide on a billing format to run, it is time to apply it. Note that most yahoo formats require different steps or procedures. For instance, doctor format will require a fake doctor’s ID (to gain client’s trust) while Amazon refund trick would require a picker or reshipper (to keep the courier from telling your ID). The good thing is that the clients you find from any yahoo platform can be scammed with any yahoo format. When you decide what platform to use, you want to create a fake email address and phone number for it. You also need a foreign phone number, depending on the location of the client you want to target.

  1. Setting Up Your Profile

Having selected a site to do yahoo, setting up your profile is the next step. You want a profile that clients can trust. When you create a random account, you do not just post random photos. There’s a recommended method to do it to earn clients’ trust and get away from being caught by the internet.

  • You need a running VPN when creating an account. Suppose you want to create a US account. Your VPN must be connected to the US IP address.
  • As a yahoo boy, you can be male, female, hermaphrodite, transgender or gay. It all depends on your kind of client. For example, if your target client is gay, you want to disguise yourself as gay. Currently, gay clients pay even more. The next most paying clients are older single men and women.
  • Account name. Don’t use a random name. If you want to scam a UK client, then find out what UK names are common. Your name must match the gender of your account. Use Google to find the names used in the country you are targeting.
  • Pictures. One of the biggest problems you will face as a yahoo boy is the pictures to use for work (yahoo yahoo). Most of the pictures online may have been used already by other yahoo boys. To make matters worse, companies like Google and Bing launched a tool known as reverse image search. Reverse image search engines allow people to search images online. This means that when you use random pics downloaded online, your target can tell it and block you. Fortunately, you can bypass the system by editing your pictures “thoroughly”. You can also collect pictures of dead people since they won’t be there to blow your cover. You can use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to find profiles with R.I.P. (Rest in Peace). Download the pictures and edit them thoroughly with any powerful image editing tool. If you are a mobile user, I recommend PicsArt. It features almost everything in a typical Photoshop. You may alternate with online tools. You can even photoshop some parts of the image, remove image EXIF, change the background, add a new filter, etc. When done, search the image online to see whether search engines can still detect the original from it. If not, you are good to go.
  • Phone number. You need a foreign phone number for your account. Note that your client may also want to chat you up on WhatsApp or call the number, which means they can’t tell whether you are a scammer since your phone number works. You have to buy a foreign phone number. You can subscribe your access to the line monthly or yearly depending on the provider.
  • Account followers and friends. Let’s say you want to begin scamming with Facebook or Instagram. Your followers must be real people. You can also create multiple fake accounts and add them as your friends. Suppose you are targeting UK clients. You can take the time with your fake account to send friend requests to UK citizens only. In this manner, when you pick your target, they will easily trust your account. Even the social network you use for scamming will not ban your account for being fake because the trust score is good before algorithms.
  1. Contacting Your Client

Now that your account is trustworthy, you want to contact your client. It is quite easier to find a client to scam after deciding what yahoo format to use and the gender to run for cashout. Let’s say you want to run dating billing on a gay person. The client you are looking for is a gay person (male or female). Now, if your account is male, this means gay male and female profile for gay female. Where do you find your client for yahoo scamming? (1) Social media groups and pages (2) Dating websites (3) Online community/forums (4) Random friend requests (5) Friends of friends (6) Blog comments, etc. How do you gain the target’s attention? It’s simple. Chat with them in context. For example, if the place you find them is discussing about gay rights, join the conversation and support gay rights. Sometimes you don’t even have to contact clients. They will contact you alone. For example, if you are running dating billing, you join a dating site, and clients that need people to mingle with will contact you automatically. Let’s say, sugar daddies and mummies.

  1. Running the Format

When you contact your target, or they contact you, remain on the topic of discussion. For example, if you got in touch with them as someone against a particular political movement online, your private discussion must be on that topic for at least two days. If the client is contacting you for dating, then you know your conversation must be on dating. Perhaps, depending on the format you want to run on a client, our soon-to-be-launched Yahoo Script is important. To run a yahoo format means to scam a client with it. Now that you have a rapport with the client, you want to run your format so that you can bill the client. Note that some yahoo formats can take up to a month before you run them. For example, dating billing needs a client to have emotional and se*xual feelings for you, meaning it can take a month. Your attention is another investment towards cashing out. However, a format like grant billing can pay within 48 hours.

  1. Billing

The most challenging part of being a yahoo boy is billing a client. You already know what billing means. But if you do not, yahoo billing means to make a client send you money, gift card, SSN, or bank details. The way you bill a client depends on the format for yahoo that you use. For example, if you are using sickness billing, you send a fake picture of you being sick to the client. Suppose you are running yahoo defamation blackmail. You will send a defamation blackmail letter to your client threatening them to cashout.

  • Billing option. When you get in touch with a client you are billing, you must give them your payment account for billing. Recall I discussed bank drop earlier? I also discussed a picker and re-shipper. If you are using a billing format that collects money from a client, such as dating billing, you need a bank drop. If your billing format requires collecting items such as iPhone, laptop, etc., from the client, you need a picker or re-shipper. However, if you are using a yahoo format that collects gift cards or SSN, you don’t need a bank drop or re-shipper until you use the SSN to move funds from their bank account.

Again, when billing a client, you must send them your payment information, but that is not your primary banking information. You know you would already have decided what method of payment to accept.

  • If you want your client to pay into your BTC wallet, then you need a BTC address.
  • Bank drop. You can create a bank drop or contact a money mule to run the money collection. You must be careful whom you meet, in any case. As a beginner yahoo boy, you do not need a money mule until you create a network with yahoo boys you can trust. Perhaps, you want to learn how to create a bank drop that receives scammed funds and makes them legal.
  • Mobile wallet to bet site. You can ask a client to send funds to your mobile wallets such as PayPal and Cash App, and then you move the funds to a betting website. You would have created an account with a betting website before transferring the funds to avoid a chargeback. Bet on small odds to increase your winning chance. I earlier covered how winning bets can be made easy with hundreds of comment, but not on this blog. I’ll give it time again for this blog.
  • Gift card. You can always request a gift card and then convert it into currency. Converting gift card to your country is no new thing worldwide. Some big companies buy gift cards too.

Cashing Out

Steps on how to do yahoo

Billing a client is one thing, and how you cashout is another. The final step in yahoo scamming is cashing out your funds. I almost explained the entire steps in the section above. There are many ways you can cashout without getting caught, including through mobile wallet, bank drop, Bitcoin, betting website, etc.

How you cashout depends on the yahoo format you used on your target, who is now your client. If the billing involves a gift card, you just need the card codes and then convert them to money. In this way, crime agencies can’t track you. Even the gift card provider can’t track gift card transactions.

Suppose you convinced the client to send you an item. You do not have to pick the item in person. You need a picker. If you lied about your country to the client (which may be important depending on the reputation of your country in cyber fraud), then you need a reshipper or picker to reship the item to your location from wherever your client will ship it to. Lest I fail to mention, a drop is where a picker or reshipper collects the items you scam or convince a client to send to you.

Let’s leave it here, fam. I am reserving some pieces of information regarding how you cashout as a yahoo boy. The rule of thumb is, “Never cash yahoo funds to your bank account or a friend’s bank account”; only lazy scammers do that. There’s a 99% chance that you won’t get caught, but anything can go wrong with the remaining 1%, which is why funds are sometimes tracked and a yahoo boy is caught. Moreover, millions of fraudulent funds are lost to the government in frozen or suspended bank accounts.

How Not to Get Caught as a Yahoo Boy

Not getting caught as a yahoo boy is not tricky, but getting caught is even easier. The truth is that it all depends on you to get caught or get away with scamming people. Below are some of the common things you should avoid as a yahoo boy to not get caught:

  • Always use a VPN.
  • Do Not flaunt or show off your cashout.
  • Use a picker or reshipper.
  • Never move funds to your bank account.
  • Block clients that threaten you.
  • Use a chatting platform that allows you to delete your chats with a client at the end of each week (WhatsApp has the feature).
  • Chat with email only (if you can).
  • When moving funds from a client’s bank account, don’t forget to bomb their email address.
  • Use a different PC or mobile phone for a yahoo scam.
  • Build a small network of scammers to be on the look out.
  • Run your formats from rural areas, and spend the cash in cities.
  • Create a reputable business.
  • Do not make yahoo scamming become your hubby.

How Much Can You Make as a Yahoo Boy?

You can make as much money as you can work for as a yahoo boy. What do I mean? There is no limit! But understand that yahoo yahoo profit margin is not stable. Today, a yahoo boy can make $10,000 and then $50,000 tomorrow. The kind of yahoo that you run and your client also determine the amount of money you can make. For example, it will be difficult to make $100,000 with dating billing, except you can gather many clients. However, a yahoo format like a grant can fetch you up to $5 million. During COVID-19, some yahoo boys launched the relief fund scam and made away with millions. So, you see how easy that is, but the money-making story would be different with certain yahoo formats. Also, scamming gift cards will not fetch you enough money unless you can work harder and bill more clients.

Except you have the ‘connect’, start with the low scamming formats, and remain on the low. Like a tree, yahoo grows, and like money, it becomes an addiction.

Are You Doing or Not?

The chance of cashing out in yahoo is higher or most successful when you find a fool or a greedy person. “Hope” for a client in this category and cashout is sure. Unfortunately, you can’t tell a greedy person from the face, which is why I emphasize ‘hope’.

Yahoo is a game of the dead-minded, and I never encourage anyone to do it. As you can tell, this yahoo boy tutorial is for the public; anyone can see and learn from it.


In essence, whether you are investing time it scamming or not does not matter to the author. The author’s job ends at exposing a bit of how it works.

“Becoming a yahoo scammer pays until you get caught.” – SmartMoneyHunter

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