How to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification

How to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification

You know PayPal is one of the top dogs in the mobile money industry, boasting at least 400 million users. We’d learn how to bypass PayPal phone verification and use the service like other uses with or without a fake PayPal account.

how to bypass PayPal phone verification

For security reason, PayPal can decide to review your account and request verification. And if you can’t verify the account, you may lose it permanently. Suppose you use your account for business or illegal purposes with funds inside. You know you can’t afford to lose it, which is why I’ve created this guide to expose how you can bypass phone verification on PayPal.

PayPal takes phone verification very seriously. And if you can’t verify that you own the account, then it is good as gone. Not even the customer service cares about your account, and you would wonder what happens to your funds. Of course, PayPal keeps it, or refund the sender.

How to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification

In some cases, you will have the option to click Not Now to cancel PayPal phone number verification. If you can’t find the option, then you have to follow other options discussed in this article. Below are the ways to bypass PayPal phone number verification:

  1. Use Your Cache

On rare occasions, your browser stores cookie and cache that can bypass PayPal verification. When you log into your PayPal account, your browser stores the cache version of every webpage you open on PayPal.

If PayPal asks for verification, do not restart the phone. Disable your data connection and close the browser. Do not clear cache or activate any cache manager in your device. Launch the web browser again with your data connection disabled. PayPal page will load the old data. If it does not load the page with your data off, then the cache was deleted.

If the PayPal webpage loads without data on, enable your data and click the link to your profile. Move every fund in the account immediately because the verification will return. Make sure to use the same network provider you used while accessing the account.

Some people would suggest clearing your browser history. It does not work. That is like even clearing the cache files that should help you bypass PayPal phone verification.

  1. Do Not Use Private/Incognito Mode

Private or incognito browsing mode does not store cookie. Some browsers will not even store cache, so that makes it a bad option for bypassing PayPal phone verification.

However, if you used a different IP to access your PayPal account at the time PayPal asked for phone verification, you can use incognito mode with your SIM card to try accessing the account again.

  1. Install PayPal App from Unauthorized Sites

Since you installed your app from Google Play or Apple Store earlier, do not use them again. Use any random website to download the app. Some of these websites configure their apps to block some PayPal settings, which can help you PayPal bypass phone verification.

Note: Do not uninstall the PayPal that is asking for phone verification. While the old app is still in your phone, try installing the new one you downloaded from an unauthorized retailer. Your phone will warn you from installing the app. Ignore it. When you click Install, your device will ask to replace existing app. Proceed with the installation and launch the app. Enter your login information to proceed.

  1. Use Another Phone or Computer

You can try skipping PayPal phone verification by opening your account on another device. Try to log out of the current app, or uninstall it.

If you do not have another phone around, but there is a PC, install software that can run Android or iOS apps. Some of the apps to install include BlueStacks, Nox, PrimeOS, etc. For iOS, you can install iPadian Emulator, MobiOne Studio, or

Since PayPal tracks your IP, you can try opening the account on another device using another IP address or SIM card. I do not recommend using a free VPN because most of the IP addresses would have been blocked by PayPal, giving you another difficulty.

  1. Contact PayPal Help Desk

Your least option is to contact PayPal. However, if you do not have the correct credentials for the PayPal account, you can’t recover the account without bypassing the phone verification.

The details you want to have in handy include the account phone number (fake or real). If you used a fake phone number to open your PayPal account, you must find and purchase that number again. You can contact the vendor of the phone number if another person is using the number. Tell them you need the phone number to manage your app. They may impose an additional fee to return the phone number.

Now, what do you say to convince PayPal that the account belongs to you? You can claim that your home was ransacked. Note that your new country becomes the country that you used to register the PayPal account.

Sample Call Format When Reporting Your Account to PayPal

You: Hi, my name is [mention your PayPal name]. I’m so mad right now. Your company is requesting my phone number just when I needed to transfer my funds out of this account. I reasons on [add date] in [name of country]. I’ve filed a police report and need to move my funds away due to compromise.

Also, I need time to retrieve my phone number at the moment for the phone number verification. I think the person might be trying to play a fast one on my account.

Thank you.

Make sure to use the accent of the country you registered with the PayPal account. For instance, if the PayPal account is American, try to use an American accent if you are not an American.

If the voice call trick works, PayPal will ask you to provide specific details for the account verification. They may ask for the username, security question, and date of birth.

If you can provide the information, your PayPal will be unlocked after investigation. PayPal would want to be sure that you are not using it for illegal activities.

Reasons PayPal Request Phone Verification

The general reason PayPal requests verification is for security. So, if you are using your PayPal account to collect dirty funds, you will face this problem if you are not careful.

Below is the reasons PayPal request phone verification:

  • Signing in from a new device. When you sign in from a new device, PayPal detects it and requests verification to secure the account. Now, the security affects you because you may not have the credentials to use for the account verification. To avoid this error in the future, always sign in to your PayPal account from one device IMEI.
  • Signing in from a new location. When you sign in to your PayPal account from a new IP address, the account is flagged. PayPal thinks someone is trying to access the account and will limit the total funds that can be sent from the account.
  • Signing in after a long time. If you are signing in after a long time, you may have to verify that the PayPal account belongs to you. Make sure to log into the account often.
  • Suspicious transaction. When you perform a suspicious transaction, such as billing a client, PayPal will attempt to chargeback. After a chargeback, they will request phone verification to check the account for fraud.

How to Prevent PayPal from Requesting Phone Verification

  • Use Foreign Phone Number

Ensure to open your account using a foreign phone number like the US phone number. You also need the US phone number for phone number verification while signing up. They will send OTP to the number, which you use to verify the account.

  • Don’t Login with more than One IP and Device

It is advisable to use the same device and IP address to log into your PayPal account. When you use a different IP or device, the PayPal algorithm will lock the account for security checks. Suppose you opened the account with USA IP. The day you login with a South African IP, it flags your PayPal account.

  • Secure the Account with Security Questions and 2-FA

You can use a simpler password instead of making your password tough. Enable 2-factor authentication so that PayPal thinks that your account is secure. Also, if something goes wrong with the account, the customer representative will be able to ask for the security question, which you provide for account verification.

Final Thoughts

There you go, fam. If none works, I’m afraid the account is gone. Prevention is always better than cure in any situation. But it’s all good. You can resume where you stopped and make even more money trading stocks from another time.

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