How to Create Fake Instagram Account Without Getting Banned

How to Create Fake Instagram Account Without Getting Banned

Did you know? If you do not learn how to create a fake Instagram account, you will be banned within 7-14 days? I bet you knew, which is why you’re here. I’ve created multiple fake Instagram accounts, mostly for marketing, and no suspension to date.

how to create a fake Instagram account

When Instagram bans your fake account, there’s something you’re not doing right. Instagram has one billion users, so how is it possible for them to detect and block your fake account? The answer is that Instagram staff have nothing to do with your account. The warning, suspension, banning, etc., are done by their algorithms or bots. What you are looking at is how you can bypass the system so that your account is not flagged.

I have experimented with multiple ways to create a fake Instagram profile with a fake username and pictures. Just one of the accounts was blocked and, my team identified the reason, which I’m sharing with you in this guide.

How to Create a Fake Instagram Account that Works


How do you make a fake Instagram account without a phone number and email

Clients are waiting for you, so we don’t have much time left. The guide has been simplified so that anybody can learn. Below are the ways regarding how to create a fake Instagram account:

  1. Get a VPN

The first tool you need is a VPN. Note that you will use the VPN throughout the process to remain anonymous on the internet. Most of the time, creating a fake Instagram profile without a VPN is the reason your account is blocked.

Although you can use a free VPN, a premium VPN is better. You can also use Socks if you can set it up on Firefox.

  1. Create Two Fake Email Addresses

Create two fake email addresses using any email service like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Proton. Follow our recent guide to see how you can create multiple Gmail accounts with one IP. It does not matter whether your VPN is active when creating a fake Gmail profile, but it doesn’t cost anything to allow it to run while creating your account.

The name of your email address does not also have to be the same as the fake Instagram account you want to create. For example, if the name of the fake Instagram profile you’re creating is John Doe, your email address should not necessarily contain “John Doe” as some people think.

  1. Create Instagram Account

Instagram allows you to verify your account with a phone number or email address. But since you’re creating a fake account, you need a fake phone number or use a temporary SMS service online. You can use an email address, but the chances of your fake account getting blocked is smaller if you use a fake phone number.

Suppose you’re creating a fake USA Instagram account. You need a fake US phone number. If you’re using a temp SMS service, you also need an SMS service that uses a US number.

Sign up with your fake details, and verify the account with your fake email address or phone number. What’s next? Welcome to Instagram! But this is not the end. If you stop here, your account will be blocked once the system detects your account activities that are against Instagram.

  1. Disable Instagram Visibility

Your Instagram account is now live. But as I mentioned earlier, it’s not the end. Your next step is to set your privacy on Instagram to keep your account from irrelevant users. By default, Instagram allows everyone to see your post. But when you set your account to private, only followers can see your activities. In this manner, a previous client you had issues with can’t tell whether your account is the account they should report to get blocked.

To enable a private Instagram account, click the profile icon on the bottom-right of your profile. Click the menu icon and click the settings icon. Click Privacy and enable the toggle next to Private Account to set your account as private.

When your account is private, you can manage your followers. It helps you to filter other fake accounts from following you.

  1. Setting Up Your Fake Instagram Profile

The hardest part of creating a fake Instagram account is setting up your profile to avoid a ban.

Note: If you earlier used a particular profile for illegal activities on Instagram, such as billing a client, you must not repeat the account information. For instance, if your initial account profile was “John Doe, a military man”, your current information can be “John Doe, a nurse”. It’s OK to use the same Instagram name. Besides, many people have the same name, so Instagram can’t do anything about it. They will only block an account based on the name of the account description matches a previous account after a manual review by the staff.

To edit your fake Instagram account, go to your profile and click Edit Profile.

  1. Edit Your Profile Picture

You want to pay attention to the profile picture that you use. Instagram will not immediately ban your account because it uses another person’s account. Besides, many promoters and news sites use the faces of other persons once in a while as their profile photos. The reason hustlers get banned is that a client has reported the account after tracking the profile photo to another account (the original account).

Also, Instagram uses a feature known as “Reverse Image Search” to detect pictures and trace them to their account.  Many search engines, including Google, Bing, etc use the feature. A client can use the feature to know that your account is fake and get it suspended or banned.

Before you set a profile picture for your fake Instagram account, edit it with a photo editing tool. For mobile, you can use PicsArt. Whatever photo editor you use, make sure it removes the EXIF data, which image search engines also use to trace similar pictures. You must also rename the image. If the image is PNG, you can change it to JPEG or JPG, and if it is JPG, change it to PNG using any image format converter online. Just search “Convert JPG to PNG” or “Convert PNG to JPG”.

Make sure to change the color effect and flip the image to the left. This feature is known in some apps as the “Mirror Effect”.

  1. Change Email Address and Save Settings

At this point, you would have uploaded your edited profile picture. Before you resume this step, perform a reverse image search to see whether Instagram can track the image you just edited. You can use or sites apps like Social Catfish,, or

Note: You must wait at least 7 days for the reverse image search to be effective because Instagram has to index the profile picture first.

If your edited profile picture passes the reverse image search test, change your email address. Recall that you created two email addresses initially. Now, change your Instagram email address to your other email address.

After setting up your fake account information, click Done. On desktop, you will find “Submit”, click it.

Viola! Your fake account is ready! But it does not end here. You must put some things in order to prevent Instagram from blocking your account.

How to Prevent Instagram from Blocking Your Fake Account

How do you make a fake Instagram without blocking

How do you stop Instagram from banning a fake account? Below are the easiest steps to stop Instagram from blocking your account:

  • Report Instagram Violations

To keep your Instagram account active and trusted, report violations on Instagram. This will increase your integrity and Instagram staff will rank your account as a major contributor on the platform without informing you.

Their account moderating systems also use this record to determine whether to penalize your account or not. Below are examples of activities you can report that violate Instagram policy:

  • Users posting fake news
  • Insults on other users
  • Abuse of people’s sexuality
  • Shaming other users’ religion
  • Posts that incite violence
  • Copyright violation
  • Nak*d picture or videos, etc.

Instagram frowns at these attitudes and will reward your account with trust whenever you report them.

  • Use a Private Account

As mentioned earlier, you can set your account to private. Regarding how to create a fake Instagram account that won’t get banned, a private account stops random users from accessing your account unless they become your followers. You can also filter out clients that you had a deal with in the past to keep them from reporting your account and having it blocked.

  • Always Enable a VPN According to the Account Country

Whenever you log into Instagram, use a VPN. Note that the VPN must connect to the location of your targeted country account. For example, if you want your Instagram account to be a US or UK account, your VPN should be connected to the US or UK IP address.

The Instagram system will suspect your account if it was created with a US IP and then a South African IP address is accessing the account. The system will block the account for verification because it thinks that someone in South Africa has hacked the US account. You will have to verify the fake account, which can be difficult since it is fake and you may not be able to create a fake ID for verification.

  • Engage Your Account

Another way to use a fake Instagram account without it getting blocked is to engage it. Instagram does not block an account for being inactive. However, when you engage your account by joining groups, following other users, reacting, and commenting, your account trust will increase.

Make sure not to insult or post things that are against Instagram policies. Also, before you search for clients, upload more pictures to the account. You need at least 5 pictures posted on different days. If you post one picture today, you can wait for 3 days to post another. During the days you’re waiting to post another picture, you can post written content. You can also share news links on your timeline to convince clients.

  • Block Clients

When you have issues with clients, block them instantly. A blocked account may not know that you’ve blocked them and may not be able to report your account. Some clients can spare time to create a new account, follow you and use the opportunity to block your account.

  • Disable Your Account Temporarily

When you have issues with your fake Instagram account, you can disable it as long as you like. Note that you can only disable your Instagram account temporarily once a week. So, if you had issues with a client and then disabled your account, you must wait for 7 days to have the option of disabling your account again.

A temporarily disabled fake Instagram account means that the account does not exist until the owner restores it. As long as a client is on your neck for any reason, you can keep the account disabled.

  • Disable Activity Status

You can disable your activity status on Instagram to keep some clients from knowing when you are online. However, you will not also be able to see the activity status of other Instagram users. You won’t also see when your client is active while chatting with you. This feature is overall excellent because it keeps people from knowing that you’re active, especially if you’re avoiding them.

To disable your Instagram activity status, click the profile icon in your account, click the menu icon, click Settings, click Privacy and toggle off the icon to hide your status on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is one of the best places to find clients online, and when you follow the steps mentioned in this article, you can keep your account permanently. It is also advisable to delete your fake Instagram account once every 6 months or one year.

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