How to Get a Foreign Number for Yahoo, WhatsApp, Dating, Facebook

How to Get a Foreign Number for Yahoo, WhatsApp, Dating, Facebook

One of the most asked questions in yahoo is “how to get a foreign number for yahoo”. Of course, you can get a foreign phone number from any country, irrespective of your current country. Thanks to technology, you can access arrays of applications that let you use foreign numbers.

The US and UK phone numbers are some of the wanted phone numbers. You require at least one of them for various reasons. Besides, some local legal business owners use these foreign numbers to verify various international transactions, including Amazon affiliates.

I have created about 100 foreign numbers recently to test new formats. So, it works, but you have to subscribe to premium packages. Yes, these apps require your money to remain active and serve you better.

Requirements to Get a Foreign Phone Number

Below are the requirements needed to obtain a foreign phone number:

  • Mobile phone
  • Phone number app
  • Targeted country

With the above in mind, getting a foreign number like a US phone number and UK phone number is 50% complete. Now, let’s see how successful yahoo boys get foreign phone numbers for G work.

How to Get a Foreign Number for Yahoo and Other Works

how to get a foreign number for yahoo

Note that the apps to use for your foreign number are mostly paid, just like VPNs. Free foreign line apps are not recommended.

Also, you can get any of these apps for your Android and iOS. Below are the steps regarding how to get a foreign phone number for yahoo:

1. TextPlus: Free Text and Calls

TextPlus is another way to get a foreign phone number for WhatsApp, yahoo, etc. You can use the app to make voice calls, voicemails, and sent text messages. Of course, you can also accept text messages and phone calls from people in the US and Canada.

TextPlus is a free app for your G work. You do not have to pay to send unlimited MMS, SMS, and phone calls with foreign clients.

TextPlus Features

When you install and activate TextPlus, below are the features you’ll enjoy:

  • Free to use over WiFi or data network.
  • Access to a free US phone number from your phone.
  • Access to clients in Canada.
  • Support for WhatsApp, SMS, voice call, and MMS.
  • Access to conversation history in your account.

Why is TextPlus free? TextPlus advertises in their app to generate money. So, you will be seeing ads that you may like while using TextPlus for your yahoo work. You can block the ads using ad blockers because some ads can track your device’s activities.

How to Setup TextPlus

Below are the steps to set TextPlus for a foreign number:

Download the App

You can download TextPlus for your iOS or Android device for free. Just search “TextPlus”, and you have your app. Install it and sign up for an account using a newly created email address. Make sure not to forget your username or password.

Set Up TextPlus

Select an area code to get a foreign phone number. Note that the phone number works on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

2. 2nd Line: Second Phone Number

As the name implies, this application allows you to have a second phone number, a foreign number. Signing up for this app is free and you can make WiFi calling, making it seem like you have another SIM card.

Many yahoo boys confirm that when using the 2nd Line: Second Phone Number app, clients mistake them for citizens of the country. In reality, however, they reside in another country, typically somewhere in Africa.

2nd Line: Second Phone Number allows you to use the service for free on trial. However, you will pay just $9.99 per month. Multiple users can use the same account to connect, but I do not recommend sharing your scamming account with others. If they get busted, you’re equally busted.

Note that 2nd Line: Second Phone Number uses cellular data to send texts and make calls with your fake foreign phone number.

2nd Line: Second Phone Number Features

After subscription, below are the features you’ll enjoy:

  • Unlimited phone calls and SMS to the US and Canada.
  • Customizable voicemail.
  • Clear phone calls without poor network coverage.
  • Spam call blocker
  • No annoying ads
  • Ability to forward calls, etc.

How to Use 2nd Line: Second Phone Number

Install the App

You can install the 2nd Line: Second Phone Number on your Android or iOS device. Make sure to have an active account in your app store.

Now, search “2nd Line: Second Phone Number” and click Install.

Sign Up

After installations, sign up for an account in the app. You will need an email ID and password. I recommend creating a different email address for the foreign phone number app.

When the sign-up is complete, choose a state code from the list. You can select 201 as I did. Nonetheless, you can use any code that you wish according to your need.

Select a Number

You will find options to choose a phone number according to the state code you chose. Pick a number from the list and write it out. You may then use your new foreign phone number for yahoo or any internet verification services.

3. Numero eSIM

You can get a foreign number for yahoo using Numero eSIM. The interesting thing with Numero eSIM is that you can purchase phone numbers from over 70 countries worldwide. You can select from 3,000 cities and get free coins from Numero eSIM Free Coin Centre to get a US phone number for your WhatsApp.

Features of Numero eSIM

When you install Numero eSIM, you get the following features:

  • Cheap SMS and phone calls.
  • A free US phone number with free coins.
  • Spam blocking support.
  • Customer support

Note that Numero eSIM is a premium call app for getting a foreign phone number. Just search the Android or iOS store for Numero eSIM and install it. Finally, sign up and obtain your foreign phone number.

Why You Need Foreign Phone Number for Yahoo

Below are the reasons you need a foreign phone number:

  • 100% trust from clients
  • Faster connectivity
  • Anonymity on the internet
  • Ability to sign up on any foreign services
  • Bypass any phone number restriction easily

The paid apps offer better customer support. Which are you selecting for your foreign phone number? Paid or free? Well, premium apps are the best, especially when protecting your identity on the internet.

Final Thoughts

So, guys, here’s all to learn about getting a new foreign number for yahoo. You may follow the video below to see the steps.

Watch the video to set up your foreign number here.

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