How to Get Money from a Woman

How to Get Money from a Woman

Can a woman spend on a man? Well, if a man does the right thing, a woman can spend on him. I’ll show you how to get money from a woman. Women spend on men, especially their men and siblings. You don’t also have to spend on them to get their money.

how to get money from a woman

You grew up believing that “women only collect”. Of course, they’re designed to collect, but the narrative is changing. More women now assume responsibilities and are giving money to men. And it’s not just sugar mommies (married women) that spend, though.

To get money from a woman, you want to ensure some things are in place, which this article discloses. The personality of the woman also matters. If a lady you want money from is rich, or at least has a reliable income, then you can get her to give you money. The reverse is the case if the woman you’re trying to get money from belongs in the broke class.

How to Get Money from a Woman

In this section, you will learn the steps to make money from a woman. It’s simple, but you must be smart and deserving. Unlike a man, a woman values her money so highly, so you must be skillful to get some cash from her.

Below are the steps regarding how to get money from a woman:

  1. Get in Touch

The first thing you want to do is get in touch. You may know someone, but that does not mean you’re in touch with them. Getting in touch with someone does not also mean asking them out or becoming their personal assistance.

Moreover, to get in touch with a woman as a man is quite different from getting in touch with a fellow man. A woman also finds it difficult to get in touch with a fellow woman, so there’s something unique about establishing a friendship with a female.

But it’s fairly easy to get in touch with a woman whose money you want. The first step to get in touch is to start communicating with her. What if she does not know you but she’s rich? Simple, you join her clique.

For example, suppose she’s a businesswoman. You must offer her value. Consider the following:

  • Patronize her once.
  • Comment on her business.
  • Suggest how she can improve.
  • Offer to take up responsibility in an area that does not require money (e.g., advertising her business on social media).
  • Get interested persons to trade with her. Etc.

What if she works in some organization? It’s simple too. Find out about it, and see what value you can offer. If you can’t find out about the organization, then she’s not the right lady to go after, except you establish a business in one way or the other with her.

What if she’s jobless? If a woman you’re trailing to make money from is jobless, withdraw. She’ll instead make money from you.

  1. Find Out About Her Clique

You want to know the kind of friends she keeps. Suppose the woman in question is your girlfriend, what friends does she keep? What’s their ideology? Are the friends the kind of people that advocate for collecting money from married men?

How to Make a Woman Spend Money on You

When you provide answers to these questions, you now know the sort of woman you’re dealing with. But then, what’s her relationship with them? Some women may keep female/male friends and you’ll hear them say, “I don’t roll with them.” If you asked, “why?” The response would be “nothing really. I don’t like their personality, but we’re friends.” In this regard, her clique does not matter because they can’t influence her.

  1. Know Her Finances

You would think that women hide their bank account balance but it’s not always the case. Some married men, for instance, do not know the wives’ real account balance. Is the wife being greedy? Perhaps, yes, or maybe there are some incompatibility issues in the relationship.

Regarding how to get money from a woman, knowing her finances, whether as a brother, friend, or spouse, is important. As a friend, you can tell her bank account. Some women would rather tell an outsider about their bank account than let their husbands know. Surprising? What if the spouse does not deserve to know?

Besides, a woman’s male colleague at work knows her bank account better than any other person. He’s aware of her incentives, salary, and other benefits.

Getting to know a woman’s bank account does not mean asking her about the money in her account. You merely have to establish a close business or non-business relationship that encourages her to share her financial life with you. Besides, many women have financial advisers, so you can’t say “it’s impossible to know a woman’s ban account”.

  1. Do What She Likes

What most women like is money, but you don’t have to give her money because the goal of this guide is to make money from her.

What she likes is quite different. Do you not hear women say, “not all women are after your money”? The statement is not entirely true, but indeed, not all women are ‘entirely’ after your money. You can leverage the statement that not all women are after your money to get money from her.

You want to do what she likes, but what are some of these things that she likes?

  • Follow her. Yes, reacting (without commenting) on her social timeline posts and viewing her status on platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger. If she’s an attractive female that makes money from her looks, she’d have a social account. Help her grow it! 
  • Engage in reasonable conversations. You can build a conversation from any reasonable status she updates. Don’t start a conversation on her social timeline where everyone sees. It must be inbox.
  • Post about women. 100% of women love it when you publish about a woman is special. If you’re not a fan of the female gender, limit your post to mothers.
  • You may write about your sisters if any.

But are you doing all these to please her? Yes. You can make some posts about her on your status and block others from viewing it.

  1. Question Her Fearlessly

It’s easier to make money from a woman if she’s your girl or fiancée. Yes, it’s tougher if you’re just getting to be her friend because she’s still processing stuff about you. Until she’s comfortable with you, her responses might be shorter. Don’t blow your chances by being intimate. It can be irritating, and only her man can win her in this aspect, not you.

What do I mean by questioning her fearlessly? It means to hold a conversation like you would hold with a close fellow (if your relationship with her is not close). So far the conversation is reasonable, she’ll key in positively.

Ask about her business or work once in a while or before you commence a conversation. Why? The business aspect is where you understand more about her finance to make money from her.

  1. Ask About Her Finances

At this point, your relationship with the woman is stronger to make money from her. If you’ve known her finances better as her boyfriend, fiancée, brother, or friend, she can’t keep it from you. Then, you should skip to the step below.

How do you get a girl to spend you

If you are yet to know about her finances, ask her. How do you ask a woman about her finances? You are to do this indirectly. And be careful not to make her think you want to assist her with funds.

To learn about her finance, go straight to the point. For instance, you know she works, perhaps a teacher or nurse. Ask her, “what’s your salary like?” Before asking, make her look richer than she is. Tell her stuff like:

  • “Not many people live your standard of life.”
  • “Gosh, you’re rich. Hoping to be like you.”
  • “Honestly, you can never lack!”
  • “not only are you gorgeous, but you’re also blessed.”

If you want more suggestions, use the comment section below! Meanwhile, the reason for the statements above is to place her in a higher position, making her feel rich. Women love to be praised. That’s why a husband must always talk about how adorable her wife is to keep her happy.

  1. Ask Her for Money

Here feels like the toughest part but it’s not. In the first step, I discussed “getting in touch”, and mentioned being valuable. When you are invaluable to a woman, you can get money from her easily.

Like I mentioned in the intro of this article, you do not have to spend to make money from a woman. Most people would say stuff like buying her items, surprising her, taking her out, etc. These are true stuff, but spending to get money from a woman doesn’t feel right.

How about making the money from her without spending? I mean, you don’t have to invest in a woman to earn! When you spend on her, you’re literally investing in her, just to get some cash in return? NO SENSE in that.

Straight up, ask her for money. She will say “No” if you’re invaluable. Now, what? Make yourself valuable, impact her in one way or the other, and she will spend money on you.

Ways to Make a Woman Spend on You

  • Suggest Business Improvements

If she’s running a business, suggest improvements. She might invite you to manage the investment in terms of the improvement suggestions – whether you’re a friend, spouse or relative. The idea is that you make reasonable suggestions. Something to impact her overall life. Make her see the value in your idea, and how it can be implemented.

  • Make an Indirect Request

A direct request is more effective if you share a bond with her. You can be her best friend, spouse, brother, or fiancé. Apparently, you do not want to repay the money. So, avoid making huge money requests. Don’t say you’ll pay back, especially when the money you request is not huge. If it’s a huge amount, expect her to give you a refund date. And, make the request according to her financial status.s

  • Don’t Play too Rich

If you play rich, or too rich, then there’s no need to request money from her. Keep low; otherwise, she will see you in the position of giving her money instead.

  • Bring Her Referrals

Depending on what she does, refer people to her and get her money. Of course, you do not have to spend to make money from a woman in this regard. What she offers you is a commission and is what many businesses do to people making referrals.

Final Thoughts

Glad you just learned the truth regarding how to make money from a woman. It’s not so difficult, it’s not even difficult. Like a man, a woman needs you to do the right thing to make money from her. She has her problems, and when you appeal to her problems, she can spend on you.

You don’t have to spend on her to gain from her. You just have to be worthy to get money from her. She may mention that you’re not giving her money. Laugh it aside, and focus on the goal, making money from her as a man.

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