How to Make Counterfeit Money and Get Away with It

How to Make Counterfeit Money and Get Away with It

Do you really want to know how to make counterfeit money and get away with it? To be honest, it requires a bit of being a good craftsman to make it look real.

how to make counterfeit money and get away with it

To make counterfeit money, dye cotton, coat, and dry it. Sketch the currency on the cotton paper, add the watermark and other print marks to it. Inspect the fake bill, create more copies and use them to pay for goods and services.

To print counterfeits that look require you to use a laser printer. However, manual production is still possible. In Peru, for instance, skilled artisans rely on printing presses to reproduce United States currency. This means you do not require advanced machines to make your counterfeit bills.

How to Make Counterfeit Money and Get Away with It

Note that making counterfeit money is illegal, especially if you make it very similar to a particular currency with the intention of defrauding.

Below are the steps to make counterfeit money and get away with it:

  1. Dye the counterfeiting paper

The first thing you want to do is to get cotton paper and polymer Bopp for polymer banknotes. Depending on the color print you need, you can use coffee for dying it.

If you are dying the bills with coffee for deep brown color, fill a cup of it halfway with hot water and 2-3 tablespoons of instant coffee. Stir the mixture thoroughly.

Pour the coffee and hot water mixture into a shallow pan or bowl, you should get a deep brown solution. For a lighter brown color, add a small amount of warm water, or according to the quantity of coffee-water mixture in your shallow bowl.

Alternatively, you can use a teabag. Ensure to steep it inside a cup of warm water just as you poured in the instant coffee.

Meanwhile, you can make the coloring more complex by adding 1-2 drops of stirred green food coloring in the shallow bowl or pan. Stir it to form a green tint.

  1. Coat your counterfeit

Now, you want to coat the counterfeit bills you are making. Dip the cotton paper inside the mixing bowl.

Ensure to coat both sides of your cotton paper evenly to create a uniform color. Coat faster to prevent the mixture from saturating parts of the paper to tearing.

Get a piece of the paper in a plate safe for your microwave. Place the paper flatly on the plate, preferably in the middle of the plate.

For more copies, you need additional plates. Wait for each plate to cool down after bringing it down from the heat before you proceed with the drying stage.

  1. Dry the fake paper money

Ensure to dry each paper in your microwave. You can allow it to stay heated for up to or a bit below 30 seconds on medium heat.

To know when the paper is dry, touch it with the tip of your finger. If it no longer feels wet, turn off the heat. Otherwise, allow it to heat for a few more seconds. You can repeat this process for as many papers as you need for making the fake bills. Line the paper to air dry.

You may use baking sheets to dry the paper if you have no microwave.

  1. Add the currency patterns

You want the patterns to be similar to the counterfeit bill you are reproducing. You can download a sample bill online or use the 3D or 360 views of the bill to see every print design clearly. You can also use the physical copy on you to confirm every print mark.

If you are creating this counterfeit money to pay for goods or services and get away with it, you want it to look real. If you are creating counterfeit bills for fun, make sure not to accidentally use them for any cash transactions. See what could happen to you for using counterfeit money without knowing.

  1. Sketch or download your currency template on the paper

You can either sketch by hand or download a copy of the counterfeit bill online.

If you prefer to sketch the counterfeit money with a pen, make sure you get the currency images and marks correctly.

You can get near-perfect sketching by placing the counterfeit paper on a legitimate currency and then tracing the lines and marks gently and firmly. You need a pen with a fine tip, it should also be an erasable pen with a matching color to that of the legitimate bill.

If sketching is difficult, you can directly download a currency online. Some fake money generator websites allow you to edit the currency before downloading. Make sure the detail and dimensions of the currency are exact.

  1. Add fake watermark

The toughest part of making counterfeit money is to add the watermark. Go online and download the watermark. You may be unable to sketch them correctly. Of course, lots of people pay attention to the watermark when checking for fake bills.

You can crop out the watermark or download the PNG format which means no more cropping. When cropping, you may have to clone out the parts surrounding the watermark so that you use it for your counterfeit bill.

  1. Crosscheck the currency design and print it

how do I make counterfeit money

Before you print your counterfeit money, you want to inspect it thoroughly. You can place a fake and legitimate bill, ask someone to identify the fake. If they can spot your counterfeit bill easily, then you have some more work to do.

When you get the counterfeiting correctly, you can proceed to print it. Put the dyed note into the printer. Set the size correctly so it matches the original dimensions.

Before printing it, print multiple pages to find out which produces the best quality. You need a laser printer to print counterfeit money that looks real.

If you have no advanced printed like the laser printer, and others for the holograms, micro-printing, embedded metallic strips, etc., your fake bills can be easily detectable. Make sure to use specialist inks used for perfection.

  1. Make additional bills

If you are really risking the jail term, you can go on and print more counterfeit bills. This is not advisable as you can be charged for forgery. It is a felony and a misdemeanor.

Do not forget that you are supposed to make two-sided counterfeit bills. A single-sided fake bill is legal, especially if the color and dimensions are different from the legitimate bill.

  1. Cut out the currency

After printing your counterfeit money, cut it to the proper sizes. You have a bill on you, use it to measure the dimensions for your fake bills.

Using a paper cutter for multiple fake bills will make cutting faster and more uniform. The edges will also be smoother so that nobody can easily tell that they are counterfeits.

If you arrive at uneven notes, use a pair of scissors to cut out excess paper.

  1. Mix with fake and legitimate bills

Are you sure you want to use these fake bills? It is dangerous as you can get caught. But if you must proceed with using your counterfeit money, mix them up with your legitimate bills.

You can tie bands around the bills and use cash straps from your local supply store to make them look real.

  1. Go shopping

Going shopping is the hardest part. Perhaps, you want to go shopping at night and try avoiding the cameras.

Note that using counterfeit bills to pay for goods or services costs the business. Merchants like Walmart will inflate the price of products to recoup their losses to counterfeits.

If you get caught, you only have to pretend you are unaware it is a counterfeit. Quickly leave the store so as not to prompt detention, which can lead to the store discovering more counterfeits on you. They can call the cops which make things get worse.

Try not to spend the counterfeits in bulk. This can trigger the salesperson to inspect a few of them at random.

Also, someone that handles cash every day might feel suspicious about your fake bills. You want to comport yourself as if you are buying with legitimate bills. Again, avoid the cameras.

Meanwhile, it is even easier to fake pay stubs for a loan or rent.

Final Thoughts

Making counterfeit bills is easy, getting away is easy too, except you must be some kind of con to get away easily.

Meanwhile, you can easily use fake pay stubs and not get caught. Just like using these counterfeit banknotes, you want to be extremely careful not to fake the law.

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