Military Dating Format [Updated Billing]

Military Dating Format [Updated Billing]

The military dating format is one of the formats you can run on a client you pick from any of the best yahoo dating sites. Many yahoo boys use it, and it involves disguising as a fake military person.

Military Dating Format

To do military dating format is easy and you just need the right client. When you get the client, you simply lie that you are a military officer and that you want their help.

You also need fake military pictures for the client to believe that you are a military man. What makes the military format successful is the excuse you give a client. Depending on the client, if your excuse is not strong, you will not get money from them.

What is military dating format in yahoo?

The military dating format is a format that you have to disguise as a military officer. You lie to the client that you are in a particular country following government orders. You will also say that you want to leave the army but need their help.

The client must love you first, though. You have to get the person to want to be with you all their lives. Before then, find out the military operations of the country’s military you are faking. If you are faking the US military, for instance, find out their mode of operation.

Requirement for Military Dating Format

This section shows the tools you need to stay safe and succeed with this format. Below are the requirements for military dating format:

  • Military Pictures

First, download the pictures of a military person and edit them. Make sure the images bypass search engine image search, such that the images cannot be searched online by your client.

The picture must be consistent so that the client thinks you are the same person. That is to say, you need military pictures that look alike or that are the same. You will also need different poses and you must apply photoshop effects to make the pics look real.

  • VPN

A VPN will hide your internet address from the client. You can use a free VPN, but a premium VPN is the best option. When you get a VPN, make sure to set it up to use the IP address of the country you are faking. Suppose you are faking the UK military; your IP must be a UK IP address.

Even when you create an account on the site you are looking for clients, it must be done with the IP address.

  • Dating Site

A dating site is one of the places you can find a client. Apart from a dating site, you can find clients on forums, online communities like Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Instagram, etc. You just have to be smart to secure the best client.

  • Military Format

Before you create your format or use the format in this article, know the type of client you want. Do you want to scam a gay or straight person? If you are scamming a gay man, for example, you must set up your profile as a gay. The same also applies if you are targeting lesbians.

  • Fake Phone Number/Email Address

A fake phone number is needed to create the fae account. Note that the fake phone number must be the number of the country you are faking. So, you may need the US phone number if scamming a US client.

  • Payment Account Information

Finally, you will need your payment account information. The payment account can be cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. You can also use a bank drop but you must know how to create a bank drop with fake details. You must also cash out instantly when using a bank drop to prevent the chargeback.

How to Do Military Billing format

To do the military format, follow the steps below:

  1. Find a Client

First, get a client using any site where potential clients occupy. Many clients are desperate for life partners, especially older people. So you can sign up on any dating site and get them to love you.

The goal is to find a client that loves you and that you can scam easily. Before then, gather the pictures you collected because you will need them for this format to work.

If you did not collect your pictures, you can find them on Facebook or Instagram. You can visit the profile of a late military officer and collect their pictures. You can collect their videos too if they posted them.

When you have the pics, use Photoshop or any tool to edit them. If you use a mobile phone, you can download PicsArt for photo editing. You must remove the EXIF data of the image, but most editing software does it automatically.

  1. Create a Relationship with Your Client

When you find a client, get them to love you first. Do not rush to apply the military billing format when the client is trying to know whether you are a scammer or a legit lover.

Chat with them once in a while, and explain how hectic your profession can be. Do not chat or reply to them every time to show that you are busy in the army. Whenever you reply her, explain that your team went on a mission, which turned out successful but you lost a friend.

You can stretch this for as long as two weeks or more. If you try to finalize the military billing format within a few days, it will not be successful. Note that your client is still trying to find out whether you are legit or a scammer.

  1. Apply the Military Format

When you have a close relationship with your client, then you can think of applying the military format for yahoo. You will explain that you are tired of working with the military and that you need someone you can spend your life with once you sign out.

The client will ask whether you can sign out. Tell him/her that you can withdraw from the military following the loss of interest. You will need their financial support to make it possible.

You can send a picture of you being wounded in the last operation. Just download a random military picture of an injured officer. It should not be a bullet wound but explain that you fell off during the operation.

After a brief conversation, your client will ask how much money you need and you can mention that you will find out the cost of signing out. tell the client that you are sure it is not a big amount and that you do not want to access your fund since you fixed-deposited it in your current country.

  1. Cashout

When you convince the client to send money, simply cash out the funds and block them or keep lying to them for more money.

The cashout time can be a bit tough. You do not have to use a direct bank account. Do not use PayPal or Payoneer if it is not supported in your country. You can use a bitcoin wallet to receive the payment and remain anonymous.

If the client asks why you prefer bitcoin, explain that you do not want to store funds in the bank of your current country since you will be leaving. If the client is suspicious, you can drop another image tagging “how my day went today”. It will destroy what they were thinking and will gain their attention.

Sample Military Dating Billing Format

You can also call the military billing format ‘military dating format’. After about three weeks of getting the client to know you and love you the more, you will pick a day to send him/her the yahoo military format below:

Military Billing Format 1

Hi [name of client]

I trust you are living happy. I hope the family is doing just great. Well, it is quite different over here, and tomorrow is another urgent mission. Wish me the best out there against the enemies of peace in this world. If I never return to reply your message, it might mean I’m not there again because we go out life and death against terrorists. Yes, it is what I signed up for and I have no choice.

Tomorrow’s mission might be last with the army or next to the last. I have made the findings about exiting the army and the funds is my only barrier now. I’d like to move over your place and maybe get a place around to start a new life once I am out of here. I will also want you to help me set up a business. Yes, I have the money to set up the business.

For now, I am requesting $1,000 to begin the withdrawal process. I will also have to repay my debt before I move out.

Kindly consider this request and make my dream of seeing someday become a reality. I thought you may not know how to work with bitcoin, so I included the steps to follow below:

[Enter the steps to send bitcoin here]

I have included the new bitcoin account information I created below.

BTC Address: [********************]

I hope to hear from you soon, [name of client]. Thank You


[Your Name]


Military Billing Format 2

[Name of client]


[client name], your day seems alright, though I am not there to tell exactly how you feel. But compared to mine, I can only be thankful that I am still alive.

Recently, I figured out the steps to withdraw from the army, and I estimated the paperwork at about $1,500….


(Contact Website to Unlock)

Military Dating Billing Format 3

[Hello, Dear]

I miss you and I pray all is perfect with you. I am happy too, but would be happier when I meet you finally!

Also, I have done the research and made findings from my seniors about exiting the military and it’s quite not so hard, but a bit demanding…


(Contact Website to Unlock)

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the final two formats are locked, but you can request them via the comment section. The military billing format is not a difficult format, especially when you use the right images. Simply, collect the proper images online and you are good to go.

Do not give all your time to the client, except you want to ruin your chances. Finally, you have to make the client confident that you will be meeting them soon. So, whenever they ask about your visit and staying with them, ensure to say you can’t wait.

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