How to Remind someone who promised you Money

How to Remind someone who promised you Money

How to remind someone who promised you money

Let’s face it, we all hate to remind people that they promised us money. Most times, we want to believe that they should at least remember, instead of reminding them, making us look desperate. I want to show you how to remind someone who promised you money and make them thank you for reminding them.

When trying to remind someone who promised you money to send the money, you should focus on your problems that require the money and the deadline you have to solve them, if they are urgent. This is a good strategy to convince anyone to send money to you. you can see other strategies by clicking here

If you focus on who promised you money, they will feel under pressure and would resent you. Most likely, they will swear not ever to promise to help in the future.

Let’s look at some strategies that can help you to remind someone who promised you money without putting them under duress.

Steps to Remind someone who promised you money

How to remind someone who promised you money

Most times, you have to mask up to your move so that whatever you are doing wouldn’t look false, conceived, or manipulative.

Engage them in Regular Conversations

When you see them physically – let’s say accidentally or online, don’t be tempted to bring up money issues or present a reminder about the money they promised you.

You should have regular conversations with them as if they didn’t promise you anything. You’d end up reminding them, but be strategic with the approach.

Even though they promised to assist you, most people hate when you remind them. They prefer remembering themselves and not you reminding them. So if you want to remind someone who promised you money, start with a regular conversation.

Give days Apart from the first conversation.

Strategically you’d also have to give them a break after your conversation with them. If they are people who you don’t often see, they might get to remember about their promise. But even if they don’t remember, that’s also fine; you will still remind them.

Typically I prefer two days for friends I don’t get to see quite often. But if it is someone you see almost all the time or talk with, it should be extended to like three days or four.

The aim is not to put them under pressure. You understand that their situations might have changed since when they promised you money.

Check their Body Language

Before you remind someone who promised you money, it’s essential to note body language before making any request. Whether they promised you money or not, always make sure they show positive body signs before proceeding.

If someone is pissed, angry, depressed, or having series of bad things happening around them, you shouldn’t talk about money.

They wouldn’t tell you, but they will despise you for being insensitive to their situation. They wouldn’t want to know if you are aware or not; they believe you should know.

Remind them of your Predicament

Remember, there was a reason you gave them the first time that made them promise you money; you need to get that reason out there to them again.

Don’t remind them that they promised you money, instead tell them why you need the money. You must lace your reason with so much emotion that they can’t resist but promise to help again.

Add a Deadline

Another psychological tip to note is that while you give reasons why you need money, this time, you should add a deadline.

Deadlines force people to level up on helping you as fast as they can. Most people prefer to do things at their own convenience, but deadlines help shake them up. This is an essential strategy if you want to remind someone who promised you money.

Drop the Reminder

Dropping a reminder only helps them know that they already made a promise and commitment in the past.

It would help them make a faster decision since they promised you money already.

Leave a Reminder Route

Should in case they promise to do it tomorrow, you should always leave a follow-up date. They might get busy and forget again, so don’t close the chapter yet.

Always say something like;

“Alright, no problems, I will be expecting and will send you my account details next tomorrow. I appreciate the help, and I am forever grateful.”

How to Remind Someone Who Promised you Money Examples

Just like when you are asking for money using text, your tone should remain polite. Here is a message for when you want to remind someone who promised you money.

Sample Message.

“Jason, maybe you forgot, but I complained about my mother’s health and lack of funds to take her to the hospital; you promised to help. I am still short on the money to help her, and I said I should remind you to help me, please.

I don’t want to bug or disturb you, but right now, I am down with nowhere else to run to. I will appreciate your help.

I will give you my account number tomorrow. Thank you so much.”


Every situation is unique, so you can also determine what would work for your situation. If you think the person you want to remind about the money he promised you isn’t going to fall for all these, then you can handle it in your own unique way.

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