How to Sell Fast on Depop: Guide for Quick Money

How to Sell Fast on Depop: Guide for Quick Money

You intend to know how to sell fast on Depop, right? Sure, I will disclose the secrets I employ to make quick sales daily.

how to sell fast on depop

To sell any item on Depop fast, you need not be a Depop seller for ages. Of course, I have the experience, and I am sharing this experience, regarding selling products on Depop, with you.

Depop is quite a profitable platform to market products, and I find that to sell fast on Depop, you need several positive reviews, attractive listings, and an excellent customer-seller relationship. Of course, you ought to be comfortable messaging buyers to convince them for reviews or to buy your products.

Note that having a highly rated star on Depop does not guarantee fast selling. Honestly, a 2-star seller can outsell a 5-star seller if they know what they are doing.

Let’s discover my tricks to sell things on Depop quickly.

How to Sell Fast on Depop

In this section, I will expose what top sellers on Depop do to sell their items.

I started little and now I have extended my shipping to international, which means more sales.

How do you sell fast on Depop

Below are what to do to sell fast on Depop:

  • Create a Catchy Profile
  • Find a Niche
  • Capture Your Listings Professionally
  • Give Simple Descriptions
  • Use Hashtags
  • Engage Your Account
  • Employ Strategic Pricing
  • Do Not Swap Frequently
  • Do Not Ship to Countries with Bad Record
  • Send Appreciative Notes and Connect with Your Buyers
  • Promote Your Depop Page


Create a Catchy Profile

An ideal and catchy profile on Depop must be simple and not complicated.

As a beginner, for instance, one of the reasons why your profile would not be catchy is that you sell multiple products.

To sell multiple products, especially as a beginner, does not help one bit.

I can inform you confidently that sellers prefer to buy from the one-niche seller, mostly because it adds catchiness to the profile.

Some of the things you could do to maintain synch in the appearance of your Depop account is to have use watermarks on your photos, use a white background for all uploads, maintain a particular listing,  use high-quality images, etc.

Find a Niche

When you join Depop newly, you would feel frustrated in the beginning. The reason is that you are yet to understand how Depop works and the things you should avoid.

After some time, you would feel that including multiple items would result in selling fast on Depop.

Unfortunately, selling multiple items on Depop, especially as a beginner, does not guarantee that you will sell items quickly.

So, you have to find a niche. It could be men wears, ladies, wear, footwear, vintage clothing, jewelry, etc. The idea is to make people on Depop know you for a particular class of products and visit your account directly for new products of that niche.

But if your presence on Depop would be temporary, you do not have to find a niche.

Capture Your Listings Professionally

It is very common for Depop sellers to download images online to use for their products.

In this regard, a buyer would likely find one picture being used by up to 10 different sellers and it becomes a problem.

I would not patronize any of the sellers because of the impression that they could be selling fakes or counterfeits.

Instead of “following the multitude to do wrong”, be unique with regards to how to sell fast on Depop.

During the learning days on Depop, I discovered that images and videos determine about 10% of the frequency of my sales.

When people love the picture, they would admire the physical product. Remember that sellers do not see your items, so, they want to be sure that they are having an excellent bargain.

Buyers hate to request a refund; even Depop hates when buyers have to refund, and it affects you as a seller.

In essence, capture the natural photos and videos of your items and list them for sale instead of downloading random images online.

Give Simple Descriptions

You do not have to spam while describing your products. For example, if you are selling a diamond wristwatch, you do not have to fill up the description fields with “diamond wristwatch”.

Instead, introduce the item simply and provide the information that a buyer needs.

While describing the item, mention whether the item is in good condition, if it is fairly used, classic/vintage, and state the brand name.

If it is footwear, you will also include the size.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is a perfect way to optimize your product to be found on Depop.

However, you must not use the hashtag the wrong way.

A seller can use 5 hashtags and it must relate strongly with the item you are listing on Depop.

Note that you cannot hashtag illegal items on Depop; the listing would be taken down and your account suspended.

Assuming you are selling a vintage top for the ladies, you could hashtag #vintagetop, #classictop, etc. Every hashtag term must be relative so that potential buyers can find your item when searching.

Engage Your Account

Depop has a set of algorithms that promote your account based on the activities of the account.

I took a practical approach to confirm if truly the Depop algorithm is smart.

If you create two accounts on Depop today, engage one of the accounts and allow the other to be redundant, but publish listings on it.

After 24 hours, check which account gains more visibility. The engaged Depop account outperforms the account without engagement.

You can engage your account on Depop by participating in the listings of others. Somehow, having conversations with potential buyers impact the account. They may recommend your listings to others by sharing either at your request or their will.

Employ Strategic Pricing

Pricing strategy is one of the coolest ways to sell fast on Depop. When you strategize your pricing well, buyers are lured to your seller profile.

I noticed that as low as $0.01 can deter a buyer from bidding for your item on Depop. For example, if Seller A sells a vintage gown at $20 and Seller B sells at $19.99, Seller B is favored to sell their items faster on Depop.

An excellent fast-selling tactic on Depop is to sell at discounted rates. Even if you do not intend to discount the cost of the items, you could include that they are discounted, and decrease the price a bit to attract buyers.

If you want to get the best from discounted sales, target particular periods to sell.

For example, if you launch discount sales during mid-year, the outcome would not be great. But if you launch discount sales during year-ends and special holidays, the turn-up for your product would be massive.

I ran a simple test recently to know when is the best season to sell at a discount and I discovered the eves of every year to be the best selling season.

If you can afford to lose some money to sell, then do so and you will earn lots of buyers and reviews.

Mow, during the normal months with no urge to buy from people, the positive reviews you gathered during the special seasons will boost your sales frequency on Depop.

Do Not Swap Frequently

Yes, you can swap items on Depop, but when you do it too much, it will affect your brand.

How much money can you make selling on Depop

Regardless, you could be swapping once in a while, especially when it is relevant. But before you swap, be sure that the value of your item matches with that of the person you want to swap with.

When you upload your items to swap, describe the item in detail, and highlight everything a swapper would want to know about the item or product.

Do Not Ship to Countries with Bad Record

Some countries or regions on Depop are not worth trading with.

I have faced issues with people requesting a refund and sending me fake items after keeping the original for themselves.

Some would make payments to PayPal and still request a refund for no reason. Well, I am glad that PayPal is quite secure for most of the scams fake buyers attempt to run om Depop.

In this regard, never sell outside the recommended payment methods by Depop. The reason is that if a buyer scams you, you will not get your money or item back.

Unfortunately, I will not mention the countries you should avoid shipping to in this article because I do not want to tag such regions as bad since it is not everyone there that prefers to indulge in scams.

Nevertheless, I can advise you to research these countries and do not ship there for the sake of your integrity.

Some of them return to blast your wall with bad reviews after failing to get away with the scam.

Send Appreciative Notes and Connect with Your Buyers

A small note of appreciation can spur buyers to return to do business with you.

It works most of the time and I make it a practice to attach branded notes on the items I ship to buyers.

The note should be a simple “Thank You” letter and you must tell your buyers that you are proud to have them patronize your business.

With regards to keeping contact with previous buyers and potential buyers, you could them by getting in touch via their inbox.

However, you do not want to spam their inboxes because they will never buy from you. Worse of all, your account could be reported and you may face disciplinary actions on Depop.

I prefer to send the people I reach out to precise messages. For example, if I notice the activity of a particular person on my listing, I will slide to their DM and message them something like:

You recently participated in my listing and I hope you love it. It could be all yours for a price lower than what you find in the listing.

When the persons see the message, they would demand the price. If the price on the listing is $30, you could charge $29.50, which is a strategy that makes you sell fast on Depop.

Promote Your Depop Page

You can promote your page to sell fast on Depop. Of course, you may use social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to market your brand and lure buyers quickly on Depop.

Also, I prefer to transact with people that I know via Depop. They will be able to leave positive reviews about the product I sell to them, which attracts buyers I have never met in person.

To sell fast on Depop demands publicity, and you can only reach a wider audience of buyers by promoting the item.

Meanwhile, ads on platforms such as Facebook are not expensive, at least at the moment. You could take advantage of and target the people in your local to buy your products on Depop.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling on Depop

Typically, an average seller on Depop makes at least $6,000 monthly. A top Depop seller could rack up to $300,000 annually, and it depends on their fan base.

As a beginner, you could earn up to $290 weekly if your products are appealing. When you are established in the system, you may sell multiple items on Depop and watch your finances grow.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I disclosed the tips I use to sell fast on Depop daily, weekly, and yearly.

If you intend to be a permanent seller like myself, you are welcome to join Depop with my tips and start selling for fast money.

Note: Never accept payments outside of the recommendations from Depop to avoid becoming a victim to scammers.

Finally, Depop is a profitable place to sell products and you will face less competition if your products are unique.

Note that you are not allowed to sell fakes on Depop.

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