How to Shop Online Without OTP – Shopping Sites and Payment Gateways

How to Shop Online Without OTP – Shopping Sites and Payment Gateways

This article discloses the steps regarding how to shop online without OTP. Shopping online is possible; however, it depends greatly on the debit card and website you use. Some credit cards, especially non-VBV (non-verified by Visa), can shop without requesting tokens.

how to shop online without OTP

Have you the target’s debit card or card details? If yes, you are 50% closer to shopping with no OTP. What is OTP? OTP means One Time Password, and banks use it as a token to verify a transaction when shopping with any online store.

Meanwhile, there are normally two security layers, including card PIN and OTP.  The PIN may be hard to get, but OTP is easier to bypass.

How does OTP work?

Before you attempt to shop online without OTP, understand how OTP works. Meanwhile, in one incident, a waiter charged my bank account with my card without requesting my PIN or OTP.

Note that the payment gateway is responsible for deciding whether to request OTP or not. Moreover, this gateway is selected either by the seller or bank. Also, only the credit card number and expiry date are needed for the transaction to be successful.

In a country like India, we have 3D authentication, but there are times when gateways do not request OTP. First, the website that you use. The website must be an online shopping portal that does not follow secure gateway rules. Secondly, a WiFi-enabled card and card limit. What most people do not know is that some transaction limits do not require OTP, depending on the bank. Thirdly, the site is a foreign website. Most websites outside your country will permit shopping online with no OTP.

With the points highlighted above, you can easily skip 3D authentication and shop on several platforms without OTP.

Unfortunately, if a transaction is fraudulent, the bank will reverse it. To avoid reversal, you’d have to complete the shipping as fast as possible. We have the express shipping option, which is the best shipping option when using someone’s card to shop without OTP.

What to Do Before You Shop Online without OTP

  1. Get a Fake Phone Number

A fake phone number is not important, but using a personal phone number means you can be tracked easily. You can use Google voice or any third-party phone number. The disadvantage of public phone number services is that your messages are visible to other users.

  1. VPN

A VPN is an app you can’t do without when shopping online without OTP. Most free VPNs will do the job, but shopping with a paid VPN means being connected to a faster server and using premium IPs.

You can use the Tor browser, which keeps your online credentials hidden. But you still require OTP to change your location to the country you wish to shop with the card details.

  1. Apply with Fake Billing Address

When you get the card, you would have to change the billing address. You can’t change the country, but you may be able to change the place of residence. You can set it to a public place to avoid being tracked. Most of the time, an illegal hustler may hire someone known as a picker to collect the item at the billing address.

  1. Know the Shopping Policy

Before you shop on a particular site, visit the privacy policy and terms and conditions pages. The company will list everything regarding its operations on the site. First, consider whether the shipping policy is challenging. For example, does the company request ID verification before releasing items? Well, you can create a fake ID that matches the ID of the shipping information. But you must know the credit cardholder.

Also, does the website ship internationally? If no, you can’t shop with them. Nonetheless, there are now sites that serve as middlemen for shipping, such that when you buy from a site that does not ship internationally, the company will reship the item to your country at a token depending on the weight of your item. They are known as forwarding services and are available in most countries worldwide.

How to Shop Online without OTP

This section covers the steps to shop online without OTP. The information here is just personal experiences using another person’s card with their permission to test the loophole to online shopping.

Note that shopping online without OTP is not illegal. What is illegal is the credit card you may have purchased as CC online or a stolen credit card.

  • Navigate to a Foreign Website

First, you need a website that is not available in your country but can ship to your country. If you shop online using a local online shopping site, they will require OTP because that site must have contacted your bank to set up a secure payment gateway.

So, the idea is that an offshore bank can’t verify the transaction you perform with a website outside the country.

Also, note that you would need a picker. The reason is that most foreign websites will not allow you to change shipping country. The item must be shipped to the country where the credit or debit card is registered. Then, a picking or forwarding service can reship the item to your country legally.

For example, if you reside in an African country like Nigeria or Ghana, when shopping on Amazon, OTP is not required. However, to shop on Amazon, you’d have to follow certain steps because a country like Nigeria may have been banned. Just make sure not to use a local website in your country.

  • Get Non-Verified Card

You need a non-verified debit card to shop on any website without OTP. Most of the time, a non-verified card would be a Visa card. Unfortunately, there are not many non-VBV cards anymore.

You may purchase this card online via the dark web. Most of the users of these cards may have died, leaving many thousand dollars in their bank account without anyone to claim. And the government borrows from such an account until it is closed down.

Nore that a non-VBV card can only work in the country it was registered.

  • Purchase Bitcoin

You can purchase bitcoin without OTP. Use any of the websites below:

  • Paxful

After purchasing the Bitcoin, exchange it for money and cashout. There are many other sites out there, but these are good sites, to begin with.

  • Buy a Software

Instead of buying an item that is shippable, you may buy a non-shippable item like the software so that it is delivered to your email address instantly. In the blogging profession, one of the software to purchase would be a website template.

You can purchase just any software on the website that sells software and allows credit card transactions. First, search the keyword for the software you want to purchase, and do not use the official website. For example, suppose you want to buy Microsoft Word software, Microsoft will request a token or OTP to verify. But a third-party retail site where someone uploads the software for sale will not request tokens.

After paying for the software, you can sell it for money. Suppose you but MS word, professionals like bankers, bloggers, receptionists, etc., need it for work. The interesting part is that you can sell the software to various people. But if it’s a limited software like Grammarly premium, you’d only give out the login details after people pay a small amount of money.

  • Purchase Gift Cards

Most gift card stores support buying their cards without OTP. So, you just need the credit card number, CVV, name, and expiry date to authenticate the transaction.

Another reason for buying gift cards is that the delivery is instant. Also, make sure that the country of the gift card vendor is different from yours. If you reside in the UK, the vendor site should be the US.

Now, enter the card information and you will receive the gift card instantly with another person’s debit card.

Regarding how to shop online without OTP by buying a gift card, below are the websites to buy gift cards without OTP:

  • (USA)
  • (USA)

Finally, exchange the gift card for money in your country. I can’t list the websites to exchange your gift card for money because this site has visitors from people worldwide. Nonetheless, you can ask any question in the comment section.

  • Purchase Domain Name and Hosting

Some domain names and hosting sellers do not require OTP when buying their services. All they need include CVV, card number, name, and expiry date. So, you are simply bypassing OTP using someone’s debit card.

First, you need a selling website that is foreign. Do not buy a domain name or hosting plan from a local retailer. Otherwise, you can be tracked easily and the bank knows you.

Some of the websites to purchase a domain name and hosting without OTP are:


After you buy these domain names and hosting, you can resell them to bloggers. First, join blogging groups and inform the admin that you resell domains and hosting services. You can promise to share 5-10 percent of the sales with the admin so that they approve your post.

What Websites Allow Shopping Online Without OTP?

  • BigBasket
  • CardDelivery
  • Clovia
  • Dominos
  • Grofers
  • Lenskart
  • MakeMyTrip
  • My Gift Card Supply
  • Nearbuy
  • Pepperfry

Final Thoughts

Shopping online without OTP is possible and the information you require includes the card number, name, expiry date, and CVV. Moreover, some websites do not require CVV during the transaction, and the bank will process the payment instantly.

Purchasing software or exchangeable products like cryptocurrency is considered better by illegal hustlers, though. When you buy items online without OTP like gadgets, you may find them difficult to pick up.

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