How to Shoplift without getting caught

How to Shoplift without getting caught

1 out of 11 Americans shoplift daily, and it has become a cool way to get what you want from any retail store without exchanging money for it. Think of what you want, maybe an expensive wristwatch or a golden ring, I will show you how to shoplift without getting caught by shop owners or security personnel.

I have done shoplifting for over 4years, having acquired a lot of kinds of stuff, luxuries, and other things just by walking into a shop and using some strategies I will share here to pick whatever I want. Some of the shoplifting strategies I will share here are mostly used by magicians when performing tricks on their audience. Just like the more you look, the less you see, also known as “Sleight of Hands“.

Items shoplifted in recent times include hygiene products and necessities like food. The most likely scenarios are shoplifters slipping a parcel of meat, pasta, baby formula, bread, rice-filled into carriable polythene bags, and other food items into a coat, shirt, or under their jacket. You can even steal shampoo, laundry items, detergents, and diapers too.

There are specific methods shoplifters use to steal goods from retailers or vendors of any size, even retail chains and thrift shops, some of which are listed below:

Have an overview of the Environment

To shoplift without getting caught from thrift shops or outlets like Walmart requires meticulous and ensuring that no one is watching you. Make sure you carry out the act smoothly.

You have to look at the premises properly to understand how their security personnel operates and obscure yourself from the CCTV camera in the building and any other security measure before you shoplift goods from the store.

Go for less-costly goods.

When shoplifting at a retail chain as a newbie, go for less-expensive/inexpensive small items as you can carry them easily, scale security detection, and unlikely to produce noise that could raise suspicion.

For example, it is best to steal small, inexpensive items such as a diamond wristwatch, golden wristwatch, or chains than opting for television, generator set, DVD, and more as they are heavier. If you shoplift these items, they will catch you.

Coat Up

To shoplift without getting caught for items at a thrift shop, a seasoned shoplifter, or let’s call them thief, will put on extra-large or specially designed coats that have a large opening in the pocket lining so they can grab items in the store undetected.

Before carrying out such theft, they will typically look through an item with their bare hands while the concealed pocket slit stretches out to take the intended object. Grabbing the purported good back through the slit designed in the pocket, you keep it in a specially designed coat pocket.

Utilize Strollers

A renowned method employed to shoplift without getting caught by smart shoplifters from vendors is using baby strollers. Busy caretakers usually load strollers heavily with toys, blankets, and their minor child, of which you can hide merchandise under any of them. Committed shoplifters even go so far as to create false buttons in the stroller to steal items unsuspectingly.

Shoplifters also use Diaper bags for theft to conveniently place items beneath bottles, diapers, and other random things.

Store Stock

When shoplifting at smaller “mom-and-pop” retail outlets or shops, shoplifters have to deal with only 1 to 2 workers. When they realize the facility has a single staff, they will walk around and act like they are searching for an item that is not on display at the moment. The team then searches the back room, giving the shoplifter space privilege to steal from the store undetected.

Spot security personnel, vacate the retail outlet

Even if you’re a newbie, you won’t want to get caught stealing from a big retail outlet, so as soon as you see security personnel, vacate the building ASAP. Bear in mind that it is most advisable (if you’re with a partner) to not leave at once.

To shoplift without getting caught, the best option for you is to vacate the premises first; then, your partner should leave after that. If you choose to exit simultaneously, it might raise suspicion as the security personnel will likely question you.

You wouldn’t like embarrassment, so the best option is to leave first and your second exits later.

Take and Replace Strategy

how to shoplift without getting caught with take and replace strategy
The Take and Replace strategy is always done with a friend.

Shoplifters use the take and replace strategy to steal  (mostly expensive items) from vendors. Bear in mind that when you want to steal goods from stores or electronic gadgets from a place like Walmart, you are good to go for small, less costly items like wristwatches or chains.

This method works well just like the Amazon Refund Trick.

Go for smaller items?

Because smaller items allow for proper hiding, and when you want to use the Take & Replace strategy, i.e., before carrying out the theft, go to whichever retail outlet to see what could be shoplifted (stolen). You can then come back the next day and spend a large chunk of your time inspecting to see what can be stolen and the security measures put in place in their premises as you will be able to find all you need.

Then the next day, you are to go to the shopping outlet wearing a wristwatch that is in semblance with that of the facility. Start by testing the watch as if you want to purchase it, survey the store and as soon as you realize that no one is looking over, switch the wristwatch immediately and vacate the premises ASAP.

You have to be very careful, as when caught, you wouldn’t be treated with soft hands.

Use the Female Crotch Walking Technique

When using the female crotch walking technique, you find it very convenient to shoplift costly items from retail chains and be employed to steal goods from Walmart.

To explain the Female Crotch Walking method, it works like this:

You have to put on a wide skirt for a lady, and your innerwear should be tight to shoplift goods from a vendor successfully; what is required of you is to lift the item and place it inside your innerwear, vacate the store.

If you are a smart one, you can steal other electronic gadgets and essential items people can’t imagine, but you need to be very fast when doing this.

Distraction Method

The distraction method for shoplifting items from retail chains works like this: If you are with a partner, the first should walk up to the sales lady or man to distract them, and the other will take the intended item and hide it.

This is how this method works, and it can be employed to steal goods from Walmart.

Use Shopping Bags

how to shoplift without getting caught
Smaller items fit into bags easily

The majority of shoplifters take grocery bags from another store along with them and fill their pockets with items hidden under other items previously stored in the bag. To prevent this kind of theft at most vendors, they mandate that customers leave their bags at the customer service area or keep the bag shut entirely.

The Newspaper Format Technique

When people get to know of this technique, it appears funny, but it is effective for stealing items from grocery outlets. To carry out the crime, walk into a retail chain and act as if you are skimming through a newspaper.

Once you find that no one is watching you, lift the item you want to steal, then put it inside the newspaper and exit the shopping premises immediately. 

After pretending, pick up the item you want to shoplift, conceal and leave the grocery store ASAP. As simple as that.

Employ Umbrellas

A standard technique employed by seasoned shoplifters is to keep a folded umbrella at their elbow as items can be conveniently placed in the umbrella while searching across the aisles. When resting against a counter, thieves can pull down things into the umbrella without anyone noticing.

This umbrella can store a small number of items that won’t be seen as the shoplifter vacates the store.

Try Fake checks

A common technique among many shoplifters is the use of Fake Checks ranging from that of fair goods to those that are a bit lesser in quality. Checks used by these people, mainly if they constitute a large group, have a peculiar problem. They ought to be inspected whether they have a line at the signature area. Bear in mind that it might not necessarily be a solid line, but it should constitute small words.

Most shoplifters who print their checks use a line, while a few others try to print with a small font.

You can as well push a cart out of a store like Target. Shoplifters would roll bikes out of a retail chain or place a Television into a cart. They can stop you, but in most cases, people won’t be paying attention.

What stores like this do is check your receipt for unbagged goods if security personnel is at the door. Clothes,  headphones, or sunglasses can also be stolen and worn as you exit the premises.

A notorious fashion trend existed amongst most black teenagers, making it difficult for them to catch people carrying out this kind of theft. Most kids would purchase clothes, mainly baseball caps, and won’t remove the price tags. If many people in a community do such, it will be hard for investigators to spot the criminal as it is a coordination issue.


Now you’ve seen some of my strategies on how to shoplift without getting caught, it is advisable to practice in smaller stores than going to stores with a lot of security personnel. That way, you perfect your skill till you become an expert just like me.

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