ShopWithScrip Carding Method [Updated Guide]

ShopWithScrip Carding Method [Updated Guide]

Have you heard about ShopWithScrip? Maybe not, but today, you’ll learn the latest ShopWithScrip carding method. You do not have to know how to card because I’ve simplified the procedures in this guide.

ShopWithScrip carding is an easy carding method. It allows you to buy gift cards with logs. By the way, logs are the login details you use to access the ShopWithScrip account. You can also use CC to card on ShopWithScrip, but using an older account is faster.

The major problem in this method is buying ShopWithScrip logs without getting scammed. I will explain how you can purchase the logs without getting scammed as you read further.

If you have ShopWithScrip logs already, then you’re 50% done carding on the website.

Who is ShopWithScrip?

ShopWithScrip is an organization, a fundraising organization precisely. On ShopWithScrip, you can order eGift cards, physical gift cards, and reloads. The order is completed in your ShopWithScrip account instantly.

However, ShopWithScrip is designed for US residents, But thanks to VPN, you can also use ShopWithScrip to cashout from CC or bank logs with CC.

If you do not buy ShopWithScrip logs, you have to create a new account, which requires enrolling code and proof that you have a child in a US college. But with an old ShopWithScrip account, the information is already present. You would also make sure the logs vendor gives you the account cookie.

What is ShopWithScrip Carding?

ShopWithScrip carding means carding on the ShopWithScrip website with CC or existing bank logs that have CC registration. There are many carding methods and ShopWithScrip is just one of the straightforward carding methods out there.

With a CC, you can open a new ShopWithScrip account, but account verification is the problem. So, with a verified old account, you can input your CC and cashout.

Note that CC is the credit card details you buy online. Also, note that some old ShopWithScrip accounts already have CC already. The original owner likely forgot to remove the CC or thinks the CC is not connected to their ShopWithScrip or is aware.

ShopWithScrip Carding Requirements

Of course, you need the right tools to card on ShopWithScrip successfully. Below are the requirements for ShopWithScrip carding:


OpSec means operations security, and it refers to the steps, tools, and rules you apply to hide your identity online. In the case of carding ShopWithScrip, your OpSec include a carding VPN and Socks – 4 or 5.

These tools will keep your identity hidden by changing the IP address of the computer or smartphone you use for carding on ShopWithScrip.

If you do not know how to set up Socks or a VPN, indicate in the comment section. Meanwhile, a VPN is easier to set up than Socks, and Socks works better on the Firefox browser.

ShopWithScrip Account

If you can verify ShopWithScrip’s new account, and you have live CC, then open a new account. Otherwise, buy an old ShopWithScrip online.

If you are fortunate, the old account will contain CC, which means you use the existing CC to buy a gift card on ShopWithScrip and get away with it.

Email Address

When you buy an old ShopWithScrip account for carding, you need the email logs, including your email address and password. The reason is so that you can change the email address. If you can’t collect the email logs, then you have to order a physical gift card.


The drop is the location that collects the physical gift card you order on ShopWithScrip using the CC in your old ShopWithScrip account. A drop is important because you may not have access to the email address notified about the ShopWithScrip transactions.

Email Bomber

While transacting, the original owner of the account may see the notifications. So, you have to block them by removing bombing their email address with many fake emails whenever you act on the old ShopWithScrip account. Otherwise, the owner will change the email address or delete the account.

ShopWithScrip Carding Method

Shopwithscrip carding method

This section reveals the steps to card on ShopWithScrip and get away with it. In the section above, I mentioned the tools/requirements, which, hopefully, you have them ready.

Below are the steps regarding the ShopWithScrip carding method:

Buy ShopWithScrip Account

As mentioned earlier, you need an old ShopWithScrip account. So, what you will be buying is now ShopWithScrip logs. Logs, as I mentioned earlier, refer to the ShopWithScrip account logins, which include username, email address and password.

There are many ShopWithScrip vendors online. You can also purchase ShopWithScrip logs on forums. As mentioned earlier, let’s see how to buy ShopWithScrip logs safely.

First, decide whether to use a forum or a direct website. Note that most websites selling ShopWithScrip are scammers. Also, forums are filled with scammers. So, the best place to buy ShopWithScrip is forums. Make sure to use any trusted admins as escrow in the transaction.

Enable OpSec

Before you buy ShopWithScrip old account logs, you should have a reliable VPN, Socks, or any trusted software that can hide or change your IP identity online.

You will need this VPN to log in with the ShopWithScrip logs on the ShopWithScrip website or app.

Ensure that the VPN location matches the city of your CC or the CC registered in the old ShopWithScrip account. For example, if the CC or ShopWithScrip logs were registered in California, you need a VPN that uses a California IP address. Moreover, that’s the location your physical gift card will be sent, which carders call ‘drop’.

Buy Gift Cards

It’s time to card the gift card on Enable your OpSec tool and log into the ShopWithScrip account. If possible, get a phone you’ve never used to open a account.

When the login is successful, select from the list of gift cards. If you have the option to select an email address to receive an eGift card, then use email. If you have no option for email, use a drop location.

Add Gift Card to Cart and Checkout

After shopping, click Proceed to Cart. The carted gift cards will be displayed. Now, buy the gift card with the CC in the account.

Make sure the CC balance is positive; otherwise, the payment will fail. Do not remove the existing CC in the old account even if you have CC. Just attempt to buy first, and if the transaction fails, you can add your CC.

Ship Gift Card

Since you do not reside in the US, you need a picker. A picker is a person that receives your carded item and forwards it to your country.

Alternatively, you can use item forwarding services or forwarders. Depending on the service provider, you will be charged based on the gift card weight or 10% of the gift card value.

If you select eGift card, you’ll receive it at the selected email address instantly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, carding on ShopWithScrip website is easy. Once you have the right old account and working or positive CC, you’re good to go. Note that this carding method is similar to Amazon carding method, and a few other methods.

ShopWithScrip is a big platform for both carders and genuine users. While carding with CC you buy online, have in mind that you’re using another person’s money.

Never disable your OpSec – VPN, Socks, etc., until the carding format is successful.

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