Where to Get Fake Profile Pictures

Where to Get Fake Profile Pictures

One of the significant illegal internet setback is where to get fake profile pictures for work. The reason is simple; they don’t want to be exposed or seen when they use their real pictures on their accounts.

where to get fake profile pictures

However, this has led to many hustlers looking to get fake profile pictures to remain anonymous on the internet.

One other reason for getting a phony profile picture is to prevent an clients from using “Google Reverse Image Search” or any picture-finding software for detecting a fake profile with the picture.

Where to Get Profile Pictures

  • Dating Sites

There is almost no better place to get many pictures for your fake profiles than dating sites. When you visit dating sites such as Badoo, OkCupid, Tinder, MeetMe, etc., you’d find what picture you want, and that suits the format used on a client. Remember, there are lots of people with pictures on those platforms.

  • Badoo

The reason is that the owner might see their photo on your profile and report you.

Whenever you pick a picture from a dating website, I advise that you screenshot the photo and then edit it slightly. By doing this, once the owner sees it, they might not even recognize that it’s their picture.

  • Use Instagram

Instagram remains a prominent place to get pictures for your fake profile. You should know that images on Google don’t index Instagram images, meaning that when you run a reverse image search on Google, there is no way they can see the source of the picture.

Here is how to get fake profile pictures on Instagram

Step 1

Search for someone who has pictures that suits the fake profile you created. But ensure that they have lots of the image on such profile, should there be a need to change picture from time to time.

Step 2

For every picture you are using, ensure their account is public. Once the images are shared, you’d have easier access to steal their pictures. However, once they operate a secured account, then you’d have to make sure you follow them first and wait for them to accept your IV before you can view their images.

  • Use Snapchat

Snapchat is another good option regarding where you can get pictures for a fake profile. One of the best ways to get many pics from Snapchat is to follow many infamous users that publish personal pictures on their timelines for exposure.

But for others who usually upload videos, you can still save pictures from videos to have an array of images at your disposal.

  • Use ThisPersonDoesNotExist

Here is an online tool that allows you to generate several high-resolution fake profile pictures of anyone who doesn’t exist.

It means that the image that comes up will be of a person who does not exist. What this means is that you’d be the first person with such a picture.

After you visit the website, you will get a randomly generated picture for your fake profile. Once you click refresh, you get several new photos. Repeat the process to get many images.

However, this tool has its disadvantage: you can’t get the same image several times, which means that your fake profile picture will be the same across all online channels. So in case you need several profile images of the same person, this tool is not ideal.

  • Facebook

Remember that Facebook is a community of billion users, which means that the platform also has many dead people.

So while on Facebook, you are to target the account of persons that have passed away. To do these, search for posts that contain RIP on Facebook. Once done, find the profile of the person and then download their photos.

One other way is to search for timelines that have memories on Facebook. Once you find people writing posthumous posts on such a timeline, it means the person is dead. However, you can still search for the last time the person posted on Facebook. Once you find out that it’s been a long the person assigned, the person has passed away.

  • Use Local Forums 

Another way to have fake pictures is by using local forums to collect images for work. An online forum is where many people post about people that have passed away. So what you should do is download the pictures, edit them, and then use them for your unethical work.

Is it legal to Use Fake Profile Pictures?

The truth is that on the internet, everything and anything goes. Note that it can be legal to use someone’s picture on a fake profile. But the illegality comes into play once you decide to use the profile to run some illegal stuff. Doing this, you can be apprehended – not for using their pictures, but for your action.

However, whenever the picture owner approaches you and asks you to take down their picture from your profile, ensure you do it. Remember that they can report you for prying on their privacy.

Please note that one of the places I would advise not to take fake profile pictures from is Facebook. Right now, Google indexes images on Facebook, so people can quickly know where you got the photo you are using.

However, if you get pictures from Facebook, sometimes Facebook will recommend friends of the image owner. It’s one of the embarrassments that come from everybody knowing that you are fake.

Whenever you’ve built such an account on Facebook and some friends finally report the account as fake, this will make Facebook ban the account and delete it from their platform. When this happens, you will lose all your years of hard work.


In case you need where to get fake profile pictures, you have gotten all the known platforms in this post. So you should keep the hustle going and be careful not to be apprehended.

Meanwhile, you may read how criminals rip bank accounts.

Make sure not to repeat a picture on the same platform you collect it. For instance, if you get the picture on Facebook.com, do not create an account with the picture on Facebook.

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