Best Yahoo Format to Avoid Video Call

Best Yahoo Format to Avoid Video Call

Once you find a client to run your billing format, they want a video call to know whether you are real. To avoid the video call, I am revealing the best yahoo format to avoid video call and cashout from any client. You must be smart, but it is not exactly difficult to get away with having a video call with your client.

yahoo format to avoid video call

I know you have the cloning app, but unfortunately, it may not work in a way that convinces a client. Some clients are very attentive to detail, so the cloning app is not always effective on them, which means you want to convince them to forget about a video call.

Normally, when you find a client, you are not supposed to accept a video call. The first thing should always be to try to avoid the video call. The goal is not just to cashout, but also to remain anonymous. If you can’t invest a little time and intelligence in being anonymous, then it won’t take long for you to get caught.

Yahoo Format to Avoid Video Call with a Client

Without boring you, I will explain the trick successful yahoo boys use to avoid video calls with clients. Note that I am not responsible for how you use this tutorial. I am writing for the public, so you are liable for using this guide for an unlawful cause. Anyways, below are the best yahoo formats to avoid a video call with client:

  1. Broken camera format

You can tell your client that your camera is broken and they will agree to no video calls. However, you want to convince the client. When you say, “I have a broken camera,” your client is not sure whether you are lying or saying the truth. Some outspoken clients will ask you to try making the phone call with them or snap anything around you for them to confirm the condition of the camera.

To get the best out of this yahoo format for avoiding video calls, get yourself a cheap phone with a bad or broken camera. Most successful yahoo boys use cheap android phones for around $10 to $25. You can buy a used phone.

The next thing is to break the camera. You can simply crack the rear and front cameras with a sharp object like a knife or nail. Test it by taking photos and making videos to see the result. If the crack is not blurring or breaking the pictures, break it again. Now, even without your client asking for pictures or a video call, make a video call with them. You can even use this format to collect a new phone from the client.

  1. Restricted phones format

Another format you can use to avoid a video call in yahoo is to tell the client that cameras are restricted in your area or place of work. Explain that everybody uses phones without cameras, and that even the phone you are using chat with them (your client) is issued by the agency or company. Assuming you are using the military dating format on your client, you can say that you are in a classified area. Explain to the client that you signed not to use anything item that compromises the sites, and that it is one of the reasons you can’t wait to leave once you gather money.

  1. Phone has no camera format

There are many devices online that do not use cameras but can connect to the internet and allow you to chat and install apps. What you do is lie to the client that you use one of those phones. You can even add that it was a gift that made you change your JAVA phone.

The client might ask why you can’t get a phone. You can lie that you were scammed on a particular. You can even spice up this format for no video calls by sending your client pictures of a fake bank statement and a conversation with your bank about the fraud. The client will pity you, though. Tell them you are trying to get back or your feet after someone you thought you could trust scammed you.

  1. Nak*dness Format

When your client calls, and perhaps, you are not ready for the video call because of your background or whatever, you can lie that you are using the toilet at the moment. Explain that you do not have your clothes on. Some naughty clients will ask you to continue with the call to turn them on, but you must refuse. Explain that you will not feel comfortable one bit. Do not also promise the client that you will be ready in the next few minutes or hours.

Apart from the toilet, you can say that you are in the bathroom. If they hesitate, tell them your phone might slip off and that your bathing time soon elapse. You can spice this yahoo format to avoid video calls by saying that you might lose your phone and that your client won’t see you online again. Your client will immediately let you go without having a video call with them.

  1. WiFi Limit Format

No yahoo boy told you about the WiFi format for yahoo, right? Now I’m informing you. You can tell your client that you are on a limited tethered network that is only good for messages and images so that you can chat longer each day.

Explain that once you exceed your data allocation, you can no longer remain online. This is even one of the reasons successful yahoo boys do not chat longer with clients. When you chat for so long with your client, you are getting them to know you even more than they should.

How to Avoid Video Call with a Client in Yahoo

You think it is so hard to get a client to agree to a no video call policy. Well, it is not exactly hard because you can avoid video calls with almost any client using the format below:

  • Give your client the impression that you do not value video calls. The idea is to make the client understand that video calls bore you. Explain that you can chat longer with them, but once it comes to calls, you are not a big fan. You must show this attitude from the first day of getting in touch with your client. Normally, your client will ask why. Say that your experience forces you to dislike video calls. You can start narrating false stories of how you’ve been scammed more than five times trying to find a real lover.
  • Reply late if your client hesitates. It is very normal for your client to press on for a video call. Do not give in to their demand just yet. You have to delay the request by reminding them often that video calls bore you do not want to remember what happened in the past.
  • Apply the format above. When you can’t stop the client from asking for a video call, apply any of the yahoo formats to avoid video calls with client. Do not use more than one format so that the client does not become suspicious.
  • Use cloning app. If you can’t get away with not doing a video call, then you can bring in the cloning app. You need the time set it up, so promise your client that you will have a video call with them on another date. You will also need voice changing app depending on the county you gave the client as your country. The reason is so that your accent does not sell you out.

Final Thoughts

Note that some of these formats will make your client wonder how you are able to post pictures on your profile if your device has no camera. All you have to respond is that you take these photos when you are allowed outside the facility. If you use a format like “broken camera”, the client understands that you could have used another person’s device or a photography store to take the photos.

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